We're having a contest, and time is running out!

Actually, time has run out for the contest this year. Winners will be announced soon!

To celebrate our Online Collection, we've launched a contest! Have some fun exploring our the collection, and then create a Virtual Exhibit of the 25 objects you would save if the Center faced imminent destruction. Click here for the full scenario and to see an awesome rotating carousel of the prizes.

Explore, search, then create your own! Here are the entries so far.

Prizes for the contest winners

Creating a Virtual Exhibit

  • Search for what you want in your exhibit. For the true guru, we have an advanced search.
  • Hover over a thumbnail and click on the + sign that appears to add the object to our exhibit.
  • Or click a thumbnail to view the full record and then click "Add to Virtual Exhibit."
  • Click on My Exhibit to give it a title and description, and fill in the Final details.
  • Click Save exhibit.
  • Check your e-mail for a "Thanks for curating a Virtual Exhibit" message with an edit code to keep—in case you want to edit later!
Here is Ye Olde Animated GIFIndividual items can also be added