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Accession Number: DRA.305.89

Common Name: American bison

Taxonomic: Mammalia

Genus species: Bison bison

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Virtual Galleries

The Western Movement
The Western Movement - Curated by Betsy P

A Montage of the True West
A Montage of the True West - Curated by Laura Buher

Items I would save if Caldera be eruptin'
Items I would save if Caldera be eruptin' - Curated by Seth Johnson
Since there probably won't be anymore buffalo...

Western culture and adventure
Western culture and adventure - Curated by Niles
The eruption will instantly kill the 5000 buffalo living in Yellowstone.

Spirit of the West
Spirit of the West - Curated by Rachel
It'll be a real shame if the bison don't escape Yellowstone amidst sure signs of an impending eruption. At least this one will still be around.

Treasures from Our West
Treasures from Our West - Curated by NancyM
American bison bull speciment

Best of the West
Best of the West - Curated by Cowgirl Anne

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising - Curated by Linda Ordogh
American bison. Iconic symbol of the American West. Although he hunted buffalo and received his nickname from his prowess in doing so, Cody later became an advocate for their preservation.

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