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Butterfield, Deborah


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Object name: Berliner

Accession Number: 17.98

Date : 1989

Gloss: Nearly everyone who sees Deborah Butterfield’s bronze sculpture, Berliner, could swear the abstract horse is comprised of wood. Actually, it is . . . sort of. A foundry makes molds of individual wooden sticks and casts them in bronze for Butterfield who bends, cuts, and welds the bronze sticks into an armature or skeleton for a horse sculpture. She adds more sticks to fill out the form, applies a patina to the surface, heats the bronze, and adds several coats of pigment and chemicals—all to make the finished bronze look like real wood. See for yourself in the Whitney Gallery of Western Art. CAPTION: Deborah Butterfield (b. 1949). Berliner, 1989. Bronze. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Weiss. 17.98

Dimensions: H: 34.5 in, width: 16 in, L: 48 in

Credit Line: Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Weiss

Synopsis: Sculpture- Berliner- Butterfield, Deborah- Walla Walla Foundry- bronze- horse

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