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Object name: Bronco Buster

Accession Number: 58.72

Date : 1915

Gloss: Semi-broken horses or "broncs," required considerable "unlimbering" by their riders. The bronco buster-a person who breaks wild horses-had the daunting task of mastering the full repertoire of tricks the horse was capable of inflicting. The theme of subjugation flourished in late 19th and early 20th century Western American art, and works that captured the taming of wild horses often served as a metaphor for the taming of the West itself.

Dimensions: sight height: 11 in, sight width: 16.625 in, Frame height: 20.75 in, Frame width: 26.5 in, mat width: 21.875 in, mat height: 16.25 in, frame depth: 1.75 in

Credit Line: Gift of William E. Weiss

Remarks: Restrictions: May not be sold or traded under any circumstances.

Inscription: LL: C M Russell/(skull)/1915/c.

Synopsis: Painting- Bronco Buster- Russell, Charles M.- watercolor on paper- Landscape- Animal- Cowboy- LL: C M Russell/(skull)/1915/c.- Restrictions: May not be sold or traded under any circumstances.

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