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Object name: Brothers of the Deer

Accession Number: 13.86

Date : 1986

Gloss: "Brothers of the deer refers to the ravens in the painting. The ravens were in many cases spotted on the horizon, preceding the migration of the great herds of caribou, and called brothers of the deer by northern tribes," wrote the artist about this scene on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Dimensions: H: 23.875 in, width: 29.875 in, Frame height: 34.25 in, Frame width: 40.25 in

Credit Line: William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1986 Buffalo Bill Art Show

Inscription: LR: c. Michael Coleman/ VIII

Synopsis: Painting- Brothers of the Deer- Coleman, Michael- oil on board- Landscape- Animal- LR: c. Michael Coleman/ VIII

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