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Object name: Col. William F. Cody

Accession Number: 8.66

Date : 1889

Gloss: Buffalo Bill enthralled Europeans with his Wild West exhibition when he took it to Paris in 1889. Bonheur visited the grounds of Cody's Wild West to sketch the exotic American animals and the Indian warriors with their families. Cody, in turn, accepted the invitation of Rosa Bonheur to visit her chateau in Fontainebleau where she painted this portrait. For Rosa Bonheur, Buffalo Bill embodied the freedom and independence of the United States

Dimensions: H: 18.5 in, width: 15.25 in, Frame height: 24 in, Frame width: 21 in, frame depth: 2.5 in

Credit Line: Given in memory of William R. Coe and Mai Rogers Coe

Remarks: Acoustiguide.

Inscription: LLC: "Rosa Bonheur/ -1889-"

Synopsis: Painting- Col. William F. Cody- Bonheur, Rosa- oil on canvas- Figure- Buffalo Bill- Landscape- Animal- LLC: "Rosa Bonheur/ -1889-"- Acoustiguide.

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