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Object name: Custer & 20,000 Indians

Accession Number: 7.08

Date : 1969

Gloss: In the past, artistic representations of the story of the Battle of the Little Bighorn have focused on the noble valor of George Armstrong Custer and his men. Contemporary reevaluations look at the event in new ways. Scholder, an artist of native descent, has adapted his figure of Custer from the first newspaper illustration that reported the battle in 1876, but he has taken a modern, satirical approach.

Dimensions: Frame height: 34.25 in, Frame width: 44 in, width: 40 in, H: 29.75 in

Credit Line: Gift of Janis and Wiley T. Buchannan III

Remarks: oil on canvas, "Custer & 20,000 Indians," Fritz Scholder, 1969

Synopsis: Painting- Custer & 20,000 Indians- Scholder, Fritz- oil on canvas- Indians- Custers Last Stand- George Armstrong Custer- oil on canvas, "Custer & 20,000 Indians," Fritz Scholder, 1969

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