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Andres Johannesson, Romenas, Malmbacks Parish, Sweden

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Accession Number: 1988.8.2021

Date : 1840

Gloss: Pepperbox Pistol made in Sweden. For years it was believed that these brass pepperboxes were made by Darling brothers in the United States, but recent research has shown that they were made in Sweden. The Darling brothers, Barton and Benjamin M., 1836-1840, worked at Billingham, Mass., Shrewsbury Mass. and Woonsocket, R.I., Patented a pepperbox pistol April 13, 1836, patent #9,591. Not to be confused with the ro - called Darling pepperboxs marked A I S such as the present specimen. Barrels rotate bny hand. Brass barrels and frame. a self-defense type pistol.

Dimensions: L: 8.5 in, Barrel length: 3.5 in, H: 4.5 in

Credit Line: Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection

Remarks: Pepper Box (facsimile)

Inscription: [on left side of receiver:] A1S

Synopsis: firearm- pistol- Andres Johannesson, Romenas, Malmbacks Parish, Sweden- wood- brass- steel- [on left side of receiver:] A1S- Darling (Facsimile) Pepperbox Pistol- .32 ML- Pepper Box (facsimile)

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