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Object name: Study for Dying Trumpeter

Accession Number: 27.71.11

Date : ca. 1897

Gloss: These two studies show Paxson working out the pose for the bugler in his 1899 oil painting Custer's Last Stand. The upper sketch is closer to the final version in which the bugler continues to sound his call as Custer's men fall. In the lower study of this grouping, Paxson drew a wounded soldier with a bugle lying beside him.

Dimensions: sight height: 9 in, sight width: 7.5 in

Remarks: Framed with 27.71.12

Inscription: LR: Paxson;LR: for Custer/By Paxson

Synopsis: Drawing- Study for Dying Trumpeter- Paxson, Edgar Samuel- pencil on paper- Figure- LR: Paxson;LR: for Custer/By Paxson- Framed with 27.71.12

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