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Object name: The Broken Bow

Accession Number: 7.75

Date : ca. 1912

Gloss: In Montana Sharp lived in a log cabin; in New Mexico he lived in an adobe house and used an abandoned chapel for his studio. He probably painted this work in his Taos studio but posed his models wearing Plains Indian clothing. Sharp's Montana cabin has been moved to the museum's grounds and can be seen in the garden between the Whitney Gallery and the Cody Firearms Museum.

Dimensions: sight height: 44.5 in, sight width: 59.375 in, Frame height: 55.375 in, Frame width: 70.25 in, frame depth: 4 in

Credit Line: Museum Purchase

Remarks: Acoustiguide. Title written in pencil

Inscription: LL: J.H. Sharp

Synopsis: Painting- The Broken Bow - Father and Son- Sharp, Joseph Henry- oil on canvas- father- bow and arrow- Indian- son- Group- child- LL: J.H. Sharp- Acoustiguide. Title written in pencil

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