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Object name: The Conquest of the Prairie

Accession Number: 14.64

Date : 1908

Gloss: This painting portrays William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody as the guide bringing modern life to the West. In the distance gleams the future--an industrialized city. Cody purchased this painting from the artist and displayed it in the Irma Hotel where it hung until it was donated to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Dimensions: H: 47.25 in, width: 118.5 in, Frame height: 59.625 in, Frame width: 130.75 in

Credit Line: Bequest in memory of the Houx and Newell families

Inscription: LLC: Copyrighted 1908/Irving R. Bacon

Synopsis: Painting- The Conquest of the Prairie- Bacon, Irving R.- oil on canvas- Cody, William F.- transportation- Indian- Group- Landscape- Animal- Cowboy- LLC: Copyrighted 1908/Irving R. Bacon- LRC: Irving R. Bacon/Munich 1908

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Bacon's "Conquest of the Prairie" has never been a favorite of mine, but it does compress many aspects of so-called "conquest" of the West into one image.

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