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Object name: Waiting for a Chinook

Accession Number: 88.60

Date : ca. 1903

Gloss: Severe storms in the winter of 1886 - 1887 brought ruin to Montana's cattle industry. When owners of a herd of 5,000 cattle requested a report on their herd, cowboy Charles Russell simply drew a starving cow about to drop before ravenous wolves and titled it Waiting for a Chinook, (a warm west wind). His drawing conveyed the impending disaster more eloquently than any written report. Later he painted this larger version and added the additional title by which the work had become known, The Last of 5000.

Dimensions: H: 20.5 in, width: 29 in, Frame height: 33.5 in, Frame width: 41.5 in, frame depth: 2 in

Credit Line: Gift of Charles Ulrick and Josephine Bay Foundation, Inc.

Inscription: LLC: C M Russell(skull);LL: Waiting For A Chinook/The Last of 5000

Synopsis: Painting- Waiting for a Chinook- Russell, Charles M.- watercolor on paper- Group- Landscape- Animal- wolf- LLC: C M Russell(skull);LL: Waiting For A Chinook/The Last of 5000

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Waiting for a Chinook, C.M. Russell. 1903

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Rita V's deep thoughts

Hello...I have a watercolor on paper of Waiting on the Chinook Last of the 5000, that has been professionally matted and framed. It looks original. How do I find out if it is and how much it is worth? Thank you