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Widforss, Gunnar


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Object name: Yellowstone Canyon

Accession Number: 25.61

Date : 1924

Gloss: Widforss, a native of Sweden, moved to the United States in 1921. Stephen T. Mather, the director of national parks, convinced the artist in 1922 to specialize in painting landscapes of park scenery. This painting was donated to the Historical Center by the wife of Horace M. Albright, who was superintendent of Yellowstone from 1919 until 1929 when he became director of the Park Service.

Dimensions: H: 19.75 in, width: 17.25 in, Frame height: 28.5 in, Frame width: 25.5 in, frame depth: 1.5 in

Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Horace M. Albright

Inscription: LR: Widforss- / -1924-

Synopsis: Painting- Yellowstone Canyon- Widforss, Gunnar- watercolor on paper- Landscape- LR: Widforss- / -1924-

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