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Object name: Yellowstone Falls

Accession Number: 13.88

Date : ca. 1920

Gloss: De Yong traveled through Yellowstone in 1920 on a horseback pack trip. From a camp near Old Faithful, he wrote his parents, "The hotel here 'Old Faithful Inn' is a monster-all log and far bigger than any thing at Glacier Park."

Dimensions: H: 5.5 in, width: 8.748 in, Frame height: 10.75 in, Frame width: 13.575 in

Credit Line: Purchase in Honor of Sam H. Rosenthal

Inscription: LR: JOE DE YONG

Synopsis: Painting- Yellowstone Falls- De Yong, Joe- oil on canvas- Landscape- LR: JOE DE YONG

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