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Laramie Grocery Company, Lar...
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1.69.6365 | 1880s | Gift of the Robert E. Manville Family | inside: Laramie Groc Co | Angora wool chaps, marked inside "Laramie Groc Co.," the predecessor to Laramie Saddlery Company. These appear to have been made originally in the early 1880s by the Laramie Grocery Company in Laramie, Wyoming, but the donors also state that the chaps were made in 1930 by Clarence Manville for his nephew, Harry Manville, as a birthday present. The chaps are stitched to a leather belt, suggesting that they may have been re-worked (re-assembled) at some point, thus accounting for the two dates. | 1.69.6365.JPG | 1.69.6365_verso.JPG | chaps | angora | leather | Laramie Grocery Company, Laramie, Wyoming

chaps | snap hooks | buckle ...
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3.78.508 | L: 42 in, width: 26.5 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | VISALIA STOCK SADDLE/COMPANY/11313/SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. | Description: Chaps, angora goat skin fronts with hair dyed orange, 7 green dyed tufts sewn into orange on each leg; floral tooled leather waistbands with J tooled into right band and S tooled into left band, waistbands are joined with a knotted leather thong in front, right waistband has a rivet-attached leather belt, left waistband has a rivet-attached chromed buckle, right waistband and inside of both waistbands are stamped: VISALIA STOCK SADDLE/COMPANY/11313/SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.; right inner waistband is hand inscribed: (design): brown leather leg backs with scalloped vertical edge and 4 metal snap hooks riveted along edge; leg fronts are partially canvas lined with a leather backed pocket, 4 chromed metal rings attached through riveted metal straps for attaching back leg hooks. Condition: Worn but good, canvas lining is frayed where it has been cut away. Origin: Where - Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. | 3.78.508.JPG | floral | chaps | snap hooks | buckle | tooled | angora | canvas | chromed | leather

muff | angora | Satin
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1.69.502 | c.1905 | L: 13 in, width: 16 in | Muff, long white slightly curly hair (angora?), inside lined with pieced heavy white satin. Dimensions: are approximate. Condition: Shedding. Some lining seams have come unstitched. Origin: Belonged to Irma Cody. Given to Mary Jester Allen by Nellie DeMaris in 1926. Purchased by the BBMA from Mary Jester Allen and Helen Cody Allan, niece and great-niece of Buffalo Bill | 1.69.502.jpg | muff | angora | Satin

gloves | goat | machine stit...
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1.69.2240 | ca. 1920 | L: 14 in, width: 8.75 in | Gift of Samuel A. Portner | Written in black ink on inside upper edge: E.L. Mathewson | Gloves; gauntlets and backs of hands are black angora goat or curly sheep, palms are gray leather with seams at base of thumb and bases of middle two fingers; top gauntlet edge bound in olive bias tape machine stitched in black thread; gauntlets are lined with olive corduroy. Hands are lined with light olive fabric-heavy with soft fibers and loose weave. | 1.69.2240.JPG | gloves | goat | machine stitched | thread | angora | corduroy | leather | olive | Gray | black

chaps | brown | buckle | lea...
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1.69.2031 | overall length: 38 in, waistband per leg: 14.5 in | Gift of Mrs. J.A. Vanderwiele. | Stamped on buckle strap: 30 | Pair of chaps, straight leg, white angora hair fronts, white grained leather backs. Light brown leather waistbands with hand tooled flower and leaf design; 4 pairs of holes center front laced together with white leather thong; double row of machine stitching around outer edges sews front leather to white leather backing. Chromed buckle with roller; stamped on buckle strap: 30. Belt strap is 1-1/4" wide and 26" long sewn to right waistband and reinforced with a single copper rivet. Inside chap fronts are lined with brown canvas. Belonged to U.S. Senator E.V. Robertson, Cody pioneer and Friend of Buffalo Bill. | 1.69.2031.JPG | Leaf | flower | chaps | brown | buckle | leather | angora | canvas | white grained | light brown | chromed | White

chaps | metal | canvas | lea...
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3.78.95 | L: 39 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Belt inscribed: AA (underlined, over 30)/Clark | Description: Dyed orange angora goat skin chaps with leather legs and canvas backing, pullover style, flower stamped belt, joined with thong and metal buckle. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.95.jpg | flower stamped | chaps | metal | canvas | leather | angora | buckle

chaps | White | leather | be...
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1.69.1504 | ca. 1900 | L: 35.75 in | Gift of Mr. Carl Dunrud | Stamped on belt tab, 270/Hamley & Co./Pendleton, Ore. | Pair of white angora chaps with leather fringe down each leg, leather backing, floral stamped yoke and belt with metal buckle, ca. 1900. | 1.69.1504.JPG | 1.69.1504.jpg | 1.69.1504v2.jpg | floral stamp | chaps | White | leather | belt | metal | buckle | angora | fringe

Sentinel Butte Saddlery Co.,...
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1.69.2639 | ca. 1910 | L: 73.375 in, width: 13 in | Museum purchase. William Cody Boal Collection | Stamped in center: SENTINEL BUTTE SADDLERY CO/MAKERS/BILLINGS, MONT. | Decorative saddle bags. Heavy brown leather center with stamped double border: (design). "Bags" are long oval bottom pieces of angora, dark brown with red highlights; canvas backing; edges bound with leather, machine stitched. | 1.69.44ab.jpg | serape | canvas | leather | angora | machine stitched | Sentinel Butte Saddlery Co., Billings, Mt.

chaps | White | suede | leat...
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3.78.92A | 1924 | L: 27.5 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Leather belt inscribed: 82 (underlined, 24)/Clark, 1924. | Pair of children's white angora chaps with shotgun legs, flower stamped leather belt inscribed (see inscr-33), lined with red suede. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978). | 3.78.92a.jpg | flower stamped | chaps | White | suede | leather | angora