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John B. Stetson, Co. | beave...
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3.78.19A | crown: 5.5 in, brim: 1.75 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Hat inscribed: John B. Stetson, Co. and W.H.D.K. on sweatband. | Black beaver hat. Bound edge with gros grain ribbon. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978). | 3.78.19a.jpg | beaver hat | beaver | ribbon | gros grain | John B. Stetson, Co.

John B. Stetson Company, Phi...
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1.69.2032 | ca. 1935 | crown: 6.375 in, brim: 3.5 in, overall height: 6.375 in | Gift of Mrs. J.A. (Marie) Vanderweile | in gold on leather sweatband: 3X BEAVER QUALITY/LONDON NEW YORK PARIS/(coat of arms)/STETSON/JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY/PHILADELPHIA [in gold on right side:] BUY IF OF/DAVE JONES/CODY, WYOMING [in crown on left side, written:] U.S. SENATOR E.V. ROBERTSON [on paper tag in center back:] STETSON/1/4 | 3x beaver velour silverbelle Stetson hat. Belonged to U.S. Senator E.V. Robertson and bears his crease. Silk hat band plus German silver studded black leather band. | 1.69.2032.JPG | cowboy hat | beaver | paper | felt | ribbon | leather | metal | grosgrain | velour | John B. Stetson Company, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

coat | buttons | hide | clot...
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1.69.768 | ca. 1870 | overall length: 44.5 in, sleeve length: 26.5 in | Garlow Collection | Coat, yellow ochre dyed brain-tanned buffalo, frontiersman style cut; beaver fur trim around neck and cuffs, down front edges, around bottom and back vent and along top and bottom edges of front slash pockets; button front with 5 buckskin covered buttons and 5 brass buttons with an anchor motif; row of lazy stitch beadwork with clear dark red bars on light blue ground parallels front beaver trim, similar row of beadwork with navy blue bars on light blue ground parallels bottom beaver trim; front and bottom edges also trimmed with black and tan Lindsey-woolsey, red trade cloth and red binding; tops of shoulders and backs of sleeves have lazy stitched bands of alternating white and very dark navy blue beads, back seams are covered to waist with lazy stitched bands of white and dark green beads, back has scattered stylized floral motifs line beaded in white, greasy blue, navy blue, clear dark red, pink, light blue and green; shoulder and back arm seams and bottom edge have added narrow cut fringed strips; original seams and beadwork are sinew sewn. Circa 1870. Purchased from Fred H. Garlow, William Joseph Garlow and Mrs. Jane Cody Garlow Mallehan, grandchildren of Buffalo Bill. Owned and worn by Buffalo Bill. | Calendar: Historic Fashions Calendar Series, Western Wear 1850 to 2000, Texas Tech University Press, 2005, April | 1.69.768.JPG | 1.69.768.jpg | 1.69.768v2.jpg | 1.69.768.v11.jpg | 1.69.768.v15.jpg | 1.69.768.v16.jpg | 1.69.768.v2.jpg | 1.69.768.v4.jpg | 1.69.768.v5.jpg | 1.69.768.v6.jpg | 1.69.768.v7.jpg | 1.69.768.v9.jpg | 1.69.768.jpg | 1.69.768.v1.jpg | 1.69.768.v10.jpg | 1.69.768.v12.jpg | 1.69.768.v13.jpg | 1.69.768.v14.jpg | 1.69.768.v3.jpg | 1.69.768.v8.jpg | coat | buttons | hide | cloth | Red | trade | beaver | fringe | trim | brass | buffalo | buttons | brown | Beads

Prairie | arm bands | loom b...
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NA.203.579 | ca. 1900 | L: 11 in, width: 3.875 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Armbands - commercial leather; loom beaded front with diamond design in red and green on yellow ground; beaver fur around edge. | NA.203.579A&B.JPG | na.203.579.jpg | Diamond | arm bands | loom beaded | fur | beaver | commercial | leather | Prairie

Unknown | cap | golden | fur...
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NA.203.527 | width: 11.25 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Cap - beaver fur, black cloth lining. Golden eagle feather on one side. | na.203.527.JPG | na.203.527v2.jpg | na.203.527v1.jpg | cap | golden | fur | feather | beaver | black | eagle | cloth | Unknown

cowboy hat | leather | beave...
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1.69.2660.1 | H: 6 in, L: 14.75 in, width: 14 in | on sweatband: K (shield) /KEITH/XX Quality | Cowboy hat. Taupe 2X beaver felt with dropped front center crease and rolled edge brim, 2 18" wide brownleather sweatband with stamped inscription. Said to have been borrowed from the old BBM for use in the movie "Buffalo Bill" and not returned to the old BBM. Mr. Walt Johannes was given the hat from the owner of a store to be returned to the BBHC. | 1.69.2660.1.jpg | 1.69.2660.1.JPG | cowboy hat | leather | beaver | felt

Northern Plains | necklace |...
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NA.203.222 | overall length: 28.375 in, width: 5 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Personal Adornment & Ritual Regalia. Necklace - double strand of mescal beads on buckskin thong with beaver paw pouch attached to bottom center. | na.203.222.jpg | necklace | Beads | paw | beaver | hide | Animal | mescal | Northern Plains

gauntlets | material | palms...
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1.69.1910 | maximum width: 10.25 in, L: 15.25 in | Gift of Mrs. George T. Beck, Jr. | Beaver fur gauntlets, with mitten hands, lined with brown quilted material and dark leather palms. Worn by Dr. Chester Harris of Basin, Mrs. Beck's father. | 1.69.1910.JPG | gauntlets | material | palms | brown | fur | lined | dark | leather | beaver | quilted