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Wyeth Hdw & Mfg Co., St. Jos...
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1.69.927 | ca. 1895 | Belt Length: 43.625 in, belt width: 2.875 in | Gift of Irma D. Larom | Tab stamped: 94X/(star)/WYETH/HDW & MFG. Co/ST. JOSEPH Mo/(star) | Cartridge belt, leather. Body of belt is one piece of brown leather folded over and stitched at top with a single row of cartridge loops; loops have had 2 strips of soft black finish leather wound through them to hold smaller cartridges. Square chromed buckle with stitched down mounting tab. Belt strap is 1-3/8" wide stitched and single riveted. | 1.69.927.JPG | 1.69.927.jpg | cartridge belt | chromed | buckle | leather | Wyeth Hdw & Mfg Co., St. Joseph, MO
clock | chromed | metal | gl...
add to galleryremove from gallery | 19th century | H: 24 in, width: 16 in, depth: 0 in | Gift of Anna Tipton and Elyse M. Walls in memory of Judge Walls | Stamped on inner works of clock: 10616/E.B. Stamped on pendulum: R A/ 10616/THIEBLE FR/(illegible) S.G.D.G. | Clock. A is the clock, B is the pendulum, C is the key. (A) Cast brass case with ornate scroll and leaf motifs. Some polished surfaces and some finely textured. Attached fairy head with butterfly wings at top. Attached harpies at two front knees of case. Openings in sides and front of case have elaborate cast brass cut-out designs backed by metal panels once plated with silver. Round face is case with scrollwork in center and around numbers. Minute marks and numbers in five-minute increments around outer edge. Inset white porcelain enameled "disks" have black Roman numerals for hour increments. Two "keyholes" in face for winding, convex glass cover in brass ring. Inscription on inner works. (B) Pendulum has a steel rod and flat round weight with a stamped inscription. (C) Key is chromed metal, handle has one rounded and one notched "wing". May not be original. | | | | numerals | harpies | fairy | floral | scroll | butterfly wings | Roman | clock | chromed | metal | glass | cast | brass | porcelain

Winchester Repeating Arms Co...
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1988.8.3145 | 1892 | L: 48.125 in, Barrel length: 24 in, H: 7.125 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | top of barrel: --MANUFACTURED BY THE--/ --WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN, CONN. U.S.A.-- 44. W.C.F. [bottom of frame:] 433 [upper tang:] MODEL 1892/ --WINCHESTER--/ PAT. OCT. 14. 1884. | Chrome finish frame; blued barrels and buttplate. Very early Model 92. | Model 1892 Rifle | .43 caliber | 433 | 1988.8.3145v2.jpg | 1988.8.3145v1.jpg | firearm | blued | chromed | wood | steel | rifle | Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT

case | bag | satchel | leath...
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1.69.1211 | ca. 1900 | L: 15 in, width: 6.5 in, H: 7 in | Gift of Dr. Frances Lane | Stamped near center bottom: 15 | Satchel. Black grained leather covered exterior with metal reinforced top and opening edges, chromed metal latches on each end with locking double latch in center under heavy leather handle, bottom has 6 round metal feet and has stamped inscription near center. Interior is lined with light brown leather, pocket full length front side. Exterior paint spattered; interior heavily stained, especially bottom. See document file. Reaccessioned 4-1992 by EAB. | 1.69.1211.jpg | 1.69.1211.jpg | 1.69.1211v2.jpg | case | bag | satchel | leather | chromed | metal

Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. |...
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1.69.2294 | ca. 1900 | L: 12 in, width: 7.25 in, H: 3.625 in, box length: 9.75 in, box width: 3.875 in, box height: 2 in | Gift of Mrs. Margaret S. Garlow | Raised lettering: THE/CLARK/HEATER/NO. 51, Front of box stamped: MADE BY/CHICAGO FLEXIBLE SHAFT CO. | (A) Foot warmer, tin case covered with a strip of low pile carpet sewn together by hand on the bottom, oval sides with air-heat holes, metal carrying handle on one end above raised lettering. (B) Tin charcoal box with chromed front and knob, sides and back have numerous holes, inner divider about 1-1/2" from front also has holes in it. Belonged to Louisa Cody. | 1.69.2294A&B.JPG | carriage heater/foot warmer | tin | hand sewn | carpet | chromed | Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.

H.H. Heiser, Denver, CO | sc...
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1.69.984 | ca. 1910 | L: 35.25 in, width: 7.25 in | Gift of Betty Waldron and Van R. Howell, granddaughter and son of Billy Howell. | Top edge of back is stamped: H.H HEISER/MAKER/DENVER, COLO./336 | Rifle scabbard. Dark brown leather hand tooled with a typical floral and leaf design on front; machine stitched side and bottom seam; cast silver metal decorative ellipse riveted at top. Plain leather tabs riveted at mid-point front and back. Slits cut near top and bottom edge - top slit has a 3/4" leather belt strap with chromed buckle through it. | 1.69.984.jpg | floral | Leaf | scabbard | leather | metal | hand tooled | dark brown | silver | chromed | buckle | machine stitched | H.H. Heiser, Denver, CO

chaps | brown | buckle | lea...
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1.69.2031 | overall length: 38 in, waistband per leg: 14.5 in | Gift of Mrs. J.A. Vanderwiele. | Stamped on buckle strap: 30 | Pair of chaps, straight leg, white angora hair fronts, white grained leather backs. Light brown leather waistbands with hand tooled flower and leaf design; 4 pairs of holes center front laced together with white leather thong; double row of machine stitching around outer edges sews front leather to white leather backing. Chromed buckle with roller; stamped on buckle strap: 30. Belt strap is 1-1/4" wide and 26" long sewn to right waistband and reinforced with a single copper rivet. Inside chap fronts are lined with brown canvas. Belonged to U.S. Senator E.V. Robertson, Cody pioneer and Friend of Buffalo Bill. | 1.69.2031.JPG | Leaf | flower | chaps | brown | buckle | leather | angora | canvas | white grained | light brown | chromed | White

Colorado State Penitentiary,...
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1.69.752 | ca. 1915 | spur length: 6.625 in, spur width: 4 in | Bottom is stamped: 4307 (#4307 is the inmate's prison number) | Pair of spurs, steel with 2 connected diamond shapes on each side of heel band, diamonds are inlaid with nickle-silver stamped and incised with `x' and 4 star designs with pairs of round head nickle-silver rivets at points of diamonds. Nickle-silver spur buttons (3/4") have an incised 4 petal, 4 leaf flower design. Spur shank is inlaid with bands of nickle-silver on sides and top - top has incised bar and star design, sides have incised connecting x's and stars. Rowel has 20 flat tipped spokes and is held in place with a two headed nickle-silver rivet with incised radiating lines design. Dark brown leather spur straps (round on outside end, pointed on inside end) with scalloped edges have 2" bronze conchas on outside, leather loop and steel ring (1-1/8") on inside and leather strap with chromed rectangular buckle across the front. Leather heel strap 3/8" wide with slits in each end that fit over spur buttons. | 1.69.752A&B.JPG | 1.69.752a&b.view2.JPG | 1.69.752.JPG | Diamond | Leaf | star | spurs | scalloped | rivets | dark brown | steel | leather | buckle | chromed | nickle-silver | Colorado State Penitentiary, Canon City, CO | Cox, John

chaps | snap hooks | buckle ...
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3.78.508 | L: 42 in, width: 26.5 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | VISALIA STOCK SADDLE/COMPANY/11313/SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. | Description: Chaps, angora goat skin fronts with hair dyed orange, 7 green dyed tufts sewn into orange on each leg; floral tooled leather waistbands with J tooled into right band and S tooled into left band, waistbands are joined with a knotted leather thong in front, right waistband has a rivet-attached leather belt, left waistband has a rivet-attached chromed buckle, right waistband and inside of both waistbands are stamped: VISALIA STOCK SADDLE/COMPANY/11313/SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.; right inner waistband is hand inscribed: (design): brown leather leg backs with scalloped vertical edge and 4 metal snap hooks riveted along edge; leg fronts are partially canvas lined with a leather backed pocket, 4 chromed metal rings attached through riveted metal straps for attaching back leg hooks. Condition: Worn but good, canvas lining is frayed where it has been cut away. Origin: Where - Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. | 3.78.508.JPG | floral | chaps | snap hooks | buckle | tooled | angora | canvas | chromed | leather

fishing scale | metal | wire...
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1.69.2288 | ca. 1925 | L: 4.375 in, width: .75 in | Gift of Mr. Samuel A. Portner | Fishing scale, chromed cylindrical metal scale with a hook at the bottom attached to a wire weight indicator, chromed handle on top through a chrome ball, metal spring inside tube. | 1.69.2288.JPG | 1.69.2288.JPG | fishing scale | metal | wire | chromed

A.F. Meisselbach & Bro. | fi...
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1.69.2422 | Base Length: 2.375 in, handle width: 4.25 in, diameter of reel: 2 in | Reel stamped on back: A.F. MEISSELBACH & BRO./NEWARK, N.J. USA./80 YARDS, Stamped on handle end: Tripart/No 580, Stamped on other end: PATENTS/NOV. 15 `04. DEC 27 '04./JUNE 20 `05. MAR. 5 `07 | Fishing reel, chromed metal with ivory celluloid handle; reel filled with light green flyline. | 1.69.2422.JPG | fishing reel | handle | ivory | chromed | metal | A.F. Meisselbach & Bro.

spurs | buckle | iron rod | ...
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1.69.1485 | ca. 1900 | spur length: 6.5 in, spur width: 4.25 in | Inside heel band of A is stamped: 113 | Pair of spurs, iron or steel, 1-1/4" wide heel band with cut-out and stamped nickle-silver cowboy hat attached to outside of heel band. Two hole shank with notched bottom, outside of shank has a cut-out and stamped nickle-silver leaf design attached. 18 spoke rowel with incised lines and dots down each outer spike, riveted through outer shank hole. Spur buttons attached to separate iron strap piece looped through an iron rod attached to heel band; outside button is 1" nickle-silver with incised zigzags round edge. Inside heel band of A is stamped: 113. Two piece dark brown leather spur straps. Front piece is wide and rounded at outside and narrows to a 3/4" belt at inside; slightly scalloped outer edges with a stamped semi-circle and dot design; instep is tooled and stamped in a typical floral-leaf design. Inside strap has rounded end and band end looped through a chromed rectangular buckle and copper riveted back on itself. Circa 1900. | 1.69.1485A&B.JPG | 1.69.1485.JPG | cowboy hat | dots | zigzag | semi-circle | scalloped | incised lines | leaf design | spurs | buckle | iron rod | riveted | iron | strap | rowel | buttons | chromed | rectangular | steel | 18 spokes

Chicago Flexible Shaft Co., ...
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1.69.2688 | ca. 1900 | H: 4.375 in, L: 13.625 in, width: 7.375 in, drawer width: 2 in, drawer length: 11.75 in, drawer height: 3.875 in | Gift of Ms. Alice Stange in memory of Dr. Louis Howe and Phoebe Pfrangle | on nameplate: THE/CLARK/HEATER/No 7.D. [bottom of drawer:] MADE BY/CHICAGO FLEXIBLE SHAFT Co. | A: heater; chromed metal base covered with very dark green carpet in strips of looped and cut pile, bent rod handle on top fits into screwed down nameplate; back side has a chromed rectangular vent with 14 holes and a knob for the sliding cover; one end has 8 vent holes arranged in a circle with a knob for a sliding cover; other end has a rectangular doorway for the charcoal drawer. B: drawer has a chromed rectangular end-plate with round knob. Sheet metal drawer has numerous holes in sides and ends, one divider near front. Was used by donor's grandfather, Dr. Howe, when making winter house calls. | 1.69.2688v1.jpg | 1.69.2688v2.jpg | 1.69.2688v4.jpg | 1.69.2688v5.jpg | 1.69.2688v3.jpg | 1.69.2688v6.jpg | 1.69.2688v7.jpg | carriage heater | metal | chromed | carpet | Chicago Flexible Shaft Co., Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

skirt | machine stitching | ...
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1.69.2638 | ca. 1920 | waist: 31 in, L: 30 in, inseam length: 15 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | Split riding skirt, light tan leather, (possibly moosehide) commercially tanned with smooth finish outside, roughout inside. Four piece construction with openings at both side seams with 3 chromed buckle and leather strap fasteners, scalloped edge on seam. Set-on waistband with scalloped lower edge. Patch pocket with `V' bottom on each front side, pockets have scalloped outer edges and 10" long fringe at the bottom. Bottom edges of skirt legs are scalloped and have a sewn row of 3-1/4" fringe, a second row of 3-1/2" fringe with scalloped top edge is sewn above bottom edge. Machine stitching with off-white thread and double row top stitching. | 1.69.2638.JPG | skirt | machine stitching | moosehide | scalloped | commercially tanned | buckle | chromed