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Winchester Repeating Arms Co...
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1988.8.287 | 1896 | L: 46.5 in, Barrel length: 27.25 in, H: 7.5 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | The Model 1895 was the first successful box magazine, lever action repeating rifle ever produced. Based on John Browning design patent (U.S. 549,345), this model was adapted to high powered smokeless cartridges (.30/40 Krag, .38/72 W.C.F., .40/72 W.C.F., .303 British, .35 W.C.F., .405 W.C.F., .30 Govt. 03, .30 Govt. 06, and 7.62 M/M Russian). About the first 5000 Model 1895 arms were produced with flat side receivers. Nearly 300,000 were produced in musket pattern in 7.62mm. for the Russian government during 1915-1916. The lever on this experimental Model 1895 rifle has been cut off at the trigger and a highly modified Lee straight pull bolt handle attached. This modification forms a trigger guard and brings the bolt handle up to the middle of the stock wrist. Although well executed, the modification is a poor design, as the bolt handle knob rests against the shooter's right index finger knuckle and interferes when lowering the hammer. Magazine capacity: varied with cartridge chambering. | lower tang:556;PL trigger:PAT. NOV. 5.1895./-NOV. 12. 1895-;upper tang:WINCHESTER/--/ MODEL 1895;top of barrel:MANUFACTURED BY THE//-WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN. CONN. U.S.A.-/30 U.S./ | Cataloged by BCD 4/91. | Winchester Model 1895 | prototype | .30-40 KRAG | 556 | 1988.8.287v1.jpg | 1988.8.287v2.jpg | firearm | crescent | blued | two-piece walnut | sporting | stock | open | early flat side | lever in the white | blade | round barrel | adjustable | experimental | barrel | receiver | integrated box | front sight | buttplate | repeating | trigger group, hammer, and buttplate casehardened | finish | magazine | rear sight | rifle | lever action | Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT

American | Winchester Repeat...
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1988.8.91 | ca. 1906 | L: 37.125 in, Barrel length: 21 in, H: 7 in | The Model 1904 single shot rifle was yet another variation in the Model 1900-1902 series. It incorporated a longer, heavier barrel, larger stock and a lip on the forestock. This arm was also highly popular in Autstralia,and was included in the Winchester Junior Rifle Corps Ranage Kit No.2. This sample Model 1904 .22 caliber rifle was rebored to .38 caliber. | NONE | Model 36 | .38 | none | 1988.91.jpg | 1988.8.91v2.jpg | 1988.8.91v1.jpg | 1988.8.91v1.jpg | 1988.8.91v2.jpg | firearm | crescent | boy's | finish | buttplate | stock | walnut | experimental | takedown | blued | American | Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT

Kiowa | rattle | gourd | Bea...
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NA.502.113 | ca. 1900 | diameter of head: 2 in | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Small gourd head; wood handle protruding througth top of head wrapped with beads at top and bottom with geometric design in red, turquoise, green and orange on white ground; green horse hair at top of rattle; yellow string fringe and metal crescent and star charm attached to base of handle. | NA.502.113.JPG | NA.502.113.JPG | geometric | rattle | gourd | Beads | star charm | fringe | green | crescent | metal | string | turquoise | Red | wood | hair | yellow | White | small | orange | horse | seed | handle | Kiowa

Mason, William | Winchester ...
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1988.8.277 | ca. 1901 | L: 46.25 in, Barrel length: 27 in, H: 7.5 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | The Model 1886 lever action repeating rifle was developed to handle powerful center fire cartridges. Based on a Browning patent (U.S. 306,577), with improvements by Winchester master designer William Mason, the Model 1886 incorporated strong vertical bolt locks and a very smooth action. Magazine capacity varied depending on magazine length and cartridge caliber (cartridges ranged from .33 W.C.F. to .50/110 Express). Receivers were casehardened until 1901, when blued finish became standard. This experimental Mark C, designed by William Mason, is a prototype of the Model 1886 with several unusual features. The loading gate cover is cammed, and moves up and forward to insert shells. In an attempt to reduce the length of the receiver, the typical locking mechanisms and solid rear moving bolt have been replaced by a series of complicated internal mechanisms. As the lever is moved down, a Peabody type block is dropped to eject the spent shell and cock the exposed hammer. When the lever is brought up, the block closes and guides a live round underneath it and into the chamber. The "exposed hammer" is more accurately a hammer lever since the face striking the firing pin is all contained in the receiver. Although this mechanism reduces the length of the receiver, it would be difficult to clear a malfunction or empty the magazine, since each round has to be loaded into the chamber before it can be removed. | NONE | Cataloged by BCD 4/91. | Experimental Mark | .44 | none | 1988.8.277v1.jpg | 1988.8.277v2.jpg | firearm | finish | heavy | long | repeating | magazine | barrel | stock | sporting | buttplate | prototype | experimental | blued | two-piece walnut | front sight | tubular | rear sight | crescent | in the white | round barrel | adjustable | blade (missing) | brass trap door | Experimental Mark C Rifle Maker: Winchester Repeating Arms Co.; New Haven, CT Serial Number: None Date: ca. 1901 Caliber: .44 Catalogue Number: 1988.8.277 Gift of Olin Corporation Winchester Arms Collection This sample was designed by William Mason in his further attempts to develop a lever action rifle capable of using high velocity cartridges. | Mason, William | Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT