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dress top, baby | embroidere...
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1.69.2748 | date unknown | L: 6.5 in, width: 12 in | Gift of Miss Helen S. Cody | Dress top, baby. White cambric with white embroidery, square neckline, raglan sleeves. V front insert has eyelet and embroidery floral motifs, scallop edged ruffle along v seams. Sleeve ends and wrapped over neckline to form drawstring casing. Sleeves have 3 rows of embroidery divided by 2 rows of narrow eyelet ruffle with scalloped edge. Outer waistband has embroidered leaf and eyelet motifs. Inner waistband is plain, bodice and skirt are gathered between inner and outer waistbands. Skirt has been cut off to approximately 1/4" below waistband. All hand sewn construction. Possibly from a christening gown | 1.69.2748v2.jpg | 1.69.2748.jpg | floral | dress top, baby | embroidered | cambric

pillow | green | embroidered...
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1.69.2623 | L: 22 in, width: 22 in, depth: 8 in | Decorative pillow, square, burgundy velvet top and green velvet back. Top is embroidered with a floral and leaf design in light pink, rose, dark pink, red, white and sage green chenille yarns with brown pearl cotton accents. Inch-wide machine stitched self border on sides and top. | 1.69.2623.jpg | 1.69.2623.jpg | 1.69.2623v2.jpg | floral | Leaf | pillow | green | embroidered | machine stitched | burgundy | yarn | velvet | Square

Moccasins | clear white | Re...
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NA.202.732 | L: 3.75 in, width: 1.75 in, H: 1.125 in | Gift of Mrs. Henry H.R. Coe | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Baby's -- Deerskin, soft soled, fringed around top. Red stitching on seams. Beaded cross design within circle in clear white, red and green. Small green and red embroidered circles. | NA.202.732.A&B.JPG | na.202.732.jpg | cross | circle | Moccasins | clear white | Red | seed | embroidered | green | fringe | thread | deerskin | Beads

Oakley, Annie | pillow cover...
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1.69.2120 | 1887-1897 | H: 20.5 in, width: 19.5 in | Linen pillow cover, bordered with multicolored braided thread. Two tassels at each corner. Embroidered by Annie Oakley with signatures of Wild West members and acquaintances of Annie Oakley. Two visibles dates. Tassels at all four corners. | 1.69.2120.JPG | pillow cover | tassels | embroidered | thread | multicolored | braided | linen | Oakley, Annie

Cree; Lake Winnipeg, Manitob...
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1.69.2027 | ca.1910 | overall length: 34.5 in, chest circumference: 51 in, back neck length: 32.5 in, shoulder width: 21.5 in, sleeve length: 26 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | Lettering on buttons: CANADA/R.N.W.M.P. | Jacket, embroidered leather. Norway House-style embroidery. Indian tanned and smoked caribou hide in dark golden brown. Short stand up collar, back yoke, deep cuffs, center front panel, round bottom left chest patch pocket with scallop trim and bottom edge all have zig-zag cut edge. Short fringes at shoulder, upper sleeve and lower yoke. Sleeves are seamed at center front and center back; construction is all machine stitched. Front panel has 4 brass buttons paired with 4 hand stitched buttonholes for the 4 brass buttons on the right front - all buttons are round top with raised crown and lion head design and lettering: CANADA/R.N.W.M.P. Front panel, back yoke, pocket and cuffs are hand embroidered in floral and leaf designs with silk thread in buttonhole stitch; colors are dark, medium and light rose, medium, light and olive green, purple, violet, yellow, coral, pink, teal, blue, turquoise, beige and red. Pocket and front panel are lined with beige, dark blue, light blue and pink striped oxford-type cotton cloth. Four hand stitched button holes on inside front edge. William F. Cody probably purchased this and 1.69.2026 at Winnipeg, August 1910. According to Larom, this coat was owned by Buffalo Bill who gave it to Courtney Riley Cooper, a Denver newspaper man. Cooper later gave it to Larom. Similar in some details of construction and embroidery to 1.69.2026. | 1.69.2027.JPG | 1.69.2027.jpg | hand embroidered | Leaf | crown | lion head | floral | jacket | button holes | hand stitched | silk | caribou hide | scalloped | buttons | embroidered | machine stitched | cotton | tanned | cloth | smoked | thread | brass | leather | fringed | zig-zag | Cree; Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba | Metis

case | embroidered | flannel...
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1.69.2719.13 | ca. 1890 | L: 19 in, width: 11 in | Flap: Forks | Case has a yellowed linen exterior with a rounded flap embroidered in light blue with floral, scroll and french dot designs and lettering. Interior is yellowed flannel folded at bottom and stitched into 12 vertical pockets with a fold over flap across the top. Edges of linen and flannel are bound with yellowed bias tape machine sewn in place. | 1.69.2719.13.JPG | floral | scroll french dot | case | embroidered | flannel | bias tape | linen

gauntlet | fringed | embroid...
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1.69.67 | ca. 1900 | L: 10.5 in | One gauntlet (left hand), fringed leather, embroidered. | 1.69.67.JPG | 1.69.67.jpg | gauntlet | fringed | embroidered | leather

scarf | embroidered | White ...
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1.69.513 | ca. 1916 | L: 20 in, width: 20 in | Silk neck scarf worn by Etheyle Parry in Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and 101 Ranch Shows. White silk, embroidered floral colored border. Etheyle Parry later married William Cody Bradford, Buffalo Bill's nephew. Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection. Acquired for a nominal fee from the William Cody Bradford estate, Casper, WY. Condition: Old, worn condition | 1.69.513.jpg | floral | scarf | embroidered | White | silk

Salish | Plateau | handbag |...
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NA.203.823 | ca. 1915-1920 | L: 10.375 in, width: 9 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Dress and adornment- personal adornment and Ritual Regalia. Rectangular with fully applique stitch beaded cloth front, double hourglass design in orange with cut iridescent purple outlines and extensions, diamond between hourglasses is green, side stepped triangles in checkerboard pattern using red, yellow and cut iridescent purple; background is cut clear/blue hearts; side and bottom edges are bound with cut clear and cut iridescent purple; top front edge is bound in cut iridescent purple with boxes dropping into background. Back is olive green wool machine quilted to lining in narrow vertical rows, upper back has 2 machine quilted to lining in narrow vertical rows, upper back has 2 machine embroidered white longhorn steer heads appliqued to it and trimmed with cut iridescent bead eyes and cut red bead nostrils; lining is pink twill cloth; buckskin thong handles tacked inside upper back and front. | NA.203.823front.JPG | NA.203.823.JPG | na.203.823v1.jpg | na.203.823v2.jpg | handbag | twill | applique | embroidered | Beads | wool | Buckskin | Salish | Plateau

hat | bows | Lace | embroide...
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1.69.675B | ca. 1900 | Diameter: 12.75 in | White cloth and embroidered hat, lace around edge and pink bow on back. Worn by Parry sisters - Etheyle married William Cody Bradford. | 1.69.675b.jpg | hat | bows | Lace | embroidered | White | cloth | pink

shirt | tan | black | button...
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1.69.518 | ca. 1920 | L: 31 in, width: 25 in | Monogrammed front pocket: F.G. | Man's black long sleeved satinshirt, embroidered on front and cuffs with flowers, monogrammed front pocket: F.G., small tan buttons, collars can be attached. | 1.69.518.JPG | flowers | shirt | tan | black | buttons | embroidered | Satin | long sleeved

pillow | machine stitched | ...
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1.69.2622 | L: 22 in, width: 22 in, depth: 7 in | Decorative pillow, square, burgundy velvet top and back. Top is embroidered with a tulip, flower and leaf design in pink, rose, burgundy, yellow, gold, light green, dark green and sage green chenille yarns with green and brown pearl cotton accents. Inch-wide machine stitched self border all around. | 1.69.2622.jpg | 1.69.2622.jpg | 1.69.2622v2.jpg | Leaf | flower | tulip | pillow | machine stitched | burgundy | yarn | velvet | embroidered | Square

blouse | linen | buttons | e...
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1.69.658 | ca. 1899 | Gift from the George T. Beck Family to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center | Blue linen blouse embroidered in white, long sleeves, button cuffs, button up front. Belonged to Mrs. George W.T. Beck as part of her wedding trousseau. Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection. | 1.69.658.JPG | 1.69.658.jpg | 1.69.658v2.jpg | blouse | linen | buttons | embroidered | blue