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Southern Plains | peyote but...
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NA.502.54 | 1920 | H: .75 in, width: 2.5 in, L: 2.75 in, button diameter: 1.25 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Beaded leather pouch. White ground, one side has red diamond design surrounding blue cross with lt. blue designs at edge. Other side has red and lt. blue triangle and diamond design around center lt. blue design with green edge. Faceted beads contains 2 peyote buttons and 1 red pony bead. Deerskin. May have originally been intended as a container for a pocket watch.(this last sentence was written in pencil) | NA.502.54side2.JPG | NA.502.54side1.JPG | na.502.54v1.jpg | na.502.54v2.jpg | Diamond | triangle | cross | peyote button pouch with 2 buttons | Red | faceted | light blue | blue | Beads | green | pony | leather | seed | deerskin | White | Southern Plains

Pomo | miniature basket | Re...
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NA.506.48 | mid-1800s | H: .75 in, Diameter: 1.375 in | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Coiled basket of woven split reeds with faceted beads woven into outside in a design of 5 black bordered red triangles radiating out from the basket opening on a blue background. | NA.506.48VIEW1.JPG | NA.506.48VIEW2.JPG | na.506.48.jpg | triangles | miniature basket | Red | faceted | blue | split reeds | Coiled | black | Woven | Beads | Pomo

Northern Plains | necklace |...
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NA.203.650 | ca. 1880? | L: 18.5 in | Catherine Bradford McClellan Collection; Gift of The Coe Foundation | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Necklace - string of blue, aqua and black faceted beads and 17 large teeth with red ochre dyed root ends. | NA.203.650.JPG | na.203.650.jpg | necklace | faceted | blue | Beads | aqua | black | teeth | Northern Plains

Sioux | Moccasins | lazy sti...
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NA.202.859 | ca. 1885 | H: 4.625 x 4.5 in, width: 3.5 x 3.375 in, L: 9.875 x 9.5 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Barron G. Collier, II | Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Buckskin uppers, soles, tongue and rectangular cuff-sinew sewn. Fully beaded vamp has lazy stitched band of red white hearts down center with bands of white and royal blue triangles on either side, all on royal ground with 2 rows of faceted gold and 2 of faceted silver beads on each side. Sides are beaded all around with triangles of green, red white hearts, faceted gold and royal blue with a central door of faceted gold and royal, alternating with red white hearts and gold faceted crosses, all on white ground. Soles are fully lazy stitch beaded with diagonal rows of white and red white hearts rectangles on a central royal blue ground surrounded by red white hearts stepped triangles with doors of royal and white alternating with royal blue rectangles on a white ground. | NA.202.859A&B.JPG | na.202.859v2.jpg | na.202.859v1.jpg | NA.202.859.jpg | diagonal rows | bands | rectangles | central doors | triangles | stepped triangles with doors | crosses | Moccasins | lazy stitch | red white hearts | Beads | green | silver | faceted | sinew | gold | royal blue | White | Buckskin | seed | Sioux

Southern Arapaho | Southern ...
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NA.202.861 | ca. 1900 | H: 20 in, width: 3.5 in, L: 9.625 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. Jerome Gannon and Mr. Charles Uribe | Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Women's hightop -- Brain-tanned buckskin, yellow ochre-dyed uppers and hightops, rawhide soles; sole, ankle and heel seams are sinew sewn; center front seams on tops are thread sewn. (B) has a triangular inset in top of seam. Decorative flap on top is trimmed with a white band of lazy-stitch beadwork with alternating diagonal stripes of greasy yellow bordered with black and clear medium blue and red white hearts. Around ankle on top is a lazy stitch white band with short, wide triangles in red white hearts, greasy yellow and black, the top point of each triangle meets the bottom point of an inverted clear medium blue triangle that also has 2 red white hearts triangles attached to it. Edge of flap and lower edge of top are picot beaded with silver faceted beads. Flap is tied over with buckskin thongs trimmed alternately with 6 red and 1 royal blue and 6 milky and 1 royal blue (on A) or 6 opalescent orange and 1 royal blue (on B) pony beads. | NA.202.861A&B.JPG | na.202.861.jpg | inverted triangles | wide triangles | bands | diagonal stripes | Moccasins | Beads | lazy stitch | red white hearts | royal blue | thread | sinew | White | Buckskin | milky | opalescent orange | faceted | clear medium blue | silver | thongs | greasy yellow | picot edge | rawhide | pony | soles | Red | black | brain-tanned | Southern Arapaho | Southern Plains

Sioux | blanket strip | lazy...
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NA.203.786 | 1885 | L: 54.5 in, width: 3.75 in | Plains Indian Museum Acquisitions Fund Purchase | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Blanket strip - leather strip lazy stitch beaded with 4 medallions with maltese cross design in dark blue and red/white hearts on white ground with a kelly green outer border; strips between medallions have a wide green center band with a center stripe of red/white hearts and faceted gold beads with white crossbars, green band is bordered with 1 row of red/white hearts, 2 rows of royal blue (dark blue in center strip) and faceted gold, 1 row of royal blue the horizontal hourglass designs in blue, white, red/white hearts and faceted gold on a white ground. Remnants of black thread along edges from it once being sewn to a blanket. | na.203.786.jpg | na.203.786.jpg | maltese | horizontal | cross | hourglass | blanket strip | lazy stitch | leather | faceted | red/white hearts | Beads | Sioux

Cheyenne | natal amulet | Cl...
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NA.502.178 | ca. 1885 | L: 7 in, width: 4.875 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Lizard-shaped leather with fully beaded front; head is red white hearts with dark blue border and white edge beading, white and black eyes; body is divided into a rectangular checkerboard pattern in clear dark cut red, clear yellow and tiny light blue with 2 rows of dark blue and 2 of faceted metallic gold beads; body border has dark blue triangles at legs and dark blue crosses with red white hearts centers on white ground; legs are green and white striped and both left legs have loops of black, clear and clear light blue large seed beads attached to tips; body has tiny light blue edge beading; tail is wrapped with beads into bands of light blue, red white hearts, tiny yellow and green, tail also has 2 loops of large black and clear seed beads attached at its tip. | na.502.178.jpg | NA.502.178.JPG | lizard | triangles | striped | rectangular checkerboard pattern | crosses | natal amulet | Clear | green | dark blue | seed | black | Beads | metallic gold | clear dark cut red | leather | clear yellow | tiny green | large | tiny light blue | cut | faceted | red white hearts | small | tiny yellow | White | clear light blue | Cheyenne

Ft. Belknap Indian Reservati...
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NA.504.169A | 1925 | L: 31.375 in, width: 6.25 in | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Deerskin, lined with muslin different beaded designs on each side, leather scalloped around bead decoration; one side is a floral design in red, pink, yellow, blue and white on green ground, outline is faceted transparent green; the reverse side is a floral design in yellow, red, blue, pink and black on white ground outlined in faceted transparent green; top of the bag is edged with the faceted transparent green beads. Bag of tobacco inside. | na.504.169av1.jpg | na.504.169av2.jpg | floral | tobacco bag | deer | blue | yellow | seed | White | hide | Beads | lining | transparent green | faceted | Red | black | pink | muslin | green | Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation

Keystone Brothers | holster ...
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1.69.1551 | Belt Length: 33.125 in, belt width: 3 in | Handwritten on back of belt: Klane(?). Stamped on back of belt: California Steer Hide/Keystone Brothers | Child's holster and belt. Black leather with red glass faceted insets and silver metal studding. Name Buffalo Bill studded into belt. Four toy bullets on belt. Matches toy pistol 1.69.1816. C | 1.69.1551.jpg | Cody, William F. | holster | belt | leather | bullets | insets | Red | four | studs | black | metal | glass | faceted | child's | toy | silver | Keystone Brothers

Cheyenne | natal charm | amb...
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NA.502.176 | ca. 1890 | L: 4.5 in, width: 1.75 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Turtle shaped, fully beaded on both sides with a band around outside edge and down center of shell, each side of shell has a 4-legged animal shape with a split tail; one side is beaded light blue with faceted dark blue animals and a purple and yellow striped border and center band; other side is beaded with dark green faceted shell and red white hearts animals, amber heads with dark blue eyes and mouth, light blue and dark blue faceted center band, border of light blue with dark blue and red white hearts squares and stripes; three legs are wrapped with light greasy blue beads and have 3 leather toes; body and legs all beaded with small seed beads; top and bottom seam line is overcast with dark blue and white regular sized seed beads. | na.502.176v1.jpg | na.502.176v2.jpg | NA.502.176VIEW1.JPG | NA.502.176VIEW2.JPG | turtle shape | animals | 4-legged animal shape with split tail | band | squares | striped border | natal charm | amber | red white hearts | Beads | leather | White | light blue | dark green | yellow | seed | purple | light greasy blue | faceted | dark blue | Cheyenne

Brule Sioux | Northern Plain...
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NA.203.25 | ca. 1906 | L: 34.5 in, width: 9.25 in | Gift of Corliss C. and Audrienne H. Moseley | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment & Ritual Regalia. Woman's necklace - six sections of bone hair pipes with tanned leather dividing strips. Last section has brass beads at top and brass bead danglers at bottom with black glass beads in center and Indian head pennies at end. Section around back of neck consists of black and red faceted beads. | na.203.25.jpg | NA.203.25.jpg | necklace | Beads | pennies | brass | hair pipes | faceted | bone | Brule Sioux | Northern Plains

Crow | Moccasins | yellow | ...
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NA.202.867 | ca. 1910 | H: 3 in, width: 3.875 in, L: 10.125 in, H: 6.25 in, width: 4.125 in, L: 10.125 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schwartz | Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Leather uppers and soles, some brained tanned, some commercial (?), with wide zig-zag edged ankle extensions; red wool cuffs lined with white and black plaid cotton (now pinkish from bleeed thru from wool) and bound with purple sateen (faded to beige on outside), cuff edges picot beaded with clear light-green beads. Fully beaded vamp has a floral design with 4 flower motifs and 3 leaf motifs; beads are clear purple, greasy yellow, clear dark turquoise, pink, clear amber, dark royal and white, mostly faceted, all very small, accented with faceted gold beads; light blue large seed bead background on vamp bordered all around with red white hearts triangles on light periwinkly banded by yellow and green on pink ground. Wide band around sides and back of moccasin is beaded in perwinkle, greasy yellow, green and red white hearts, Split triangular tongue is beaded with bands of navy and light blue on pink ground with picot beaded green edging. (A) has a new tongue and most of ankle extension is torn away. | NA.202.867A&B.JPG | na.202.867.jpg | na.202.867 v2.jpg | quartered diamond motif | bordered | floral design | four flower motifs | three leaf motifs | triangles | bands | Moccasins | yellow | light green | clear amber | black and white | light blue | purple | red white hearts | greasy yellow | seed | cotton | brain-tanned | sateen | cloth | clear purple | wool | green | pink | clear dark turquoise | leather | picot edge | Beads | navy | faded | light periwinkle | plaid | Red | lining | commercial | faceted | Crow