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Northern Plains | natal char...
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NA.502.9 | ca. 1890 | L: 5.375 in, width: 2.5 in | The Mr. & Mrs. Sandberg collection given in memory of Babe and Sandy Sandberg by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Claude Phillips | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Tanned, orange and black overlay bead decoration on top, green bead border. Tin cones and red feather puffs on legs. | na.502.9.jpg | NA.502.9.JPG | natal charm | tin | Beads | feathers | tanned | Red | hide | seed | cones | puffs | orange | deer | black | green | Northern Plains

Southern Arapaho | Oklahoma ...
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NA.204.4 | ca. 1890 | L: 54 in, width: 54 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mary J. and James R. Jundt | Dress and Adornment, Religious Attire. Ghost Dance dress made of hand-tanned elk hide, yoke style, painted with pigments (light blue, green blue and red). Fringe on arms, down sides and around bottom. Fringe on body of dress with plumes and ermine attached, hide hair left on leg ends. Painted designs include cross-shaped stars, crescents, circles, birds (ravens and magpies), corn and sage stems, blue and green bars on calf area of dress. | Journal: Western American Literature: Quarterly Journal of the Western Literature Association; Lessons from the Past: The Cliff Dwellers ans New Historicism; Michael Tavel Clark; Utah State University, Logan, page 426 | NA.204.40dtl2.JPG | NA.204.40dtl3.JPG | NA.204.4Dk2.JPG | NA.204.4view1.JPG | NA.204.4view2.JPG | NA.204.40dtl4.JPG | NA.204.4Dk1.JPG | NA.204.4dtl1.JPG | na.204.4.jpg | NA.204.4.VIEW2.JPG | NA.204.4.jpg | NA.204.4.VIEW1.JPG | crescents | stars | corn | sage stems | birds | circles | Ghost Dance dress | pigment | feathers | tanned elk hide | Southern Arapaho | Oklahoma

South Dakota | Her Many Hors...
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NA.502.215.4 | 1998 | H: 3.5 in, Diameter: 34.25 in | Gift of the Pilot Foundation | Fan with red and blue feathers, beaded handle and twisted string fringe at bottom. Handle has design of a row of red and blue water birds on either side of two multi-colored zigzag designs. Between the zigzag designs is a row of four repeat designs of a white bead surrounded by black beads. Multi-colored zigzag and black and white designs are repeated above the handle. Feather shafts are wrapped in white leather at bottom and multi-colored thread at top. Blue and red feathers are clustered and stand straight up from handle. Small red and blue feahters and white feathers with black edge and line at center are at the base of each large red and blue feather. Handle unscrews from fan. | NA.502.215.4.JPG | NA.502.215.3 &.4 &.5.jpg | water bird | gourd stitch | fan | Native American Church | string | metal | feathers | glass beads | deer hide | South Dakota | Her Many Horses, Emil | Sioux

feather | bonnet | ribbon | ...
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NA.205.93 | L: 22 in, width: 13 in | Dress and Adornment, Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Eagle (?) feather bonnet with white horsehair streamers. Red, blue yarn, multi colored bead rounds in front. Beaded head band in blue, red, white, green, yellow step design in lazy stitch greasy size 11 seed beads. Some green and red feathers, owl feathers, pheasant tail feathers and blue curtain tassles on decorative strips. Each eagle (?) feather wrapped in red wool at base attached to felt inner hat. Ribbons on outside in red and green with long red, magenta and blue yarn hanging down. | na.205.93v1.jpg | na.205.93v2.jpg | feather | bonnet | ribbon | leather | wool | Beads | feathers | yarn | thread

Northern Plains | Sioux | ho...
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NA.503.5 | ca. 1885 | arrow length: 32.25 in | Mr. and Mrs. Royal B. Hassrick Collection | Ritual and Recreation: Games and Gambling Accessories of Games. Round wooden hoop laced with rawhide thongs, painted yellow and blue. Two arrows with carved tips and feathers with horse hair on upper end. | NA.503.5A-C.JPG | hoop and arrow game | wood | pigment | Horse Hair | feathers | rawhide thongs | Northern Plains | Sioux

Blackfeet | Northern Plains ...
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NA.203.10 | ca. 1915 | cap diameter: 7 in | The Catherine Bradford Collection, Gift of The Coe Foundation | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornments and Ritual Regalia. Horn headdress - felt skull cap covered with ermine strips with red wool tradecloth at top. Split buffalo horns on top with cloth trailer with wrapped horse hair tassles on the end. Beaded strip in geometric design (overlay) along front of skull cap with red & yellow ribbons on each side. | NA.203.10view1.JPG | NA.203.10view1.JPG | NA.203.10view2.JPG | NA.203.10view2.JPG | NA.203.10.jpg | geometric | overlay | Buffalo Horn Bonnet | commercial | Red | seed | felt | Ribbons | wool | buffalo | horns | yellow | horse | Tradecloth | ermine | Beads | hair | bald eagle | feathers | Blackfeet | Northern Plains

Sioux | South Dakota | Ghost...
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NA.204.2 | ca. 1890 | L: 35.5 in, sleeve to sleeve: 67 in, body width: 27.5 in | Gift of The New Hampshire Historical Society | Dress and Adornment - Religious Attire. Ghost dance shirt - muslin shirt, long sleeved, hand-sewn with black thread, self-fringed at side and underarms seams, shoulder seams, hem, sleeve ends and neck edge, muslin fringe V sewn at front and back, gathered at sleeve ends and neck with fringed slit at back neck. Shirt is colored with red ochre (possibly) in bands at sleeve ends and elbows, alonge fringes and inside front and back V's, front V has an uncolored horizontal crescent moon in lower point. Front and back V points have a single eagle feather and a bunch of blue and yellow dyed breath feathers tied to cloth and a green dyed twisted thong. Tied at top of each shoulder with a twisted green dyed thong is a single eagle spike feather. Tied at underarm seam at the elbow is a bundle of green dyed thongs with small brown feathers and split owl feathers, sinew wrapped to ends of thongs. Tied at underarm seam at each sleeve end with a green dyed twisted thong is a single eagle spike feather sinew wrapped to thong ends. | NA.204.2back.JPG | NA.204.2view1.JPG | NA.204.2view2.JPG | NA.204.2dtl.JPG | NA.204.2.jpg | Ghost Dance shirt | muslin | eagle | feather | pigment | owl | thread | hand sewn | feathers | breath | Sioux | South Dakota

Plains | Native American Chu...
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NA.502.184 | ca. 1940 | overall length: 23.75 in, feather length: 9.5 in, feather width: 1.5 in, handle length without fringe: 6.125 in, Diameter: .75 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pohrt | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Twenty-two assorted small feathers (brown, black, blue, gray, striped), all trimmed on one with edges pinked, all have tiny feathers attached at white leather wrapped bases which are attached to a netting beaded white wood handle with a design of zigzags in dark clear red, red, orange, yellow, clear amber, taupe, lavendar, royal blue, turquoise, aqua, clear light blue, clear pale green, clear light green, clear blue-green and white with blue stripes with a wide pink band containing a light blue cross, 2 black and white feathers and a red, white and blue flag; white round braided loop at handle bottom attaches to a similar loop on a tassle with netting beaded black and white feathers on a red, orange and yellow ground with twisted white cord fringe; to 3 fringes are tied a cross, an arrow and a star charms; all beading done in tiny seed beads. Magpie feathers, pheasant feathers, Red Tailed hawk feathers, Flicker feathers, eagle feathers | NA.502.184.JPG | na.502.184.jpg | flag | stripes | feathers | cross | zigzag | Native American Church | fan | feather | pinked edges | star | blue | loop | assorted | fringes | pheasant | black | one | beading | leather | glass beads | striped | round | wrapped | feathers | red tail hawk | eagle | Cord | flicker | brown | handle | wood | Gray | arrow | braided | magpie | trimmed | netted | twenty-one | charms | twisted | cross | small | White | Plains

headdress | Beads | brass | ...
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NA.203.933 | L: 37 in, width: 22.5 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Dress and Adornment, Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Headdress consists of a hide skull cap with a seed bead band in front with white ground and two red triangles at either side and a dark blue triangle in the center. There are remnants of hide streamers and a brass bell at each temple. A black buffalo horn protrudes from each side. The top has tattered feathers wrapped in red trade cloth. At the bottom, back hangs long black horsehair "streamers" wrapped in red trade cloth. | na.203.933v1.jpg | na.203.933v2.jpg | triangles | headdress | Beads | brass | horn | hide | horsehair | Tradecloth | buffalo | feathers

Northern Plains | War bonnet...
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NA.205.63 | ca. 1905 | L: 29 in, H: 21.5 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - yellow felt hat; eagle feathers, white plumes and yellow cloth at bases, green dyed horse hair at tips; beaded brow band with triangle pattern in yellow, green and dark blue on light blue ground; two strips of red cloth and one ermine skin on each side. | NA.205.63.JPG | NA.205.63.JPG | NA.205.63.JPG | triangle | War bonnet | White | eagle | felt | cloth | plumes | Beads | feathers | ermine | yellow | horsehair | green dyed | Red | Northern Plains

Ute | War bonnet | feathers ...
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NA.205.43 | ca. 1950 | H: 60 in | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - red cloth, burlap lining; blue dyed pheasant feathers, pink feathers and red cloth at bases of feathers, pink plumes and blonde horse hair at tips; small round mirror on each side; leather brow band beaded with triangle and bar design in dark blue and red on light blue ground; cloth strip around back with red and clear sequins; white, red and green ribbons attached to sides; red cloth trailer with single row of feathers, some dyed orange. | NA.205.43.JPG | bar | triangle | War bonnet | feathers | burlap | mirror | cloth | Ribbons | horsehair | plumes | Beads | pheasant | leather | golden eagle | Ute

Wind River Native Crafts, In...
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NA.202.1064 | L: 18 in, width: 14 in | Dress and Adornment; Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Partially unfinished headdress of twenty four light colored hawk feathers, each wrapped in royal blue yarn with hot pink fluffs at their base and white horse tail tufts adhered with a dot of hot pink wool at their tip. Feathers are connected with a strand of white hide and blue yarn. | na.202.1064.jpg | headdress | feathers | wool | hawk | horse tail | yarn | hide | Wind River Native Crafts, Inc.

Plains | bow | arrows | feat...
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NA.102.271 | 1880-1900 | bow length: 45 in, arrow length: 32.5 in, width: 1.5 in, Diameter: 3 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Bow: straight limb bow, light colored wood, slightly notched both ends. Red pigment on recto, not in handle area (7 ½”L). 13 horizontal lines on verso over length of bow. Sinew braided string wrapped several times around one notch, looped once and tie down on opposite. Arrows: peeled willow, double fletched, sinew wound top and bottom, no glue. Hafted top with metal point, sinew wrapped. Red pigment towards top and bottom. Notched ends. | NA.102.271.jpg | bow | arrows | feathers | wood | Willow | pigment | metal | sinew | Plains

Feather bonnet | feathers | ...
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NA.205.96 | L: 22.25 in | On round paper tag: 190 REED. On hide inner hat: On a square glued tag: #113 Barry Williams HWR OCT 3, 1955. Also on inner band: #10090 | Dress and Adornment, Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Fur inner hat with beaded band in red and yellow geometric pattern. Eagle feathers wrapped in red wool at base with down feathers and red and yellow horse hair streamers. Brown ribbons on sides of headband. | na.205.96v2.jpg | na.205.96v1.jpg | Feather bonnet | feathers | fur | wool | Beads | hide

Northern Plains | Blackfeet ...
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NA.203.159 | H: 4.5 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment. Hat - head band shaped fur hat with fur extension on back, tanned interior with paint fragments visible. Ten eagle feathers attached. | NA.203.159.JPG | hat | feathers | paint | Badger | hair | bald eagle | hide | Northern Plains | Blackfeet

Sioux | Northern Plains | ba...
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NA.109.72 | L: 7 in, width: 4.25 in | Gift of Corliss C. and Audrienne H. Moseley | Utensils and implements - Toilet Articles. Bag - tanned, fully beaded in lazy stitch U.S. flag and geometric design. Tin cone and red feather puff danglers attached. Buckskin thong handle. | NA.109.72.JPG | NA.109.72.JPG | NA.109.72dtl.JPG | lazy stitch | flag | geometric | bag | feathers | tanned | deer hide | tin cones | glass beads | Sioux | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | Sioux | st...
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NA.106.24 | ca. 1890 | width: 13.75 in, L: 18.25 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Storage bag - tanned with canvas back and flap. Twelve rows of wrapped quillwork with three quill wrapped tassles with tin cone and horse hair danglers. Lazy stitch bead decoration in geometric design on sides with red horse hair and tin cone danglers attached. Flap has edges bound with print material. Tie closure. | na.106.24.jpg | NA.106.24.JPG | geometric | lazy stitch | bead decoration | storage bag | feathers | seed | hair | horse | quills | porcupine | deer | Tradecloth | tin | Red | tanned | Beads | hide | Northern Plains | Sioux

Northern Plains | War bonnet...
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NA.205.55 | ca. 1910 | L: 24 in, H: 15.5 in | Gift of The Coe Foundation | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - leather; eagle(?) feathers; yellow plumes at bases and tips of feathers, bases wrapped in a green felt; beaded brow band with diagonal stripes in red/white hearts, and green on white ground; round mirror on each side; gray plumes on leather strings hanging on both sides; long feather quill with small red, yellow, green and purple feathers attached to top of headdress. | NA.205.55.JPG | na.205.55v2.jpg | na.205.55v1.jpg | stripes | diagonal | War bonnet | feathers | round | Gray | eagle | Beads | yellow | mirror | green | plumes | red/white hearts | leather | felt | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | arrow | fe...
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NA.102.60K | L: 30.5 in | Utensils and implements - Hunting. Arrow - wood with sinew wrapped metal tip. Feathers at bottom of shaft, paint fragments. | NA.102.60A-T.JPG | na.102.60k.jpg | arrow | feathers | paint | wood | sinew | metal | Northern Plains

Plains | trailer | feathers ...
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NA.203.1501 | mid 20th century | L: 61 in, width: 7.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | bMid-20th century cloth trailer. Red cloth backing with navy blue wool cloth outside. Sewn together with cotton thread. 30 feathers down center attached with hide string and wrapped with red wool cloth, cotton thread, and stuffed with feather fluffs. Some of the feathers have traces of yellow pigment. 10 feather fluff tassels flank the center feather row. They are attached to trailer with hide strings. | NA.203.1501.jpg | trailer | feathers | wool cloth | pigment | hide | Plains

rosette | feather | feathers...
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NA.202.1096 | L: 18 in, Diameter: 58 in | On original tag: Chief Tommy Thompson Collection of feather rosettes. | Dress and Adornment, Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Pheasant feathers turned and wrapped over leather thong then about 5" up a sinew string connecting all. Each tip has a magenta down feather added. | na.202.1096.jpg | rosette | feather | feathers | leather | sinew

Assiniboine | Shawl, Angie |...
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NA.507.87 | H: 17.25 in, L: 11.375 in, width: 9.5 in, Base Length: 4 in, Base Width: 4 in | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Male, Fancy Dancer -- Molded leather face with beaded eyes and mouth, painted eyebrows and lashes, black yarn braids, deer and porcupine hair roach with 2 white and black feathers, loom beaded headband with 2 rosettes and a silver forehead ornament, beaded white, orange, rust and green; rust polyester knit body with loom beaded necklace, belt, armbands and cuffs and a hairpipe bone-style breastplate all in white, orange, rust and green, leather hands hold a wood flute with 4 small black and white feathers attached and a brown feather fan, green felt breechcloth decorated with orange and red stain ribbons; leather based bustles with orange, red and royal blue feathers; white hair leggings with jingle bell straps top and bottom; white leather moccasins with sunburst design beaded in clear red, yellow and dark blue; attached to square plywood base. | na.507.87.jpg | rosettes | sunburst | arm bands | deer | feathers | bone | silver | porcupine | paint | polyester knit | hairpipe | felt | metal | seed | wood | yarn | Satin | hair | molded | Beads | leather | Assiniboine | Shawl, Angie

Northern Plains | War bonnet...
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NA.205.56 | ca. 1930 | L: 25 in, H: 16 in | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - brown felt hat; eagle feathers, bases wrapped in red cloth, red dyed horse hair at tips; one feather with notched edges and purple and white plumes at tip attached above and behind other feathers; lazy stitch beaded brow band with triangle and cross pattern in red and dark blue on white ground; green, orange, red, purple and pink ribbons attached to sides. | NA.205.56.JPG | na.205.56v1.jpg | na.205.56v2.jpg | cross | triangle | lazy stitch | War bonnet | feathers | Red | cloth | horsehair | plumes | eagle | felt | red dyed | White | Beads | Ribbons | brown | purple | Northern Plains

Wind River Native Crafts, In...
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NA.203.1078 | L: 16.5 in, width: 4 in | Dress and Adornment, Personal Adornment. Fan with a grip of yellow and blue seed beads in a gourd stitch, beaded in its entirety. Thirteen loops of blue and yellow seed beads trim the bottom. One hide fringe (4 1/2") hangs at either side at the bottom. There are four brown and white hawk feathers at the top with yellow and aqua fluffs at the base of each. | na.203.1078.jpg | fan | feathers | Beads | hide | hawk | fluffs | gourd stitch | seed | Wind River Native Crafts, Inc. | Dene, Arthur