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Winter Camp | alt...
Coleman, Michael | Painting ...
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7.76 | 1976 | sight height: 15.25 in, sight width: 23.5 in, Frame height: 30 in, Frame width: 37.375 in | Winter Camp | alternate title: Winter Hunter | alternate title: Winter Hunter | William E. Weiss Contemporary Art Fund | Gouache is opaque watercolor. Watercolor paints are transparent; the white paper reflects light through the applied paints. The addition of a chalk or a similar inert pigment to the usual watercolor pigments makes the opaque effect of gouache. Gouache then has the fluidity of watercolor, but makes a paint layer that is not transparent. | LRC: c Michael Coleman ----/ | Source: Contemporary Art Fund. | 7.76.JPG | Landscape | Indian | Animal | Painting | gouache | Coleman, Michael