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John B. Stetson Co. | hat | ...
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1.69.493 | ca. 1920 | brim: 4 in | Inscribed inside band: John B. Stetson Co/Philadelphia, Pa./The Boss Raw Edge/Clearnutria and The Denver/The DDG/Co., Inscribed inside lining: John B. Stetson Co/Philadelphia, Pa/The Boss Raw Edge/Clear Nutria | White felt Stetson hat, tan grossgrain band and trim on brim, bound brim. | 1.69.493.jpg | hat | ribbon | grosgrain | felt | John B. Stetson Co.

purse | yarn | Beads | grosg...
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NA.203.768 | ca. 1895 | L: 10 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Beaded purse - front is lazy stitch beaded over leather with 2 vertical bars of alternating triangles in cobalt blue, yellow and green bordered by 2 rows of white with cobalt blue interspersed every 7 or 8 beads bordered by red/white hearts triangles on a white ground with cobalt blue and red/white hearts small rectangles in vertical lines left, right and center; edges are bound with red cotton; bottom trimmed with dangles of clear and dark blue basket beads (some of the clear are painted green inside), each dangle has a tassle of red yarn at the end; back is of some stiff material (rawhide?) covered with cotton flannel in a gold, red, orange, burgundy and olive print; top inside edge of back is bound with red cotton; lining front and back is blue and white striped cotton; handle is dark blue and clear basket beads strung on a leather thong; attached to handle with faded blue grosgrain ribbon are 2 miniature leather moccasins connected by a heavy brown thread. | NA.203.768.JPG | na.203.768.jpg | vertical | triangles | bars | White | striped | blue | rectangles | purse | yarn | Beads | grosgrain | lazy stitch | cotton | red/white hearts | ribbon | brown | flannel | heavy | leather | Moccasins | thread | Red | miniature | rawhide

cowboy hat | ribbon | grosgr...
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3.78.42 | crown: 6.5 in, brim: 4 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Inscribed on sweat band: The Defender. Size 7 1/4 | Description: Black felt cowboy hat with tan gros grain edging around rolled brim with tan ribbon hat band, two dents in crown. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.42.jpg | 3.78.42.jpg | cowboy hat | ribbon | grosgrain | belt | black

top hat | moire | grosgrain ...
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1.69.1822 | ca. 1905 | brim length: 12.75 in, brim width: 10 in, crown: 5.75 in, overall height: 6.25 in | in crown: (circular leaf logo) TSG/94, STRAND, W.C./COPYRIGHT | Top hat, collapsible, black silk grosgrain covered crown and brim, side edges of brim are turned over, brim edges are bound with finer grosgrain, hat band and bow are also find grosgrain. lining is black silk moire stamped in gold in crown; sweatband is wide find grosgrain. Between outer grosgrain and moire lining are 4 folding supports - 1 at front, 1 at back and 1 at each side. Circa 1905. Belonged to Buffalo Bill (?) | 1.69.1822.jpg | 1.69.1822v2.jpg | top hat | moire | grosgrain | silk

Capper & Capper | hat | copp...
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1.69.1052 | ca. 1880 | L: 15.875 in, width: 14.875 in, H: 4.875 in | Museum purchase. William Cody Boal Collection | stamped on inside band, Capper & Capper/LONDON/CHICAGO/DETROIT/MILWAUKEE/MINNEAPOLIS. | Hat, beige felt, low crown with deep center crease and extremely pinched in sides, flat brim with pencil rolled edge, beige grosgrain ribbon hat band, brown leather sweatband stamped in copper. | 1.69.1052.jpg | 1.69.1052.JPG | hat | copper | grosgrain | ribbon | felt | leather | Capper & Capper

Plains | cape | buttons | fa...
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NA.202.413 | 1930 | L: 9.5 in, width: 26 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Feathered short cape -- Fabric, brass and rhinestone button, grosgrain ribbon and leather tie; blue and gold (pheasant) feathers. ---Some feathers missing throughout. Overall fair condition. | NA.202.413.SIDE1.JPG | NA.202.413.SIDE2.JPG | na.202.413v1.jpg | na.202.413v2.jpg | cape | buttons | fabric | rhinestone | gold | pheasant | brass | grosgrain | blue | feathers | ribbon | leather | tie | Plains

Northern Plains | bustle | f...
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NA.203.769 | 1890 | depth: 8.75 in, width: 38 in, H: 21.5 in | Gift of Pauline Hills and Thelma Crandall | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Dance bustle - rawhide rectangle folded in half with sticks top and bottom for support and sides laced together with leather thongs; 3 feather groups - one upper left, one upper right and one center bottom; top 2 groups are split and cut owl feathers, some dyed yellow, red and pink, in center of groups are 3 dark brown wing feathers with the longest 2 tied together and trimmed at the tip with coarse gray yarn, small pink feathers, yellow grosgrain ribbon and 2 brass bells; bottom group is turkey, owl and other feathers, some split, some dyed purple and green, with a central circle of cut yellow-dyed feathers and a star design beaded medallion in green, red/white hearts, white, gresy blue and yellow seed beads with center left unbeaded; leather thong ties hold feather groups to rawhide. | NA.203.769.JPG | na.203.769.jpg | star | bustle | feathers | leather | Gray | yarn | red/white hearts | rawhide | medallion | wing | beaded | brass | grosgrain | sticks | ribbon | Turkey | bells | yellow | owl | Northern Plains

John B. Stetson Company, Phi...
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1.69.2032 | ca. 1935 | crown: 6.375 in, brim: 3.5 in, overall height: 6.375 in | Gift of Mrs. J.A. (Marie) Vanderweile | in gold on leather sweatband: 3X BEAVER QUALITY/LONDON NEW YORK PARIS/(coat of arms)/STETSON/JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY/PHILADELPHIA [in gold on right side:] BUY IF OF/DAVE JONES/CODY, WYOMING [in crown on left side, written:] U.S. SENATOR E.V. ROBERTSON [on paper tag in center back:] STETSON/1/4 | 3x beaver velour silverbelle Stetson hat. Belonged to U.S. Senator E.V. Robertson and bears his crease. Silk hat band plus German silver studded black leather band. | 1.69.2032.JPG | cowboy hat | beaver | paper | felt | ribbon | leather | metal | grosgrain | velour | John B. Stetson Company, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

cowboy hat | leather | ribbo...
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3.78.18 | crown: 4 in, brim: 3 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Inside sweat band inscribed: John B. Stetson/Co. Phila. & Progress/Clothing Store/Livingston Mont. | Description: Brown and grey cowboy hat with flat brim and four dents peaked in center of crown (ranger dents). Gros grain ribbon hat band with small leather band over it and small buckle. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.18.v1.JPG | 3.78.18.v2.JPG | cowboy hat | leather | ribbon | grosgrain