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Sioux | South Dakota | Ghost...
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NA.204.2 | ca. 1890 | L: 35.5 in, sleeve to sleeve: 67 in, body width: 27.5 in | Gift of The New Hampshire Historical Society | Dress and Adornment - Religious Attire. Ghost dance shirt - muslin shirt, long sleeved, hand-sewn with black thread, self-fringed at side and underarms seams, shoulder seams, hem, sleeve ends and neck edge, muslin fringe V sewn at front and back, gathered at sleeve ends and neck with fringed slit at back neck. Shirt is colored with red ochre (possibly) in bands at sleeve ends and elbows, alonge fringes and inside front and back V's, front V has an uncolored horizontal crescent moon in lower point. Front and back V points have a single eagle feather and a bunch of blue and yellow dyed breath feathers tied to cloth and a green dyed twisted thong. Tied at top of each shoulder with a twisted green dyed thong is a single eagle spike feather. Tied at underarm seam at the elbow is a bundle of green dyed thongs with small brown feathers and split owl feathers, sinew wrapped to ends of thongs. Tied at underarm seam at each sleeve end with a green dyed twisted thong is a single eagle spike feather sinew wrapped to thong ends. | NA.204.2back.JPG | NA.204.2view1.JPG | NA.204.2view2.JPG | NA.204.2dtl.JPG | NA.204.2.jpg | Ghost Dance shirt | muslin | eagle | feather | pigment | owl | thread | hand sewn | feathers | breath | Sioux | South Dakota

chaps | hand sewn | buckle |...
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1.69.2351 | 1880s | L: 37.25 in, waistband length: 29 in | Gift of E. A. Jurist | Written inside right leg: M.S. GARRETSON | Shotgun chaps, dark brown grained leather with fringe down seam, pocket with leather button and flap closure on front of each leg; waistband is double thickness of smooth dark brown leather with a pressed floral band in two pieces that lace together center front, left side has a metal buckle attached by a leather strap, right side has an attached leather belt; reinforcing pieces of leather are sewn at top inside and outside edges of each leg; bottoms of legs have an extra cuff sewn on; outline stitching throughout is done with heavy cream thread-some by machine but most looks hand sewn. | 1.69.2351.JPG | floral | chaps | hand sewn | buckle | metal | heavy | dark brown | leather | grained | machine sewn | thread | cream

gown, baby | hand sewn | mus...
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1.69.2754 | date unknown | L: 36 in, width: 35.875 in | Gift of Miss Helen S. Cody | Gown, baby. White cotton muslin, square neckline with same muslin drawstring casing, bodice gathered to neck casing and waistband with multiple tiny tucks, long full skirt also gathered to waistband with tiny tucks; raglan sleeves trimmed with 2 rows of eyelet and embroidery lace with scalloped outer edge; 13 1/2" long center back opening. | 1.69.2754.jpg | 1.69.2754v2.jpg | gown, baby | hand sewn | muslin

Eastern Sioux | jacket, man'...
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NA.202.895 | 1910-1920 | L: 29.625 in, chest circumference: 45.25 in, sleeve length: 21.5 in | Gift of H. Peter Kriendler | Printed on white cloth tag sewn in back of neck: P. KRIENDLER | Dress and Adornment, Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Man's jacket. Lightly smoked braintanned buckskin with small stand-up collar. Zigzag cut bottom edge in bottom front and back yoke seams, around armhole bordering yoke and in underarm sleeve seams. Yoke front and back and triangular "cuffs" on sleeve ends have zigzag overlapped quillwork. Mirror image floral motifs in red, orange, yellow, green and purple. Most sewing is by hand with various colors of thread except side seams which are overlapped and machine stitched. Front has 6 Navajo cast silver flower buttons with inset turquoise center. Six front fringes have old wound glass beads on them in dark red, orange, blue and dark amber. White cloth tag sewn at back neck with inscription. | na.202.895v1.jpg | na.202.895v2.jpg | floral | jacket, man's | blue | smoked | hand sewn | Red | amber | Navajo | glass | turquoise | bead | Buckskin | braintanned | silver | porcupine | cast | orange | thread | quills | machine stitched | Eastern Sioux

Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. |...
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1.69.2294 | ca. 1900 | L: 12 in, width: 7.25 in, H: 3.625 in, box length: 9.75 in, box width: 3.875 in, box height: 2 in | Gift of Mrs. Margaret S. Garlow | Raised lettering: THE/CLARK/HEATER/NO. 51, Front of box stamped: MADE BY/CHICAGO FLEXIBLE SHAFT CO. | (A) Foot warmer, tin case covered with a strip of low pile carpet sewn together by hand on the bottom, oval sides with air-heat holes, metal carrying handle on one end above raised lettering. (B) Tin charcoal box with chromed front and knob, sides and back have numerous holes, inner divider about 1-1/2" from front also has holes in it. Belonged to Louisa Cody. | 1.69.2294A&B.JPG | carriage heater/foot warmer | tin | hand sewn | carpet | chromed | Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.

shirt front | black | cotton...
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1.69.2260 | ca. 1890 | L: 28.75 in, width: 15.5 in | Shirt front, left, black satin with hand appliqued rose design in yellow, white, green and brown embroidery, hidden button placket of black cotton is machine stitched except for buttonholes and the edge that attaches it to the shirt which are hand sewn, brass hook sewn at neck edge of placket, remnants of a seam on left side. | 1.69.2260.JPG | 1.69.2260.jpg | rose | shirt front | black | cotton | machine stitched | hand sewn | embroidery | hook | Satin | brass

Northern Plains | fleshing t...
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NA.107.16 | ca. 1880 | L: 15.5 in, width: 3.25 in | Utensils and implements - Manufacturing. Fleshing tool - animal knee joint with serated metal edge wrapped with rawhide and hand sewn denim strap. | na.107.16.jpg | fleshing tool | rawhide | metal | strap | knee | Animal | hand sewn | denim | joint | Northern Plains

baby bonnet | lightweight | ...
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1.69.2581 | ca. 1850 | L: 6.5 in, width: 5.875 in | Baby bonnet, lightweight white windowpane-patterned muslin bonnet with set in back, lightweight white muslin ruffle all around; all French hand sewn; white cloth tape ties. | 1.69.2581.JPG | windowpane | baby bonnet | lightweight | muslin | White | hand sewn

gauntlets | gloves | machine...
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1.69.2307 | L: 13.25 in, width: 7 in | Gift of E.A. Jurist | Leather gauntlet gloves; light golden brown rough-out leather with decorative machine stitching in maroon and light green at base of middle two fingers; attached gauntlet with 3" of 4" long fringe, hand sewn in lining of blue gingham checked flannel. | 1.69.2307A&B.JPG | 1.69.2307.JPG | gauntlets | gloves | machine stitching | flannel | light golden brown | hand sewn | fringe | leather | blue gingham

Chihuahua | Northern Mexico ...
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NA.302.95 | L: 108.5 in, width: 87.625 in | FUNCTION: Structures and Furnishings: Dwellings and Furnishings. Made of 3 29" wide sections hand sewn together, cotton and wool yarns, commercial dyes, basic pattern of red and black stripes interspersed with tan, orange and dark blue; wide red center band with 2 diamond shapes made up of stepped triangles in sage green, orange with yellow, dark blue with light blue and tan with white; black band near each end has 2 diamond shapes made up of stepped triangles in tan with whtie, dark blue with light blue and orange with yellow and a narrow orange with yellow center stripe; top and bottom edges are turned under and hand hemmed. | na.302.95.jpg | stripes | bands | diamonds | stepped triangles | blanket or rug | Red | yellow | dyes | black | orange | colors | dark blue | White | wool | sage green | cotton | sections | hand sewn | yarns | tan | light blue | commercial | Chihuahua | Northern Mexico

Sioux | Ghost Dance dress | ...
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NA.204.3 | L: 54.375 in, sleeve to sleeve: 51 in, bottom width: 37 in | Gift of The New Hampshire Historical Society | Dress and Adornment - Religious Attire. Ghost dance dress - muslin dress, T top with A line skirt, hand-sewn, dress is basically one piece front and back the width of the muslin with rectangles sewn at T ends to lengthen the sleeves and triangular inserts sewn into lower side seams to add bottom flare. Front and back have a rust painted V yoke, back yoke has painted border stripes of green, yellow and rust, neckline is gathered on a muslin tie with back slit. Front and back bodice have green painted vertical stripes, the last stripe falling on the seam where sleeve extension is added. Sleeve ends and hem have 1 stripe each of green, yellow and rust. On center front of skirt is painted a blue bird with blue and green out-spread wings. Body of skirt has mottled green painting. | NA.204.3back.JPG | NA.204.3front.JPG | na.204.3 v2.jpg | na.204.3 v1.jpg | na.204.3.jpg | stripes | bird | blue | Ghost Dance dress | muslin | pigment | hand sewn | Sioux

teepee | dark brown | cloth ...
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1.69.2254 | ca. 1935 | Diameter: 20.125 in, H: 20.5 in | Toy teepee; cloth painted with `Indian' designs then coated with varnish or shellac; 6 wood dowel teepee poles with upper end stained dark brown, tied to metal ring at the bottom to keep teepee shape round; front seam and hems are hand sewn with bottom edge sewn to metal ring, front seam has a single toothpick and string `closure', painted star within a circle design on either side of smoke flaps have feathers stitched to centers-orange and dark blue on right, red and yellow-green on left. Probably sold in Valley Ranch store. | 1.69.2254.JPG | circle | star | teepee | dark brown | cloth | poles | shellac | ring | varnished | hand sewn | metal | wood

teepee | varnished | rings |...
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1.69.2255 | ca. 1935 | base diameter: 20 in, H: 19.75 in | Gift of I. H. Larom(?) | Right side near door is signed: L. Moon | Toy teepee; cloth painted with `Indian' designs then coated with varnish or shellac; 6 wood dowel teepee poles with upper end stained black tied to 3 metal rings on the inside to keep teepee shape round, poles are also tied together with string in two places; front seam and hems are hand sewn, front seam has toothpicks and string `closures'; painted circles on either side of smoke flaps have feathers stitched to the centers-orange and blue on right, green and red on left. | 1.69.2255.jpg | circles | teepee | varnished | rings | wood | black | poles | cloth | shellac | metal | hand sewn