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boots | machine stitched | b...
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1.69.2117 | 1913-1916 | H: 16.575 in, L: 8.625 in, width: 3.125 in | Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection | Handwritten inside: Etheyle Parry and 151089 | Pair of black leather riding boots with pointed toe and underslung heel. Uppers have orange and green machine stitching. Probably worn by Etheyle Parry with the 101 Ranch Wild West, 1913-1916. | 1.69.2117.jpg | 1.69.2117.JPG | boots | machine stitched | black | leather

Northern Plains | shirt | ma...
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NA.202.202 | ca. 1900 | bodice length: 25 in, sleeve length: 21 in | Larry Larom Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. Larom | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Man's -- Tanned, deer hide, sleeves and bottom section machine stitched. Overlay beadshoulder and sleeve tabs in geometric design. Neck and back tabs are separate attached panels with lazy stitch stripe bead decoration. Red wool wrapped ermine strips attached to sleeve tabs. Cut fringe along bottom edge of shirt and sleeves. Serrated along neck edge. | NA.202.202.JPG | geometric | shirt | machine stitched | ermine | deer | hide | tanned | Red | Beads | cloth | wool | trade | seed | fringe | Northern Plains

pillow | machine stitched | ...
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1.69.2622 | L: 22 in, width: 22 in, depth: 7 in | Decorative pillow, square, burgundy velvet top and back. Top is embroidered with a tulip, flower and leaf design in pink, rose, burgundy, yellow, gold, light green, dark green and sage green chenille yarns with green and brown pearl cotton accents. Inch-wide machine stitched self border all around. | 1.69.2622.jpg | 1.69.2622.jpg | 1.69.2622v2.jpg | Leaf | flower | tulip | pillow | machine stitched | burgundy | yarn | velvet | embroidered | Square

pants | machine stitched | t...
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1.69.647 | 1870s | L: 42 in, waist: 34 in | buckskin pants. Covered fly front with 7 black enameled metal riveted buttons, metal rivet at bottom of fly. Patch pocket each side of front with rounded bottom corners, self-fringed bottom edge and self-cuffed and fringed top edge; metal rivets at top corners. Two layer self-fringed side seams from waistband down to panels added at bottom of legs for extra length; metal rivets at top of side seams. Split center back seam with 5/8" brass grommets for lace-up thongs. Patch pocket each side of back with rounded corners and self-cuffed top edge-left pocket has a few fringes intact, right pocket cuff is unfringed; metal rivets at top corners. All original seams are stitched and top stitched by machine. Inside of pants and pockets are lined with heavy white cotton twill. | 1.69.647.jpg | 1.69.647v2.jpg | 1.69.647.jpg | pants | machine stitched | twill | rivets | cotton | buttons | Buckskin | White | metal

shirt | machine stitched | b...
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1.69.693 | ca. 1905 | back neck length: 23.5 in, chest circumference: 46 in, sleeve length: 22 in | Leather shirt/jacket with long sleeves. Commercially tanned medium brown leather with sueded finish outside and smooth finish inside. Placket with `V' bottom and 4 button holes on right front; (4) 3/4" flat top brass buttons tied through left front with leather ties. Pointed collar with (2) 3/4" flat top brass button tied at the points; long fringe sewn between collar and facing all around. Patch pocket with `V' bottom on each side of front; fringe sewn between pocket and shirt down sides and around bottom; decorative applique motif at pocket top: (design) has fringe sewn under `V'. Long sleeves with shirt-type placket and cuff with single 3/4" brass flat top button. Small fold down sleeve backs and across and across back in long `V' has long leather fringes looped and tied through it; fringes decorated with round brass beads. Machine stitching throughout. Unevenly cut bottom edges; 4 1/2" slit up center back. Embroidered on inside front between 2nd and 3rd buttonholes: E. Part of Etheyle Parry Bradford's Wild West Show wardrobe. Matches 1.69.692 | 1.69.693.JPG | 1.69.693.jpg | shirt | machine stitched | button | fringe | suede | brown | commercially tanned | ties | leather | Beads | buttons | brass

boots | machine stitched | c...
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1.69.2077 | ca. 1915 | Gift of Mr. C. E. Guarino | Handwritten inside: 26527 and Etheyle Parry | One pair of black leather ladies riding boots with cowboy style heel and toe. Feet and toes have numerous patches. Boot leg decorated with patterns machine stitched in green and red thread. Worn by Etheyle Parry ca. 1915. | 1.69.2077.JPG | boots | machine stitched | cowboy style | leather | black

gloves | goat | machine stit...
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1.69.2240 | ca. 1920 | L: 14 in, width: 8.75 in | Gift of Samuel A. Portner | Written in black ink on inside upper edge: E.L. Mathewson | Gloves; gauntlets and backs of hands are black angora goat or curly sheep, palms are gray leather with seams at base of thumb and bases of middle two fingers; top gauntlet edge bound in olive bias tape machine stitched in black thread; gauntlets are lined with olive corduroy. Hands are lined with light olive fabric-heavy with soft fibers and loose weave. | 1.69.2240.JPG | gloves | goat | machine stitched | thread | angora | corduroy | leather | olive | Gray | black

pillow | green | embroidered...
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1.69.2623 | L: 22 in, width: 22 in, depth: 8 in | Decorative pillow, square, burgundy velvet top and green velvet back. Top is embroidered with a floral and leaf design in light pink, rose, dark pink, red, white and sage green chenille yarns with brown pearl cotton accents. Inch-wide machine stitched self border on sides and top. | 1.69.2623.jpg | 1.69.2623.jpg | 1.69.2623v2.jpg | floral | Leaf | pillow | green | embroidered | machine stitched | burgundy | yarn | velvet | Square

Crow | quilt | cotton | hand...
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NA.302.137 | 1970s | L: 83.5 in, width: 77 in | Gift of William Rose in memory of Dave and Dorothy Jefferson | Cotton blend fabric in two shades of blue diagonal stripes on a white ground on underside, hand and machine stitched. Face has a two-toned blue border. A huge star of three-toned blue is centered on a muslin ground. | na.302.137v1.jpg | na.302.137v3.jpg | na.302.137v2.jpg | na.302.137v4.jpg | na.302.137v5.jpg | na.302.137v6.jpg | star | quilt | cotton | hand stitched | machine stitched | Crow

shirt front | black | cotton...
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1.69.2260 | ca. 1890 | L: 28.75 in, width: 15.5 in | Shirt front, left, black satin with hand appliqued rose design in yellow, white, green and brown embroidery, hidden button placket of black cotton is machine stitched except for buttonholes and the edge that attaches it to the shirt which are hand sewn, brass hook sewn at neck edge of placket, remnants of a seam on left side. | 1.69.2260.JPG | 1.69.2260.jpg | rose | shirt front | black | cotton | machine stitched | hand sewn | embroidery | hook | Satin | brass

latigo | enameled | iron | t...
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1.69.2366 | L: 109 in, width: 1.875 in, buckle width: 2.375 in | Latigo, black leather, black enameled iron buckle attached by folding the end back on itself with buckle in the fold, end is machine stitched with black thread; joined in the middle of strap also machine stitched with black thread; 12 buckle holes at 2" intervals and 2 `home made' buckle holes 7" in from last original hole. | 1.69.2366.JPG | latigo | enameled | iron | thread | machine stitched | leather | buckle | black

Canadian | Cree | wall pocke...
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NA.302.100 | ca. 1940 | width: 9 in | Structures and Furnishings: Dwellings and Furnishings. Long rectangle of smoked buckskin (moose hide?) with indentation at top and fringed bottom. Three smoked hide panels with red cotton cloth backings are machine stitched to rectangle to form three descending pockets. Pockets and rectangle are trimmed with bands of white buckskin with zig-zag edges machine sewn in place. Pockets have seed beaded flower and leaf designs - top pocket has 2 red-orange flowers, middle pocket has 2 white flower, bottom pocket has 1 pink, 1 royal blue and 1 red-orange flower. Other bead colors are clear kelly green, clear lime green, clear amber, clear olive green, greasy orange, medium blue, rust, yellow and yellow-green. Two hanging tabs at top of zig-zag edged white buckskin with vertical slits cut in them, hand sewn on back. | NA.302.100.JPG | na.302.100v1.jpg | na.302.100v2.jpg | flower | zigzag | rectangles | leaf designs | wall pocket | Red | clear lime green | royal blue | yellow | clear amber | White | kelly green | medium blue | seed | pink | cotton | clear olive green | greasy orange | machine stitched | yellow green | rust | smoked | red orange | fringed | Buckskin | cloth | Beads | Canadian | Cree

Cree; Lake Winnipeg, Manitob...
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1.69.2027 | ca.1910 | overall length: 34.5 in, chest circumference: 51 in, back neck length: 32.5 in, shoulder width: 21.5 in, sleeve length: 26 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | Lettering on buttons: CANADA/R.N.W.M.P. | Jacket, embroidered leather. Norway House-style embroidery. Indian tanned and smoked caribou hide in dark golden brown. Short stand up collar, back yoke, deep cuffs, center front panel, round bottom left chest patch pocket with scallop trim and bottom edge all have zig-zag cut edge. Short fringes at shoulder, upper sleeve and lower yoke. Sleeves are seamed at center front and center back; construction is all machine stitched. Front panel has 4 brass buttons paired with 4 hand stitched buttonholes for the 4 brass buttons on the right front - all buttons are round top with raised crown and lion head design and lettering: CANADA/R.N.W.M.P. Front panel, back yoke, pocket and cuffs are hand embroidered in floral and leaf designs with silk thread in buttonhole stitch; colors are dark, medium and light rose, medium, light and olive green, purple, violet, yellow, coral, pink, teal, blue, turquoise, beige and red. Pocket and front panel are lined with beige, dark blue, light blue and pink striped oxford-type cotton cloth. Four hand stitched button holes on inside front edge. William F. Cody probably purchased this and 1.69.2026 at Winnipeg, August 1910. According to Larom, this coat was owned by Buffalo Bill who gave it to Courtney Riley Cooper, a Denver newspaper man. Cooper later gave it to Larom. Similar in some details of construction and embroidery to 1.69.2026. | 1.69.2027.JPG | 1.69.2027.jpg | hand embroidered | Leaf | crown | lion head | floral | jacket | button holes | hand stitched | silk | caribou hide | scalloped | buttons | embroidered | machine stitched | cotton | tanned | cloth | smoked | thread | brass | leather | fringed | zig-zag | Cree; Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba | Metis

saddlebags | dark brown | bu...
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1.69.977 | ca. 1920 | L: 18.5 in, pocket length: 7 in, pocket width: 8 in | Gift of Betty Waldron and Van R. Howell | Pair of saddle bags with dark brown haired outer flaps. Homemade on a split base of brown saddle leather cut to shape and tied together with leather thong ties. Pockets are heavy brown leather partially machine stitched and part stitched with leather thongs. Large outer flaps are of dark brown short haired leather (calf or horse?) machine stitched to black leather lining, round headed studs attached approzimately every 1/2" around outside edge and (1) 5/8" round head stud in center. Belt strap riveted to inside of flap and buckle strap riveted to backside of pocket. | 1.69.977.JPG | saddlebags | dark brown | buckle | studs | thongs | leather | black | brown | machine stitched | hair | lining

Northern Plains | doll | tra...
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NA.507.32 | ca. 1890 | L: 14.5 in | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Female -- Cloth stuffed doll with tanned skirt and jacket with some bead decoration, fringe along sleeves and bottom of skirt. Moccasins have purple cloth band with white beads. Yarn braids with sewn facial features. Doll is machine stitched. | NA.507.32.JPG | na.507.32.jpg | doll | trade | hide | White | cloth | yarn | braids | purple | tanned | machine stitched | deer | Beads | seed | Northern Plains

holster | leather | brown | ...
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1.69.2301 | ca. 1975 | L: 15 in, width: 6.375 in | Flap is stamped: US (circled), Lower back of holster stamped: TRIPLE K/SAN DIEGO/82 2/12 | Holster, Civil War Army style replica. Brown leather, one piece folded over with machine stitched edge and fold over top flap, open bottom. Flap has a slit and hole for brass stud riveted to holster front. Leather belt loop machine stitched to back of holster. | 1.69.2301.JPG | holster | leather | brown | machine stitched

Northern Plains | hair piece...
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NA.203.158 | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment. Hair piece - human hair folded over with machine stitching across top. | NA.203.158.JPG | na.203.158.jpg | hair piece | string | human | machine stitched | hair | Northern Plains

bow | wood | mink skin | han...
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NA.102.156 | L: 44.875 in, width at center: 1.125 in, depth at center: .75 in | Gift of Mr. J. R. Simplot | Utensils and Implements: Hunting. Hand carved from a fairly knotty wood, D shaped in cross section, thickest at middle, single notch on each end on opposite sides of bow, strung with 2 twisted strands of sinew looped and knotted at one end while the other end is wrapped around the bow tip several times and knotted, remnants of red ochre (possibly) on bow and sinew. | na.102.156.JPG | na.102.156.jpg | bow | wood | mink skin | hand whittled | sinew | machine stitched

Northern Plains | gloves | f...
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NA.203.449 | ca. 1950(?) | L: 13.5 in, width without fringe: 7.5 in | Gift of Mrs. H.R. Coe | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Gloves - leather, machine stitched, fringe; floral beaded design on wrist in green, white, maroon, orange, metallic green and metallic purple. | NA.203.449A&B.JPG | na.203.449.jpg | floral | beaded | gloves | fringe | leather | Beads | machine stitched | Northern Plains

skirt | buttons | brass | Be...
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1.69.692 | ca. 1905 | skirt length: 36 in, waist: 23 in | The Bradford-Decker Collection | Leather divided skirt with 3 panels in each leg. Commercially tanned medium brown leather with sueded finish outside and smooth finish inside. Patch pocket with `V' bottom on each side, decorative applique motif at pocket top: (design) and long fringe sewn under top and bottom `V's. Drop panel front with 4 buttonholes at each side reinforced with round head brass rivets and fitting 3/4" flat top brass buttons; double hook and eye closure at waistband at each side panel and in center under panel. Bottom edge is self-fringed and 2 added bands of fringe in long zig-zags; top edge of top band is zig-zag cut. Front and back seams, pocket edges and fringe bands are decorated with round head brass rivets-3/8" and 1/2" diameters. Fringes are trimmed with round brass beads. Machine stitching throughout. Waistband is faced with 1-3/8" wide heavy black cotton band. Matches 1.69.693 and can be seen in P.69.1285.1-3. Part of Etheyle Parry Bradford's Wild West Show wardrobe. | 1.69.692.JPG | 1.69.692.jpg | skirt | buttons | brass | Beads | leather | fringe | brown | hook and eye | suede | machine stitched | rivets | commercially tanned

Eastern Sioux | jacket, man'...
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NA.202.895 | 1910-1920 | L: 29.625 in, chest circumference: 45.25 in, sleeve length: 21.5 in | Gift of H. Peter Kriendler | Printed on white cloth tag sewn in back of neck: P. KRIENDLER | Dress and Adornment, Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Man's jacket. Lightly smoked braintanned buckskin with small stand-up collar. Zigzag cut bottom edge in bottom front and back yoke seams, around armhole bordering yoke and in underarm sleeve seams. Yoke front and back and triangular "cuffs" on sleeve ends have zigzag overlapped quillwork. Mirror image floral motifs in red, orange, yellow, green and purple. Most sewing is by hand with various colors of thread except side seams which are overlapped and machine stitched. Front has 6 Navajo cast silver flower buttons with inset turquoise center. Six front fringes have old wound glass beads on them in dark red, orange, blue and dark amber. White cloth tag sewn at back neck with inscription. | na.202.895v1.jpg | na.202.895v2.jpg | floral | jacket, man's | blue | smoked | hand sewn | Red | amber | Navajo | glass | turquoise | bead | Buckskin | braintanned | silver | porcupine | cast | orange | thread | quills | machine stitched | Eastern Sioux

Sentinel Butte Saddlery Co.,...
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1.69.2639 | ca. 1910 | L: 73.375 in, width: 13 in | Museum purchase. William Cody Boal Collection | Stamped in center: SENTINEL BUTTE SADDLERY CO/MAKERS/BILLINGS, MONT. | Decorative saddle bags. Heavy brown leather center with stamped double border: (design). "Bags" are long oval bottom pieces of angora, dark brown with red highlights; canvas backing; edges bound with leather, machine stitched. | 1.69.44ab.jpg | serape | canvas | leather | angora | machine stitched | Sentinel Butte Saddlery Co., Billings, Mt.

vest | cream | thread | frin...
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1.69.2304 | ca. 1935 | chest circumference: 39.75 in | Gift of Verna Stough Belden | Man's leather vest, brown suede outside with smooth leather inside; trimmed with a border of black grained leather with a scalloped and pierced inner edge; black leather fringe front and back with a scalloped and pierced top edge; scalloped and pierced edge on front yoke edge and side edges; small brown suede pocket on each side of front with self-fringe at bottom and a top border of black leather with a scalloped and pierced lower edge; front edges are trimmed with 8 arrowheads carved from antler and attached with leather thong ties; seams are machine stitched in cream or black thread. Owned and worn by Charles J. Belden - see photo P.67.888. | 1.69.2304.JPG | vest | cream | thread | fringe | leather | black | grained | scalloped | suede | machine stitched | brown

H.H. Heiser, Denver, CO | sc...
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1.69.984 | ca. 1910 | L: 35.25 in, width: 7.25 in | Gift of Betty Waldron and Van R. Howell, granddaughter and son of Billy Howell. | Top edge of back is stamped: H.H HEISER/MAKER/DENVER, COLO./336 | Rifle scabbard. Dark brown leather hand tooled with a typical floral and leaf design on front; machine stitched side and bottom seam; cast silver metal decorative ellipse riveted at top. Plain leather tabs riveted at mid-point front and back. Slits cut near top and bottom edge - top slit has a 3/4" leather belt strap with chromed buckle through it. | 1.69.984.jpg | floral | Leaf | scabbard | leather | metal | hand tooled | dark brown | silver | chromed | buckle | machine stitched | H.H. Heiser, Denver, CO