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Crow | Montana | crupper | w...
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NA.403.9 | ca. 1900 | side panel length: 34.5 in, beaded panel length: 9 in, beaded panel width: 4 in, pendant length: 10 in, pendant width: 6.375 in, back panel width: 9 in | Catherine Bradford McClellan Collection, Gift of The Coe Foundation | Transportation: Land Transportation. Commercially tanned leather side panels with overlay beaded border with buckskin tab attached at back with red wool and bead decoration in geometric design. Rawhide pendants extending from each side covered with red wool tradecloth and blue wool decoration. 18 pewter spoons attached to pendants. Buckskin panel around back with tail loop piece. Beaded border along bottom with cross insignia in middle. Buckskin fringe attached to bottom edge. Black cloth along top edge with buckskin wrapping. | na.403.9.jpg | geometric | cross | crupper | wool | cloth | pewter | leather | glass beads | hide | trade | seed | rawhide | deer | spoons | commercially tanned | Crow | Montana

candle holder | pewter
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1.67.327 | ca. 1890 | H: 7.75 in | Credit Line: Gift of The Coe Foundation. Pewter candle stick holder with ring handle, c. 1890. Gift of the above source, 1967 catalog no. 294. | 1.67.327.jpg | 1.67.327.jpg | candle holder | pewter

Plains | pipe tomahawk | etc...
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NA.504.156 | late 1800's | L: 23.875 in, width: 2.125 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate. | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Etched pewter head with wooden handle that has two circle designs. Red ribbon hangs near head. Metal bead, thimble and ribbon tassle at end. | na.504.156.jpg | circle designs | pipe tomahawk | etched | pewter | Beads | thimble | handle | metal | wood | Red | head | ribbon | Plains

peace medal | pewter | hide ...
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NA.203.215 | early 20th century | Diameter: 2.969 in | Adolf Spohr Collection; Gift of Larry Sheerin. | George Washington President of the United States 1789; Other side: Peace/and/Friendship | Personal Adornment & Ritual Regalia. Presidential medal - round with raised profile of George Washington; other side has crossed pipe and hatchet with shaking hands. Buckskin neck thong. | na.203.215v2.jpg | na.203.215v1.jpg | profile | George Washington | hatchet | pipe | peace medal | pewter | hide | deer | round

stein | lid | Clear | pewter...
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1.69.2251 | Diameter: 2 in, H: 3 in, width: 3 in | Raised lettering: BUFFALO BILL MUSEUM/LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN COLO., White adhesive label on bottom printed: R/5653 | Miniature stein, clear glass with pewter lid, lid inset with pewter medallion bearing profile portrait of Buffalo Bill and raised lettering. | 1.69.2251.JPG | 1.69.2251.jpg | Cody, William F. | stein | lid | Clear | pewter | glass

peace medal | pewter | leath...
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NA.205.26 | late 19th Century | Diameter: 2.5 in | Gift of Goelet Gallatin | Written around edge: George Washington, The Father of Our Country 1789, Written in middle: 1789, Across top: Friendship, Across bottom: The Pipe of Peace | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Imitation Washington peace medal, round with 3/4 view of George Washington on front; clasped hands and crossed tomahawks on back; short leather thong attached to top. | NA.205.26.JPG | na.205.26v1.jpg | na.205.26v2.jpg | crossed | tomahawks | clasped | George Washington | hands | peace medal | pewter | leather

beer stein | painted | pewte...
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1.67.224 | ca. 1890 | H: 7.5 in, Diameter: 3 in | Credit Line: Gift of The Coe Foundation. Hand painted ceramic beer stein with pewter top and base, c. 1890. Gift of above source, 1967 catalog no. 432. | 1.67.224.jpg | 1.67.224-v1.jpg | 1.67.224-v2.jpg | 1.67.224-v3.jpg | 1.67.224v2.jpg | 1.67.224v3.jpg | hand painted | beer stein | painted | pewter | ceramic

beer stein | pewter | cerami...
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1.67.225 | ca. 1890 | H: 9 in, Diameter: 3.375 in | engraved on bottom with German wording | Credit Line: Gift of The Coe Foundation. Hand painted ceramic beer stein with ornate pewter top and base, c. 1890. Engraved on bottom with German wording. Gift of above source, 1967 catalog no. 292. | 1.67.225.jpg | 1.67.225.jpg | 1.67.225v2.jpg | hand painted | beer stein | pewter | ceramic | painted

Sioux | Northern Plains | pi...
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NA.504.102 | overall length: 19.75 in | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Rectangular and circular shaped wooden handle/stem with small amount of burnt design at top. Pewter head with conventional blade and circular pipe bowl. Buckskin triangular shape tab attached at bottom of handle/stem with lazy stitch bead descoration in floral design, cotton print cloth lining on back. Fringe extending from bottom. **(could also be used for fighting) | na.504.102.jpg | floral | pipe tomahawk | Beads | pewter | Print | cotton | fringe | tanned | seed | lazy stitch | handle | burnt | wood | deer | head | hide | Sioux | Northern Plains

B. Mead, St. Louis | peace m...
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NA.205.17 | 1843 | L: 20 in, Diameter: 3.5 in | Gift of Goelet Gallatin | around profile: THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY/ *GEORGE WASHINGTON* [verso, inscription at the center:]PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP [at bottom:] 1843 | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Round George Washington fur trade medal attached to leather string beaded with metal beads. Image on medal of profile of George Washington facing right. Inscription around profile. Verso has images of an eye emanating rays, a crossed pipe and tomahawk, two shaking hands. Inscription in center and at bottom. | na.205.17 dtl v1.jpg | na.205.17 dtl v2.jpg | na.205.17 v1.jpg | na.205.17 v2.jpg | tomahawk | shaking | pipe | eye | Washington, George | hands | peace medal | George Washington | pewter | B. Mead, St. Louis

tomahawk | Buckskin | floss ...
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NA.108.106 | overall length: 61.5 in, tab length: 34 in, tab width: 10.875 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot. | Utensils and Implements/Fighting. Pewter pipe tomahawk head with triangular blade with triangular cut-out, tall bowl with raised ridges top and bottom, piece of red yarn tied around upper bowl, piece of red silk ribbon and an ermine tail on thread tied around lower bowl. Round handle covered with buckskin and wrap beaded over upper 3/4 mostly with pink and two bands of royal blue/red-white hearts/royal/yellow/royal/red-white hearts/royal with short fringe at bottom of beading. Lower quarter of handle is wrapped with red wool and has over wrappings of buckskin thong and black, tan and orange embroidery floss. Attached to base of handle is a long triangular tab of red wool; upper half is applique beaded over a smoked buckskin base with a connected triangle, diamond, triangle, square design in green and outlined in red-white hearts on a pale blue ground, edge bands are pink and royal right triangles with an inside border of red-white hearts, edges are bound in brown muslin with a picot beaded edging of clear amber; lower half of tab has green silk ribbon binding on sides with 4" long narrow buckskin fringing sewn along bottom, tied to 3 fringes are red-dyed feathers. | NA.108.106.JPG | na.108.106.jpg | Diamond | Square | triangle | tomahawk | Buckskin | floss | muslin | pewter | silk | Beads | feathers | yarn | ermine | wool

Northern Plains | belt | com...
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NA.202.1022 | 20th century | L: 39.5 in, width: 2.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Conservator analyzed belt using XRF machine to determine metal elements | NA.202.1022.JPG | belt | commercially tanned leather | steel | pewter | Northern Plains

Germany | stein | pewter | c...
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1.69.2223 | H: 14.5 in, overall height: 17.5 in, base diameter: 5.625 in | Lettering around base: DER ERSTE KUSS/Nochist die Bluhende Goldene Zeit,/Sind Die Tage Der Rosen!, Bottom marked: 192/GERMANY/8 | Ceramic beer stein, green and tan, hinged pewter top; design shows a pair of lovers in a garden. Belonged to W.F. Cody; shown in 1912 photograph on mantle at Bobcat Ranch. Exhibited at one time at Buffalo Bill's Ranch State Park. | 1.69.2223.jpg | lovers | garden | stein | pewter | ceramic | Germany

powder flask | silver | pewt...
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1.69.400.23 | ca. 1850 | L: 7.5 in, bottom width: 3 in | Inscribed on top: J. Barlow/Patent | German silver (or pewter) powder flask, charger silver also, engraved design of running rabbit on one side, bird hunting dog on the other. | 1.69.400.23view1.JPG | 1.69.400.23view2.JPG | running | rabbit | dog | powder flask | silver | pewter

cruet set | bottles | pewter...
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1.69.1314 | ca. 1890 | H: 13 in | Pewter cruet set with four glass bottles, one missing. c. 1890. | 1.69.1314.jpg | cruet set | bottles | pewter | glass

mug | pewter
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1.69.145 | H: 4.75 in, base diameter: 4.5 in | BUFFALO BILL, Stamped on base: RWP | Mug, pewter with relief profile portrait of Buffalo Bill and relief lettering. | 1.69.145.jpg | Portrait | Buffalo Bill | mug | pewter

Crow | Northern Plains | pip...
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NA.504.96 | overall length: 18.701 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Rectangular shaped burnt and varnished wooden handle/stem with triangular shaped buckskin tab at base with lazy stitch triangle bead design with fringe extending from bottom. Pewter head with conventional blade with cut out cross design and circular pipe bowl. | na.504.96.jpg | cut out cross design | triangular | pipe tomahawk | circular | head | conventional blade | rectangular | fringe | pewter | Beads | wood | varnished | pipe bowl | handle | seed | burnt | deer | tab | tanned | lazy stitch | hide | Crow | Northern Plains

beer stein | painted | pewte...
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1.67.226 | ca. 1890 | H: 8.125 in, Diameter: 3.375 in | Credit Line: Gift of The Coe Foundation. Hand painted ceramic beer stein with ornate pewter top, c. 1890. Engraved on bottom in German wording. Gift of above source, 1967 catal1g no. 432. | 1.67.226-v2.jpg | 1.67.226v2.jpg | 1.67.226-v1.jpg | 1.67.226.jpg | hand painted | beer stein | painted | pewter | ceramic

necklace | string | Beads | ...
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NA.203.225 | overall length: 40.25 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Personal Adornment & Ritual Regalia. Object: Necklace - single strand of pewter beads on string with double mescal bead tassle at bottom center. | na.203.225.jpg | necklace | string | Beads | pewter | mescal

Wilton | plate | pewter
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1.69.5035 | Diameter: 11 in, depth: .75 in | front around edge: NATIONAL PONY EXPRESS CENTENNIAL ASSOCIATION 1860-61 1960-1961 [left center edge:] SACRAMENTO [right center edge:] ST. JOSEPH [left:] RUSSELL [center:] MAJORS [right:] WADDELL [bottom:] FOUNDERS OWNERS OPERATORS/ PONY EXPRESS [back, center top:] #34 [back center:] WILTON/ (r with circle arond it) MOUNT (indecipherible) PA U.S.A. [bottom center, stamped:] (indecipherible) | Pony Express Centennial commemorative plate. Inscriptions around edge. Center has raised picture of rider and three founders. Inscriptions around edge and beneath images and on back. | 1.69.5035.JPG | Pony Express | plate | pewter | Wilton

belt buckle | pewter
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1.69.6509 | L: 2.75 in, width: 1.875 in | Gift of Mr. William M. A. Swafford | face: AMERICAN MUSIC / U.S. POSTAGE 5 CENTS. reverse: SOLID / PEWTER / SOLID PEWTER / DORY / 10801 | Rectangular-shaped pewter belt buckle. | 1.69.6509.JPG | belt buckle | pewter

C.A. Waterbury | American | ...
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1988.8.148 | ca. 1855 | L: 52.5 in, Barrel length: 30.5 in, H: 9.5 in | This Waterbury rifle must have been made to take self-consuming cartridges or loaded bullets similar to those used in the Hunt, Jennings, or Volcanic firearms. There was no cartridge shell, for there is no way to eject an empty case. The cartridge must have been self-primed for there is no provision for a separate priming mechanism. The magazine was filled and the gun worked in the following manner. There is a tubular magazine located below and parallel with the barrel. A tube-shaped section of this magazine, 3-3/4 inches long, was moved about 3-1/2 inches toward the muzzle of the rifle. When this had been done, a coil magazine spring and follower were brought up into the forward section of the magazine tube. This action revealed an opening at the upper end of the true magazine. Into the magazine were dropped 10 or 11 cartridges, that is, loaded and primed bullets. Then the magazine opening was closed, and the follower was lowered until it rested against the bullet nearest the muzzle. Next the bolt was unlocked by lifting up on a swinging thumb piece at the end of the receiver, and by drawing back on the hooked shaped finger piece on the end of the bolt the latter was opened. Next a hook-shaped finger piece below the forward end of the stock was moved out away from the barrel, bringing down the carrier with it. Onto the top of this carrier a cartridge moved, forced into that position by the magazine spring. A long steel plate upon which the carrier and finger piece is fastened acts as a spring, so that when it is released the carrier moves back into position, bringing the cartridge into line with the chamber and at the same time acting as a magazine cutoff. The bolt had been cocked on the opening motion; when it was closed and the thumb piece turned down to the right, thus locking it in place, the rifle was ready to fire. There is a sliding safety device to the rear of the trigger, operated by a supplementary trigger projecting below the trigger guard. This also serves as an extra finger rest. The single set trigger is adjustable by utilizing a set screw working through the forward part of the trigger guard. No patent has been found for this action. It is not known who C.A. Waterbury was or where he worked. It is believed that this rifle was made about the middle of the 1850s, perhaps designed to sell in competion to the Jennings or Volcanic, probably the latter. | top of receiver/C.A. WATERBURY'S/VOLLEY RIFLE/ | 1988.8.148v2.jpg | 1988.8.148v1.jpg | firearm | rifle, repeating | sights | buttstock | open type | round barrel | heavy | barrel | magazine | rifle type | tubular | stock tip | remarkable mechanical operation | pewter | unique | plain | walnut | sporting | C.A. Waterbury | American

dish | pewter | oblong | han...
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1.67.378 | ca. 1900 | L: 11.875 in, width: 8.75 in | Credit Line: Gift of The Coe Foundation. Pewter oblong fruit dish with handle, stands up on small pedestal, c. 1900. Gift of the above source, 1967 catalog no. 332. | 1.67.378-v2.jpg | 1.67.378-v1.jpg | 1.67.378.jpg | dish | pewter | oblong | handle

L. Bent Pck. & Co. | beer mu...
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1.69.292 | ca. 1910 | H: 6.25 in, base diameter: 3.25 in, diameter of top: 3.25 in, handle to front: 5.25 in | Gift of Mr. Joe Newell, Jr. | Gold letters on disk: The IRMA [stamped on underside of disk, in green:] U.P.W./(logo)/ _BENT P_CK & CO. Gift of the source. REaccessioned 1-23-91 by EAB. | Clear pressed glass beer mug with metal and white ceramic top. | 1.69.292.jpg | Irma Hotel | beer mug | pressed | glass | pewter | ceramic | L. Bent Pck. & Co.