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fan | yarn | grass | rabbit
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NA.203.1272.1 | Late 20th Century | width: 5.25 in | fan set | na.203.1272.jpg | na.203.1272v1.jpg | na.203.1272v2.jpg | fan | yarn | grass | rabbit

Blackfeet | pipe stem | rabb...
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NA.504.208 | 1880 | L: 11.625 in, Diameter: .5 in | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Wood wrapped in red painted leather thong. Hanging at one end are dew claws, a concho shell, and a bell. Hanging off the other end is a circular tin medallion, four strips of rabbit fur and two beaded dangles in blue and turquoise with two bells. | NA.504.208.JPG | na.504.208.jpg | pipe stem | rabbit | medallion | seed | strips | leather | turquoise | four | Beads | circular | thong | painted | stem | fur | bell | concho shell | wood | blue | dew claws | wrapped | tin | Blackfeet

Northern Plains | Feather bo...
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NA.205.47 | ca. 1960 | L: 25 in, H: 17 in | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - dark blue felt hat; eagle feathers, white plumes and red cloth at bases of feathers; blue plumes and white horse hair (possibly) at tips of feathers; beaded brow band with diamond and fork pattern in red, dark blue, and pink on blue ground; rosette on each side beaded in red, white and blue; strips of rabbit fur and blue and red ribbons attached below rosettes. | NA.205.47.JPG | NA.205.47.JPG | rosette | Diamond | fork | Feather bonnet | eagle | felt | rabbit | feathers | fur | glass beads | plumes | cloth | Ribbons | Northern Plains

moccasins, child's | rabbit ...
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NA.202.923 | H: 2.5 in, L: 5.755 in, width: 2.25 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Dress and Adornment, Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Commercial leather with white epidermis, slip-on style with sole gathered over toes to an egg-shaped vamp. T heel seam with rounded "tail" sewn up over bottom of seam, top edges bound with white-grey rabbit fur. Insides lined with white wool knit, thread sewn. Vamps are lazy stitch line beaded with a center "star" in turquoise and clear dark red and a border of clear green and clear pink. | na.202.923v1.jpg | na.202.923v2.jpg | NA.202.923.JPG | star | moccasins, child's | rabbit | leather | wool | commercially tanned

Northern Plains | staff | Be...
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NA.502.191 | L: 15.5 in, width: 13.5 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Ritual and Recreation, Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Buffalo horn staff. Black, shiny buffalo horns attached at center to staff. Brownish rabbit fur, cloth with blue design, orange outlines, seed beads of yellow, lime green, black, off-white, royal blue and clear red in color wrapped around wooden stick. Cloth loop at one end. | na.502.191.jpg | NA.502.191.JPG | buffalo | rabbit | staff | Beads | cloth | fur | rabbit | buffalo | horns | wood | Northern Plains

Sioux | War bonnet | lazy st...
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NA.205.22 | ca. 1900 | H: 16.25 in, width: 7.5 in, L: 22 in | Function: Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Object: War bonnet - crown from felt hat for base; eagle feathers and gray plumes all the way around; feathers and plumes attached with rawhide strips and red cloth; small pieces of rabbit (?) fur and horse hair tassles at tip of each feather; beaded strip along front, lazy stitch with tipi design in turquoise, red/white hearts and blue on white ground; white, yellow and red ribbons attached behind beaded strip. Remarks: Gift of the above source, The Coe Foundation | na.205.22v1.jpg | na.205.22v2.jpg | tipi | War bonnet | lazy stitch | Gray | Red | Beads | red/white hearts | felt | cloth | rawhide | Ribbons | rabbit | horse | plumes | eagle | hair | feathers | fur | Sioux

Shoshone | Northern Plains |...
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NA.205.3 | ca. 1915 | band length: 11.5 in, band width: 2 in, bonnet width: 12 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - 86 feathers with rabbit fur puffs and dyed yellow horse hair on end of each feather, bottom of feathers wrapped with red yarn. Overlay beaded band in geometric design on front, red wool and purple cloth trailer split partially up back. Split buffalo horns on skull cap dyed blue with feathers and ermine strip tassles. | NA.205.3.JPG | NA.205.3view1.JPG | NA.205.3view2.JPG | NA.205.3view1.JPG | NA.205.3view2.JPG | NA.205.3.jpg | geometric | War bonnet | horns | Horse Hair | seed | Beads | rabbit | yarn | eagle | yellow dyed | feathers | ermine | fur | Red | overlay | wool | buffalo | purple | Tradecloth | Shoshone | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | rattle | h...
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NA.502.112 | ca. 1920 | diameter of head: 3.75 in | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Rawhide; faces painted in black on both sides of head, beaded around edge in gold and clear beads, plume attached to top with rawhide string; wood handle, wrapped with leather thong. strip of white rabbit fur with brown tip and orange dyed horse hair attached to base of handle. | NA.502.112.JPG | na.502.112.jpg | faces | rattle | horse | plume | fur | paint | string | gold | orange | White | handle | rabbit | Beads | dyed | rawhide | hair | Clear | black | brown | wood | seed | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | Moccasins ...
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NA.202.319 | ca. 1970 | L: 9.75 in, width: 3.375 in | Gift of Mrs. J.A. (Marie) Vanderweile. | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. White buckskin with white felt strip around ankle and heel with serrated edge. Applique floral design on vamp and felt. (Blue, pink, yellow, clear). Lined with green flannel. Ankle edge bound with rabbit fur. Soft soles. | na.202.319.jpg | floral | Moccasins | felt | fur | hide | cloth | trade | Clear | White | blue | deer | pink | lining | plastic | Beads | flannel | rabbit | green | yellow | applique | tanned | Northern Plains

Crow | bag | leather | Beads...
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NA.106.654 | ca. 1910 | L: 7.5 in, width: 7.5 in | Gift of Dorothy N. Morris | Utensils and Implements, Household. Tipi bag, rectangular with opening at top secured with flap. Four thongs hang from bag to which are attached leather beaded miniatures- a female doll; pair of blue beaded moccasins with string with two blue beads at end; male doll with fur hands and feet and two beaded cylinders with two flaps with beaded edges and fur at bottom; female doll with fur feet. Bag has five bead strips alternating with unbeaded areas in blue, dark blue, white and red, same design on back. Beaded design in same colors at sides. | na.106.654.jpg | Moccasins | women | Man | bag | leather | Beads | rabbit | fur | Crow

Spoonhunter, Bob | Arapaho |...
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NA.507.85 | ca. 1985 | H: 14.125 in | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Woman and Baby -- Leather body, dark brown hair tied at each side of face, leather dress with beaded triangle and rose designs in red, maroon, dark green, light green, yellow and orange and fringed at sleeve ends and bottom, belt and buckle beaded in diamond design in same colors as dress, plaid fabric under dress shows on lower arms and at dress bottom, wrapped leather leggings and leather moccasins, leather baby carrier with rabbit fur lining on her back, holding a leather bag with fringed bottom and beaded rose and edging in same colors as dress in her right hand. Base is a cross section of log with a metal rod supporting the doll from the back. | NA.507.85A&B.JPG | Diamond | rose designs | triangles | dolls | dark green | metal | log | light green | Beads | rod | cloth | yellow | seed | leather | orange | plaid | maroon | dark brown | Red | fur | hair | rabbit | cross-section support | fringe | Spoonhunter, Bob | Arapaho

Crispin, Beverly | Wind Rive...
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NA.501.7 | 1994 | H: 11.625 in, width: 7.75 in, depth: 6.75 in | Gift of Silas Cathcart - Traditional Art Fund | Ritual and Recreation, Unclassified. Beaded horse and rider mounted on a varnished cross section of a tree. Rider is wearing (all in beads) a light blue shirt, belt with knife and sheath, breechcloth and dark blue leggings. Rider has a shield with a buffalo head on it in his left hand and a spear in his raised right hand. Horse is done in black and white beads with a turquoise hand print on hind quarters. | NA.501.7.JPG | rider | buffalo | horse | Arapaho | Sculpture | flint | glass beads | hair | deer hide | thread | wood | horse | rabbit | Crispin, Beverly | Wind River Reservation | Arapaho

Eastern Plains | feather | W...
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NA.203.776 | ca. 1875 | L: 14.5 in, width: 3.125 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Pohrt, Sr | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Roach feather - single large eagle feather in polished bone holder wrapped with dark blue tradecloth; several small eagle feathers tied to base of large one with white string; bunch of red breath feathers, gray rabbit fur and a rattlesnake rattle are tied at mid-point of feather; rib from middle to top of feather is covered with a brown and yellow woven horsehair strip; tip of feather has gray rabbit fur and remnants of green breath feathers. | na.203.776dtl.jpg | na.203.776.jpg | feather | Woven | horsehair | rattlesnake | brown | eagle | string | feather | Tradecloth | fur | White | polished | holder | rattle | dark blue | bone | Gray | rabbit | yellow | Eastern Plains

Northern Plains | staff | fu...
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NA.502.193 | L: 35.25 in, width: 8.25 in | Ritual and Recreation, Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Buffalo horn staff. Black buffalo horn attached at center. Black, red, orange and multi-colored ribbon and cloth wrapped around joint. Wooden stick covered with sections of rabbit fur and beads, (bead colors are clear orange, red and dark green). Red and orange cloth loop braided. At top of horns at center are two dangles, with part of an eagle feather attached. Around cloth are clear dark green beaded ends. | na.502.193.jpg | rabbit | eagle | buffalo | staff | fur | buffalo horns | cloth | Beads | wood | eagle | feather | rabbit | Northern Plains