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Northern Plains | pouch | st...
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NA.106.961 | ca. 1890 | L: 18 in, width: 9 in, L: 3.75 in, width: 2 in, width: 1.75 in, L: 13 in, Diameter: 3.25 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | NA.106.961.1-.5 - Painted parfleche bag (.1) with canvas top, bone scraper (.4) , two metal scraper tips (.2) and (.3) with hide wraps, sharpening stone (.4). Bag painted with geometric design, central box with diamond, outer blue border with red ladder design. Top of bag canvas with rope drawstring. Two (2) metal scraper blades with tanned hide wraps, one with tie. Bone scraper, handle with tip carved at 90 degrees, with two series of holes for counting hides worked. Smooth stone with flattened areas, reddish color, possibly for sharpening blades. | NA.106.961.1-.5.jpg | pouch | stone | scraper | tips | pigments | rope | tanned hide | sinew | rawhide | cotton thread | metal | pigment | canvas | stone | Northern Plains

rug | burgundy | rope | brow...
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1.69.1831 | ca. 1920 | L: 73.375 in, width: 50.625 in | Gift of Clyde S. Erskine and Helen E. Erskine | Burgundy colored rug with brown and off-white bull-dogging scene, c. 1920. Bordered with rope, hat and horseshoe motif. Brown and gold fringe on Left and right edges. Hung at OTO Ranch. | 1.69.1831.jpg | 1.69.1831.JPG | hat and horseshoe motif | bull-dogging scene | rug | burgundy | rope | brown | off white | fringe | border | gold

tool box | rope | plastic | ...
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1.69.4369 | L: 18 in, width: 10 in, H: 10.75 in | Gift of Mr. Victor Alexander, Jr. | On top: stencilled with numbers and "AMMJNITION FOR CANNON WITH ... (illiegible)" [back:] stencilled "4 cartridges, 88 mm. with fuze pd. for mortars, TNT" [on sides:] lot numbers of box [label on top:] "VICTOR ALEXANDER, JR." [label on front:] "SCH.../Manufact.../North Manchester/ To: Mr. Victor Alexander/40 Bona Allen, Inc./Buford, Georgia/Return Postage Guaranteed." | Tool box. Rectangular wooden box with hinged lid, painted light yellowish-green. 2 hinges, one clasp on front. Rope handle on top. Top is stencilled. Back stencilled. Lot numbers on sides of box. Black plastic demo-label on top. Fragment of red and white paper label on front. Inside is bare wood. | 1.69.4369.JPG | tool box | rope | plastic | paper | wood

case | rope | leather | meta...
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1.69.993A | ca. 1900 | L: 40.125 in | Printed on front of case: George Trishman/Fort Custer,/Mont. | Light leather sword case, some design along edges, with rope and metal handle, lock closing. | 1.69.993a.jpg | case | rope | leather | metal

Indian | drum and drumstick ...
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NA.505.58 | ca. 1920 | H: 16.5 in, Diameter: 23 in, drumstick length: 12 in | Gift of Robert A. Mills | Ritual and Recreation: Musical Instrument. (A) Drum-hollowed out tree trunk; both ends covered with rawhide; top and bottom tied together with rawhide lacing, long rope loop attached to sides. (B) Drumstick-wood handle; stuffed cloth head. | NA.505.58A&B.JPG | na.505.58.jpg | drum and drumstick | hollow | lacing | wood | rope | tree trunk | cover | stuffed | cloth | rawhide | head | handle | Indian

Stetson, John B. | cavalry h...
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1.69.1252 | ca. 1875 | H: 5.5 in, L: 13.75 in, width: 12.5 in, brim: 2.75 in, crown: 5.5 in | Dr. Robert L. Anderson Collection | Inside crown is stamped in light blue: CAMPAIGN/HAT/MANUFACTURED/BY/JOHN [illegible]/[illegible]/[illegible]. | Black felt campaign hat, folded over brim edge with double row of machine stitching. Black grosgrain ribbon hatband machine stitched in place over which is a double yellow braided cord hatband with acorn ends. Circular brass air vents in each side of crown. Affixed center front is a gold plated metal insignia of crossed sabres with : 7A. Brown leather sweatband. Circa 1885. | 1.69.1252.JPG | 1.69.1252.jpg | sabres | gold crossed | cavalry hat | rope | felt | black | Stetson, John B.

frame saddle | rope | tin | ...
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3.78.47 | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Stamped on pommel: S.J. Haines Co./Marked/Dillon Mont. | Description: A frame saddle with fork pommel and cantle, fender straps run through stirrups, tin covered wooden stirrups. Stamped with basket weave design, square skirt. Twisted rope tied to pommel on right side. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.47.jpg | 3.78.47v3.jpg | 3.78.47v2.jpg | basket weave | frame saddle | rope | tin | wood

lariat | rope | hondo | twis...
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1.69.1810 | unknown | Twisted rope lariat with hondo, n.d. | 1.69.1810.JPG | lariat | rope | hondo | twisted

Northern Plains | Crow | bri...
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NA.403.45 | ca. 1895 | bit width: 3.75 in | Transportation: Land Transportation. Rawhide headstall and brown band with red paint center and lazy stitch bead border along each end in geometric design. (Two shades of blue, yellow, red, white, green and orange). Spanish style iron spade and ring bit with chain link decoration. Copper hardware throughout. Twisted rope reins with red and blue wool cloth woven within. | na.403.45.jpg | geometric | bridle | wool | cloth | rope | iron | rawhide | copper | pigment | seed | glass beads | Northern Plains | Crow

Central Plains | bridle | gl...
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NA.403.44 | ca. 1940 | bit width: 4.75 in | Transportation: Land Transportation. Loom woven headstall, brow band and nose piece in multi-colored bead star, flags and geometric design on white background. Backside of beige design cloth. Applique bead rosettes at each side of nose band which is of red cloth and opaque plastic bead decoration. Red and yellow ribbon streamers at rosettes and brow band medallions. Stainless steel spade bit with copper roller. Black twisted rope reins. Forehead medallion in applique beadwork with three red, white and blue bead extensions to nose band. | na.403.44.jpg | geometric | star | flags | bridle | glass beads | copper | cloth | stainless steel | plastic | deer hide | rope | trade | Ribbons | seed | tanned | Central Plains

stand | display | rope | bur...
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1.69.2634.1 | ca. 1930 | H: 7.5 in, width: 10.375 in, depth: 2.25 in | COWbOY'S SMOKE | Wood display stand with burned in lettering: COWbOY's SMOKE; rope across front is glued to side bars. | 1.69.2634.1.JPG | stand | display | rope | burned | wood

Crow | Northern Plains | bri...
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NA.403.47 | bit width: 4.5 in | Transportation: Land Transportation. Rawhide headstall painted red with double blue bead border. Spanish style spade and ring bit with chain tassle decoration. Twisted rope reins with red and blue wool ~ strip woven in rope. Brow/green ribbon tied to ring of bit. | NA.403.47.JPG | bridle | ribbon | glass beads | wool cloth | spade | chain | rope | rawhide | ring bit | pigment | iron | cotton | spanish style | Crow | Northern Plains

hat rack | board | leather |...
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1.69.564 | H: 15.625 in, L: 13.5 in, width: 7.5 in | Written on back in pencil: #40/Buffalo horns/cut off a Buffalo that/was gassed in Madison Square/Garden New York City-/Dr. Archer E. Parry /from one of the Buffalo Bill/Wild West Show Buffalo-/Mounted-by-Wm (m underlined) Cody Bradford/Casper Wyoming | Buffalo horn hat rack, two small horns, mounted on stained board, mount covered with leather over rope wrapped core. Allegedly the horns of a buffalo with the Wild West Show. | 1.69.564.jpg | 1.69.564v2.jpg | 1.69.564VIEW1.JPG | 1.69.564VIEW2.JPG | hat rack | board | leather | rope | buffalo horn

White Mountain Apache | olla...
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NA.106.640 | 1988 | H: 10.5 in, width: 28 in | Given in memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Utensils and Implements, Household. Basket, olla, made of woven reeds and crods. Lined with pitch. Handle of thin rope is attached to two loops made of braided horse hair (brown and tan) twisted together. Basket tilts to one side. | NA.106.640.JPG | olla | Woven | pitch | hair | horse | cords | rope | reeds | braided | White Mountain Apache

lariat | rope
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1.69.803B | ca. 1870 | Lariat. | 1.69.803b.jpg | lariat | rope

shield | braiding | circular...
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1.69.584 | ca. 1200 | Diameter: 21.25 in | Circular steel shield, hand carved with serpents, rope type braiding along edge. | 1.69.584.jpg | serpents | shield | braiding | circular | steel | hand carved | rope

The Maine Bucket Company | b...
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1.69.2651 | ca. 1990 | H: 13.375 in, Diameter: 14 in | Burned into one of the taller staves is: THE/MAINE/BUCKET/COMPANY/LEWISTOWN, ME./MADE IN/USA. | Bucket, wood with twisted rope handle. Eighteen staves around a solid wood bottom, 2 staves are taller than the others and have an oblong hole for the rope handle, two strips of wood have been bent around outside of staves near top and bottom and are stapled in place. | 1.69.2651.JPG | bucket | staves | solid | bottom | wood | handle | rope | eighteen | twisted | The Maine Bucket Company

Northern Plains | Feather bo...
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NA.203.1649 | ca. 1880 | bonnet height: 19 in, circumference: 26 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Golden eagle feather bonnet. Felt cap; eagle feathers attached with rawhide loops -- some with pigment from parfleches-- orange dyed horse hair with orange adhesive at tips; red wool wraps with black string; white feather fluffs at base of feathers. Beaded brow band appears to have been attached upside-down; white ground with inverted tipi designs in red/blue/yellow; bells, metal beads on upper edge; multi-colored bead edging. Yellow, green silk ribbons behind temples. Pink/green/yellow quilled dangles (appear newer) with tin cones, red feathers attached to brow band. Top of cap covered with dyed orange feathers (appear recent); plume has orange fluff and newer orange feathers glued on. Rope sewn to outside of cap for support. | NA.203.1649.jpg | NA.203.1649.v1.jpg | NA.203.1649.v2.JPG | Feather bonnet | wool cloth | quills | tanned hide | metal bells | golden eagle feather fluffs | dyed horse hair | tin cones | dyed porcupine quills | glass beads | felt skull cap | rawhide | Beads | silk ribbon | feathers | bells | cloth | cotton string | golden eagle tail feathers | rope | dyed feathers | Northern Plains

lariat | leather | braided |...
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1.69.1473 | Braided rope lariat with leather hondo and tassel, n.d. | 1.69.1473.JPG | lariat | leather | braided | tassle | rope | hondo

box | pine | steel | rope
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1.69.4734 | L: 29.75 in, width: 14.125 in, depth: 5.75 in | Gift of Mr. Victor Alexander, Jr. | Printing in black on top: "Rocket Ammunition with/smoke projectile/S9JGA/LOT RD-/Nose END" [printing in black on side with clasps:] graphic of bomb/WT 53/CU 1.59/LOADED/3 Rockets Smoke WP/3.5 inch T127E3/LOT RD-/S9JGA [printing in black on ends:] same #'s [on top:] miscellaneous pencil numbering and lettering [inside:] "Victor" in chalk (?) and "8" in crayon [on "nose end:"] Greyhound sticker and red numbering. | Pine ammunition crate converted into tool box with steel hinges. Top and bottom consist of four 3-1/2 x 3/4" boards. Top has two 1-3/4 x 3/4" cross pieces. Both ends have 10-1/2" rope handles. Printing (in black) is on top, side with clasps, ends, inside and on "nose end." | 1.69.4734.JPG | box | pine | steel | rope

snowshoes | wood | rope
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1.69.712 | ca. 1900 | L: 54 in, width: 10.5 in | Pair of long wooden frame snowshoes, rope foot binders. | 1.69.712.jpg | snowshoes | wood | rope

bola tie | leather | bead | ...
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NA.203.1051 | 1954-1954 | L: 21.75 in, width: 2.625 in, depth: .5 in | Gift of Jo and Warren Buxton, Phoenix, Arizona | Dress and Adornment, Personal and Ritual Regalia.Beaded rope with circular medallion. Top part of rope is unbeaded. Alternating green and white rows of beads wrap remaining rope. White and green loops hang from ends of rope. Medallion has white beaded background with green thunderbird design in center. White bead scallop design around edge of medallion. Leather backing. Loop of elastic holds medallion to rope. | na.203.1051.jpg | thunderbird | bola tie | leather | bead | rope

Montana | Cheyenne | peyote ...
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NA.502.46 | 1950 | H: 6 in, diameter of top: 8.5 in | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Iron kettle with stretched leather top, tied with cotton rope. | NA.502.46.JPG | NA.502.46.JPG | peyote water drum | iron | leather | kettle | cotton | rope | Montana | Cheyenne

bola tie | leather | elastic...
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NA.203.1010 | L: 17.375 in, width: 2.875 in, depth: .5 in | Gift of Jo and Warren Buxton, Phoenix, Arizona | Dress and Adornment. Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. beaded rope with circular medallion. Rope, except for 7", is beaded with white bead background and alternating bands of blue, light blue, orange and red beads. White, lt. blue, orange, red and blue beaded loops hang from each rope end. Medallion has white bead background with a blue beaded scallop design around the edge. 5 trapazoid shapes encircle the inner edge of medallion and a "bulls-eye" design takes center. Both shapes are composed of blue, red, orange, light blue and white bead layers. An elastic strap hold the rope to the back of the medallion. | na.203.1010.jpg | geometric | bola tie | leather | elastic | bead | rope