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Stars `n' Cowgirl...
Blake, Buckeye | scarf | sil...
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8.93.1 | 1990 | H: 35.625 in, width: 34.5 in | Stars `n' Cowgirls Scarf | Gift of Cattle Kate | Corner: BY/ BUCKEYE/ BLAKE/ 90/ (in a circle:) c [opposite corner, in scirpt:] Cattle kate/ 1005 silk [label:] (underlined) Cattle (profile of a woman in a hat and scarf) Kate/ Jackson Hole, Wyoming/ 100 % silk/ Hand wash mild soap/ No bleach/ Dry falt - cool iron/ Made in Korea | 8.93.1.JPG | stars | cowgirls | scarf | silk | Blake, Buckeye

bodice | corsette cover | si...
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3.78.284 | ca. 1860 | L: 22 in, back length: 10 in, shoulder to shoulder: 10.5 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Description: Ladies' blue satin corsette cover with twelve glass buttons, faced trimmed silk cord ties. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.284.jpg | bodice | corsette cover | silk | blue | buttons | Satin | glass

shirt | silk | cotton
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1.69.6526 | width: 19 in, H: 24.375 in | In Memory of Bill (Atlee) and Letha Harding | Shirt is black silk with red silk on the back, two red strips on the each breast, and red silk band around the collar. Back has a flower design. | 1.69.6526.JPG | 1.69.6526a.JPG | shirt | silk | cotton

Sioux | Lakota | Northern Pl...
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NA.504.357 | ca. 1870 | wide at widest point: 2 in, width: 1.625 in, L: 39 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Pipe stem that has been altered with contempory metal piece glued into where the original stem was. Flat shape, rounded edges, quill wrapped and decorated on mouth end. Quills are plaited with geometric designs. Different on top and bottom | NA.504.357.v2.jpg | NA.504.357.jpg | pipe stem | metal | silk | pigment | Horse Hair | wood | porcupine quills | sinew | glue | Sioux | Lakota | Northern Plains | Plains

bonnet | silk | Net
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3.78.341 | Diameter: 7 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver | Description: Tan bonnet with ruffles, silk ties, net over pleats, blue forget-me-nots on brim. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.341.jpg | bonnet | silk | Net

dress | silk | velvet trim |...
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1.69.1042 | ca. 1900 | L: 57 in, sleeve length: 23 in | Black silk dress with velvet trim along bottom, white chiffon collar and cuffs, long sleeves, c. 1900. | 1.69.1042.jpg | 1.69.1042v2.jpg | dress | silk | velvet trim | White | chiffon

Plateau | Salish | bag | app...
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NA.203.817 | ca. 1915 | L: 6.125 in, width: 4.875 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Dress and adornment- Personal adornment and Ritual Regalia. Rectangular canvas front fully applique stitch beaded with a rose in cut red outlined in cut clear/pink hearts with leaves and stems in cut clear teal and cut clear green, with cut clear/blue hearts ground outlined in cut clear/pink hearts; edges bound with diagonal bands of rose, cut clear, cut clear blue and cut clear yellow; smoked buckskin back with four petals and a stem outlined in intermittently spaced cut red and cut clear green beads; smoked buckskin thong tie/handle; remnants of green silk lining. | NA.203.817back.JPG | NA.203.817front.JPG | na.203.817.jpg | bag | applique | silk | Beads | Buckskin | canvas | smoked | Plateau | Salish

Rocky Boy | Chippewa | Cree ...
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NA.203.574 | ca. 1905 | L: 14.25 in, width: 2.75 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Armbands - cloth; green silk back; beaded front with floral design in red, blue, green, pink and brown on turquoise ground. | NA.203.574A&B.JPG | na.203.574.jpg | floral | arm bands | Beads | silk | green | cloth | Rocky Boy | Chippewa | Cree

bodice | corsette cover | si...
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3.78.283 | L: 22 x 12 x 15 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Description: Ladies' blue satin corsette cover with twelve glass buttons, faced trimmed silk cord ties. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.283.jpg | bodice | corsette cover | silk | Satin | glass | buttons | taffeta | blue

Non-Indian | basket | silk |...
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NA.106.456 | Diameter: 4.875 in, H: 2.125 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Small basket - round basket with flaring sides made of reeds wrapped with silk; rounded triangle design around edge in red on green ground. | NA.106.456.JPG | na.106.456.jpg | rounded | Red | triangle | basket | silk | reeds | round | Non-Indian

gauntlet | gloves | Buckskin...
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1.69.2661 | ca. 1885 | L: 14.125 in, width: 7.5 in | Gift of Mrs. S. W. Harding | Beaded gauntlet gloves. Handmade brain-tanned buckskin gauntlet gloves, sinew sewn, double layer of narrow buckskin fringes about 5" long, gauntlet edges bound with dark red silk ribbon over old dark blue silk ribbon, gauntlet backs lined with canvas. Gauntlet fronts are fully lazy stitch beaded with 2 right triangles in bands of clear, royal blue (connected on right gauntlet) over which are 2 square-bottom, V-topped shapes in clear, royal, green and red/white hearts, on white background, all sinew sewn. Glove fronts are beaded with 2 stars with periwinkle blue round centers outlined in red/white hearts and white arms outlined in royal, 5 feather designs arranged 3 clustered toward fingers and 2 separate toward stars - 2 feathers of the 3 group are clear dark blue, clear and red/white hearts outlined in white; 3rd feather is white, clear purple and clear green outlined in white; single feathers are red/white hearts, clear and clear yellow outlined in white - and 2 boxes flanking feathers in white, red/white hearts and periwinkle blue bands, all sinew sewn. Gloves were owned and worn by Buffalo Bill and he later gave them to a Cody ranch employee related to Mrs. S. W. Harding. See photo P.69.86 | 1.69.2661.jpg | 1.69.2661.jpg | gauntlet | gloves | Buckskin | silk | Beads | sinew | canvas

basket | silk | round | reed...
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NA.106.455 | Diameter: 4.75 in, H: 2 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Small basket - round basket with flaring sides made of reeds wrapped with silk; triangle pattern around edge in red and white on blue ground. | NA.106.455.JPG | na.106.455.jpg | Red | White | triangle | basket | silk | round | reeds

parasol | silk | ceramic | w...
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1.69.934 | ca. 1890 | L: 37 in | Ladies white silk parasol, with white wood handle and ceramic ball on end with painted roses. Possibly belonged to one of Buffalo Bill's daughters. | 1.69.934.jpg | 1.69.934.JPG | painted | roses | parasol | silk | ceramic | wood | handle | White

Plateau | Salish | purse | a...
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NA.203.814 | ca. 1915 | length without fringe: 8.375 in, width: 7.625 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Dress and Adornment- Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Rounded top edge with sides tapering to a straight bottom edge fully applique stitch beaded on both sides with a rose in cut reds, red, clear dark root beer brown, light pink and pink with leaves and stems in green, clear dark green, cut clear/green hearts and cut iridescent dark greens, dark purples and coppers, cut white ground on one side; bordered with single rows of red, white and cut royal blue; side edges bound in opalescent white and clear royal blue; bottom edge bound with white and blue print fabric and decorated with beaded fringes in either clear royal or opalescent white with cut clear red at tips. Wrap beaded handle in light blue with odds and ends of other colors. Tan metal zipper at top with purple silk lining inside. | NA.203.814.JPG | na.203.814.jpg | purse | applique | metal | silk | Beads | Plateau | Salish

Northern Plains | gauntlets ...
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NA.203.205 | ca. 1905 | L: 15.75 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Personal Adornments & Ritual Regalia. Pair of gauntlets - tanned with fully beaded cuff front in overlay floral design on blue background. White silk ribbing along top edge. Fringe along outside edge of cuff. Cracked and torn; glove severly water damaged. | NA.203.205.A&B.JPG | na.203.205.jpg | floral | overlay | gauntlets | tanned | Beads | silk | seed | White | hide | Animal | Northern Plains

vanity box | rose | silk | v...
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1.69.2549 | ca. 1850 | H: 2.5 in, L: 7.5 in, width: 3.875 in | Gift of Helen Cody Allan | Vanity box; wood covered with leather and velvet, top is decorated with faceted round, (design) and (design) shaped metal studs around the leather border, center velvet is decorated with leather 6-petal flowers held on by faceted metal studs; sides also have small leather flowers attached with one central faceted stud; handle is leather-covered cotton cord attached through metal grommets in the front and back sides; inside is lined with rose silk, top has 2 rose silk bands for holding small objects. | 1.69.2549view2.JPG | 1.69.2549view1.JPG | 1.69.2549view3.JPG | flowers | vanity box | rose | silk | velvet | wood | leather

Feather bonnet | felt | eagl...
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NA.205.72 | 1910 | Open Front to Back Length: 23 in, Open Width: 24.25 in, side trailer length: 17.25 in, back trailer length: 21.75 in | Gift of Pauline Hills and Thelma Crandall | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - made on a brown felt hat crown with inner leather sweat band still attached, partial makers stamp on left side; 32 eagle feathers, 7 with orange-dyed horsehair at tips, breath feathers-some blue-dyed at bases, bases of feathers have rawhide loops attached by an overwrapping of muslin wrapped with red yarn, feathers are connected to each other with a leather thong through the shaft about 1/4 of the way from the bottom; beaded front band on a leather strip, lazy-stitch beaded with 4 stepped triangles in royal blue, red/white hearts, light blue, clear red-orange and clear dark green on white ground, all seed beads; ends of band trimmed with trailing red, yellow and green silk ribbons, back trailer of 2 red silk ribbons and a purple silk ribbon covered strip of white flannel; bottom edge of hat is bound all around with cotton cloth with pink stripes and red diamonds on white ground; red leather thong ties on each side. | NA.205.72VIEW2.JPG | NA.205.72VIEW1.JPG | na.205.72v1.jpg | na.205.72v2.jpg | triangles | stepped | pink | diamonds | stripes | Red | Feather bonnet | felt | eagle | silk | yarn | cotton | Beads | horsehair | leather | flannel | rawhide | seed | cloth | muslin | breath | Ribbons | White | Red | orange dyed | feathers | brown | lazy stitch | red/white hearts

Cree; Lake Winnipeg, Manitob...
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1.69.2027 | ca.1910 | overall length: 34.5 in, chest circumference: 51 in, back neck length: 32.5 in, shoulder width: 21.5 in, sleeve length: 26 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | Lettering on buttons: CANADA/R.N.W.M.P. | Jacket, embroidered leather. Norway House-style embroidery. Indian tanned and smoked caribou hide in dark golden brown. Short stand up collar, back yoke, deep cuffs, center front panel, round bottom left chest patch pocket with scallop trim and bottom edge all have zig-zag cut edge. Short fringes at shoulder, upper sleeve and lower yoke. Sleeves are seamed at center front and center back; construction is all machine stitched. Front panel has 4 brass buttons paired with 4 hand stitched buttonholes for the 4 brass buttons on the right front - all buttons are round top with raised crown and lion head design and lettering: CANADA/R.N.W.M.P. Front panel, back yoke, pocket and cuffs are hand embroidered in floral and leaf designs with silk thread in buttonhole stitch; colors are dark, medium and light rose, medium, light and olive green, purple, violet, yellow, coral, pink, teal, blue, turquoise, beige and red. Pocket and front panel are lined with beige, dark blue, light blue and pink striped oxford-type cotton cloth. Four hand stitched button holes on inside front edge. William F. Cody probably purchased this and 1.69.2026 at Winnipeg, August 1910. According to Larom, this coat was owned by Buffalo Bill who gave it to Courtney Riley Cooper, a Denver newspaper man. Cooper later gave it to Larom. Similar in some details of construction and embroidery to 1.69.2026. | 1.69.2027.JPG | 1.69.2027.jpg | hand embroidered | Leaf | crown | lion head | floral | jacket | button holes | hand stitched | silk | caribou hide | scalloped | buttons | embroidered | machine stitched | cotton | tanned | cloth | smoked | thread | brass | leather | fringed | zig-zag | Cree; Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba | Metis

Sioux | arm bands | leather ...
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NA.203.879 | ca. 1890-1910 | L: 12.625 in, width: 1.625 in | Gift of H. Peter Kriendler | Dress and Adornment, Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Long rectangular buckskin strips fully lazy stitch beaded with 3 stepped tipi designs in red/white hearts, white, royal blue and yellow separated by 2 zigzag lines in royal blue all on white background with white edge beading. Backed with rawhide strips which appear to have been cut from an old parfleche, all sinew sewn. A has a wrap beaded buckskin pendant in white, clear green, red/white hearts and royal blue with 2 tin cones on each end and bright pink and teal silk ribbons attached at top. | na.203.879.jpg | tipi | arm bands | leather | Beads | silk | rawhide | sinew | Sioux

shirt | silk | floss | mothe...
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1.69.2684 | chest circumference: 61 in, sleeve length: 25.5 in, back length: 42 in | Museum purchase. Mary Jester Allen Collection | Man's shirt. Beige silk with collar, cuffs and fronts embroidered in silk floss with light to dark rose flowers, light to dark green leaves and stems, small light blue faded to white flowers and yellow flower centers; folded over front placket with dark rose embroidered border, 5 mother-of-pearl buttons; cuffs have been folded in half and hand stitched, 1 mother-of-pearl button on cuff and 1 smaller one on sleeve placket. Shirt construction is a mix of handsewn French seams (sides and sleeves), machine sewn and top stitched seams (collar, yoke, armholes, cuffs and plackets, buttonholes and hand-stitched repairs. | 1.69.2684v1.jpg | 1.69.2684v2.jpg | flowers | leaves | shirt | silk | floss | mother-of-pearl

South Prairie | wearing | bl...
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NA.202.870 | ca. 1890 | H: 61 in, L: 60.5 in | Dress and Adornment- Daily and or Festive Adornment. Red wool trade cloth with rainbow selvedges at top and bottom, lower half of sides have hand sewn silk ribbon applique work- left side edge bound in turquoise with red and green, white and purple, black and gold and plain black bands; right side edge bound in kelly green with pink and black, turquoise and red, green and white and plain black bands. | NA.202.870.JPG | na.202.870.jpg | wearing | blanket | Tradecloth | applique | silk | ribbon | wool | South Prairie

fan | silk | wood | metal
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1.69.266 | 1903- | H: 13.375 in, width: 22 in, depth: 1.25 in | White silk fan with lace at top. Image of a brown branch with pink flowers on silk, metal disks sewn on fan in a scattered manner. Ribs of fan are white wood. End pieces have a silver painted floral design. U-shaped metal piece at bottom of ribs. | 1.69.266.JPG | floral | fan | silk | wood | metal

breast collar | denim | silk...
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NA.401.1 | 1925 | L: 54 in, width: 4 in | Unclassified. Horse breast collar -- Beaded leather front, lined with denim. Black silk border, multi-colored loom beadwork tassels, yarn with beads. ---Beadwork does not appear to be Indian. | na.401.1.jpg | breast collar | denim | silk | black | loom | tassles | yarn | Beads | seed | multi-colored | leather | lining

pants | silk
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1.69.6531.2 | width: 14 in, L: 38.5 in | Object is teal or turquoise colored women's silk pants with a front flap with two buttons the top. | 1.69.6531.2.JPG | pants | silk