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badge | stamped | chrome | w...
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1.69.5848.1 | 1999 | Diameter: 2 in, H: 3.75 in, L: 5.75 in, depth: .375 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Goodman, Jr. | face: TEXAS TRAIL OF FAME/ WM. "BUFFALO BILL" CODY/ FORT WORTH STOCKYARDS | Circular, convex badge with cut-out star in center. Inscription on face. Reverse of badge has two tacks on either side. Badge is affixed to rectangular piece of wood with rounded corners. Two tack holders. | 1.69.5848.1.jpg | Cody, William F. | badge | stamped | chrome | wood

Sioux | South Dakota | dress...
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NA.202.559 | 1885- | L: 51.75 in, sleeve to sleeve: 52.5 in | Dr. Robert L. Anderson Collection | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Woman's -- Blue wool with dark strip of cloth at waist. Yoke decorated with bone carved elk teeth. Red, blue and lavendar ribbons around sleeves and bottom. Also around bottom are trade tokens with Mary Eagle Hawk stamped on the. | na.202.559v1.jpg | na.202.559v2.jpg | NA.202.559.JPG | dress | Red | trade | lavendar | stamped | Ribbons | tokens | teeth | elk | blue | wool | Sioux | South Dakota

Waltham Company, Waltham, Ma...
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1.69.1909 | Diameter: 2 in, depth: .5 in | Printed top center of face: WALTHAM [Stamped inside front and back covers:] 2417286 [Stamped inside case back;] GUARANTEED/10/YEARS/Supreme/2417286 [inscribed on inner watch works;]A.W.W. Co./WALTHAM, MASS./17783922 | Pocket watch, yellow gold case with overall cross hatch pattern, blank shield motif surrounded by flowers and leaves on center front, black circle on center back. White enamel face with black numbers and minute marks, red numbers of minutes over hour numbers, inset second timer at 6 o'clock. Printing at top center, stamped inscription inside front and back covers, stamped inside case back, inscription on watch works. | 1.69.1909.jpg | crosshatch | foliate | shield | floral | pocket watch | stamped | gold | inscribed | enamel | Waltham Company, Waltham, Massachusetts

cup | stamped | metal
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1.69.5162 | H: 5.125 in, width: 4 in, depth: 2.75 in | on center in script: Martha W. Shute | Cup with ornate handle on footed pedestal; 3-dimensional floral design. Inscription in center. Handle is scrolled with leaf design. Foot has one tier, edge is beaded. | 1.69.5162.jpg | floral | cup | stamped | metal

Meriden Company | dish | sta...
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1.69.5161 | H: 4.625 in, Diameter: 8.5 in | stamped on underside in circile: MERIDEN/ (scales)/13 COMPANY [in circle:] QUADRUPLE/ PLATE/ 34 | Silver metal bowl, top half has 3-dimensional panelled floral design, bottom half is plain. Small flaired base at bottom. Stamped inscription on underside. | 1.69.5161.jpg | floral | dish | stamped | metal | Meriden Company

cane | engraved | gold | rub...
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1.69.5793 | 1855 | H: 35.5 in, Diameter: 1.375 in | Gift of Charles E. and Margaret Canfield Humberger in memory of David H. and Helen Stanford Canfield | engraved on top of cane: Presented to Josiah Stanford/ by his son/ Charles./ Jan. 1855. | Light brown wooden cane with gold cap on top and rubber cap on bottom. Gold top is engraved with floral and checkered designs and pastoral scenes. Top has a floral engraving with inscriptions at center. Rubber cap on bottom is black. | 1.69.5793.jpg | floral | cane | engraved | gold | rubber | stamped | wood

identification tag | oval | ...
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1.69.1953 | 1876 | L: 1.283 in, width: .75 in | stamped: Thos. T. Klinger/Fifer/U.S.A./1876 | Military identification tag. Oval shaped and stamped. Stamped Eagle and ribbon design. Found on Custer battlefield. CONDITION: Explanatory tag removed 4-5-83 for document file. ORIGIN: How - Purchased from the above source. | 1.69.1953v1.jpg | 1.69.1953v2.jpg | stamped eagle and ribbon design | identification tag | oval | stamped | shaped | military

dish | stamped | metal
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1.69.5160 | H: 9.75 in, Diameter: 11.625 in | stamped in circle on underside: (star) ROGERS BROS. MFG. CO/ GERMAN SILVER (star) | Silver footed dish with handle. Rim flairs outward, almost flat. Rim has cutwork design of a row of diamonds below another row of a three diamond pattern. Edge is scalloped with a beaded design. Handle attaches at two places along edge, has floral design. Column below bowl has a collar, base of column at foot encircled with same beaded design as on edge. Beaded designs and designs on handle are gold. Underside of of dish has gold areas. | 1.69.5160.jpg | diamonds | floral | dish | stamped | metal

American Waltham Watch Co. |...
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1.69.1987 | Diameter: 1.875 in, chain length: 13.5 in, H: 2.875 in | Gift of Mrs. Zack T. Sutley | Printed at top center: American/Waltham/W. Co. [Stamped inside back cover:] WALTHAM/292563. [Stamped inside case back:] 292563 [Works stamped and engraved:] 4223812/SAFETY PINION/American Waltham Watch Co. | Pocket watch, open face. Pink gold case with overall star and feather pattern, center back design is a black scroll hanging from a branch with flowers and leaves bordering it. White enamel face with black Roman numerals and minute marks, inset second timer at 6 o'clock. Printing at top center, stamped inscription inside back cover, stamped inside case back, stamped and engraved inscription on works. Attached to watch is a man's chain with oblong links. | 1.69.1987.JPG | 1.69.1987.JPG | scroll | foliate | feather | floral | star | pocket watch | pink gold | stamped | enamel | engraved | American Waltham Watch Co.

pocket watch | engraved | si...
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1.69.1908 | Diameter: 2 in, depth: .575 in | Stamped on inside of backcover: 8/ &B/159082 [back cover engraved:] Ancre 15 Toyaux/No 159082 | Pocket watch, open face. Silver case with overall cross hatch pattern and blank shield surrounded by an oval frame with flower motifs on back cover. White enamel face with black Roman numerals and minute marks. inset second timer at 6 o'clock. Stamped and engraved inscriptions on back cover. Back cover has two holes which reveal winding pegs. Brass and metal key is attached to watch stem. MJA Collection #118A has notation "thought to be one of the first watches owned by Buffalo Bill. From May Cody Deck(er) to Mary Jester Allen." | 1.69.1908.JPG | floral | pocket watch | engraved | silver | stamped | enamel

belt | leather | buckle | me...
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1.69.1546 | ca. 1900 | L: 19 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | Stamped leather belt with metal tab on end and buckle, c. 1900. Attached to pants 1.69.1545. | 1.69.1546.jpg | belt | leather | buckle | metal | tab | stamped

Crow | Northern Plains | Aps...
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NA.504.1 | ca. 1865 | blade length: 10.125 in, blade width: 3.625 in, pendant length: 10.375 in, pendant top width: 3 in, pendant bottom width: 6.75 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Wooden pipe stem with stamped checkered design with conventional iron blade with pipe bowl. Tanned piece of hide above blade with blue bead decoration, ermine strips, and red horse hair. Buckskin hide on lower portion of handle with overlay beaded pendant on red and tan cloth in geometric design attached to end. Buckskin fringe extending from bottom. | NA.504.1.JPG | NA.504.1.jpg | geometric | checkered | pipe tomahawk | cloth | stem | pipe bowl | hide | design | iron | strip | Buckskin | tanned | Beads | Horse Hair | stamped | ermine | fringe | deer | wooden | blade | seed | Crow | Northern Plains | Apsáalooke

safe, match | metal | stampe...
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1.69.5701 | 1920-1940 | H: 6.125 in, width: 3 in, depth: 3.375 in | Gift of the Quin Blair Family | Shiny metal match safe, rectangular shape, opening at top and bottom. Bottom opening extends forward. Small rectangulr holder at center. Two oblong holes in side. Small circular hole at top. Top has scalloped edge. | 1.69.5701.JPG | safe, match | metal | stamped