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Paiute | cradle | orange | c...
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NA.111.39 | ca. 1930 | L: 36 in, width: 14 in, H: 10.5 in | Function: Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Object: Cradle - wicker frame covered with leather; strip of leather fringe across front with large beads in blue, purple, green, yellow and white; floral pattern above fringe in green, yellow, red, pink and white beads; beaded at top with `x' pattern in red, green, white, blue and pink; border around top edge in white, blue, green and orange beads; wicker hood with green cloth along front edge; gray and orange woven along top of hood. Remarks: Photographed. "Paiute cradle gift of Arline Keefe, July 18, 1975 - wicker hood, already broken before being received by BBHC." "Paiute Indian papoose carrier-used by baby boy, the design worked in the sun shade is the boy emblem. This is a fine piece, very old, purchased in 1930." "Pauite papoose carrier-this cradle was used by a boy baby as the design on the sunshade is the boy emblem. This a very fine specimen of Paiute work and although it is an old piece it is in perfect condition." | na.111.39.JPG | na.111.39.jpg | floral | cradle | orange | cloth | leather | wicker | Gray | yarn | fringe | green | Beads | Paiute

Paiute | cradle | wicker | B...
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NA.111.41 | ca. 1910 | L: 29.25 in, width: 13.75 in, H: 8.5 in | Function: Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Object: Cradle/Cradleboard - wicker frame covered with leather; two strips of leather fringe across front; beads along top of fringe in blue, yellow and red; diamonds above fringe in blue and red beads; beaded floral design at top in red, blue and yellow; wicker hood; strip of leather along front of hood with blue and red beads around edge; black and orange yarn woven in diamond pattern on top of hood. Remarks: RLA 479 Paiute cradle/cradleboard 1800's. Photographed. Purchased by the BBMA from the above source, Robert L. Anderson | na.111.41.JPG | na.111.41.jpg | floral | Diamond | diamonds | cradle | wicker | Beads | fringe | yarn | leather | Paiute

lamp | wicker | handles | ch...
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1.69.1837 | ca. 1940 | Base Height: 10 in, Base Width: 9.25 in, chimney height: 9.375 in | Gift of Clyde S. Erskine and Helen E. Erskine | Carnival painted glass kerosene lamp, c. 1940. Debossed and painted grape, leaf and wicker motif. Brass wicker. Matching chimney. Two handles on base. | 1.69.1837.JPG | grape, leaf and wicker motif | carnival | lamp | wicker | handles | chimney | glass | painted | debossed | two | brass

Southeastern | basket | wick...
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3.78.12 | pre- 1977 | H: 11 in, Diameter: 15.25 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver. | Plaited oak splint carrying basket with oak rim and holes for carrying (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | 3.78.12.jpg | 3.78.12.jpg | basket | wicker | oak | Southeastern

basket | wicker
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NA.106.688 | Diameter: 10.5 x 11 in, H: 8.75 x 3.5 in | J.R Simplot Collection, Gift of Mr. J. R. Simplot | Fairview Museum (blue ink) | Utensils and Implements, Household. Beige colored basket with tight weave and dark colored lizard design and curves. Six lizard designs around basket. Dark zig-zag design around top edge of basket. There is a lid that fits on top of the basket. It is beige in color with a similar zig-zag pattern around the lip and edges of the handle. Weave is in a circular pattern on the lid with four dark strips spiraling out toward the lip of the lid. | NA.106.688.JPG | lizard | basket | wicker

rocking chair | wood | leath...
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1.69.543 | 1885-1895 | overall length: 31 in, width: 17.875 in, depth: 29 in, seat width: 17.5 in, seat height: 15 in | Rocking chair, small. Loosely woven wicker back and arms with braided wicker edging, wood seat frame with stamped quilted diamond motif leather seat tacked around edges, truned front legs and front stretcher, tpaered round back legs and staright round stretchers, 2 each side, one in back. Painted overall with black enamel (possibly) over badly chipped previous paint. MJA collection notes that this chair was "owned by May Cody Bradford in the 1880's." Provenance thus indicates this originated in the Bradford-Decker Collection. | 1.69.543.jpg | Diamond | rocking chair | wood | leather | wicker

sculptor's stool
stool | oak | steel | wicker...
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11.06.741 | H: 28.25 in, width: 14.25 in, depth: 14.25 in | sculptor's stool | Gift of A. Phimister Proctor Museum with special thanks to Sandy and Sally Church | stool with adjustable seat | 11.06.741.jpg | stool | stool | oak | steel | wicker | iron

sombrero | hat | cotton | co...
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1.69.6560 | Gift of Richard Anthony "Tony" Parker, grandson of Antonio Esquivel and Lea Jane Parker, on behalf of Clara "Clarita" Esquivel Parker daughter of Antonio Esquivel, vaquero in Buffalo Bill's Wild West | Black sombrero with white cotton thread criss-cross design around the brim, and a bird design in pink and white thread in the center of the dome and white threaded geometric design running around the dome. There is a silver thread chin strap that is threaded through the sides of the dome. | 1.69.6560.JPG | 1.69.6560b.JPG | 1.69.6560a.JPG | sombrero | hat | cotton | cotton thread | wicker

Karok | cradle | cloth | wic...
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NA.111.48 | ca. 1910 | L: 23.25 in, width: 9.5 in, H: 6 in | Function: Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Ojbect: Cradle - wicker; open at foot; wedge shaped hood; two strips of cloth tied to inside edge. Remarks: RLA 610 Salmon River baby cradle, early 1900's. Photographed. Purchased by the BBMA from the above source, Robert L. Anderson | NA.111.48.JPG | na.111.48.jpg | cradle | cloth | wicker | Karok