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Hinono'ei | Oklahoma | Arapa...
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NA.204.5 | ca.1890 | L: 40 in, width: 29 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of The Searle Family Trust and The Paul Stock Foundation | Dress and Adornment, Religious Attire. Hand-tanned elk hide, fringed on neck flaps, shoulder area, wrist area, bottom edge of shirt, down sides of shirt, and down back of arms. Painted in red, light blue, dark blue and green pigments. White stars with red line surrounding them, dark blue birds, dark blue and white magpies, white turtle with red blocks on its back, background of shirt is light blue. Fringes on shirt are all painted green. Red human figures on front and rear. Neck flaps have plants and pipes, figure's chest has crescent shape and feather on top of head. Group of dark feathers hang from fringes of neck flap. | Field Guide: Fandex: Family Field Guide: American Indians, Workman Publishing, New York, ISBN: 0 7611 2583 3 | na.204.5 v1.jpg | na.204.5 v2.jpg | na.204.5 v3.jpg | na.204.5 v4.jpg | NA.204.5.JPG | NA.204.5 v1.jpg | NA.204.5 v2.jpg | NA.204.5 v3.jpg | NA.204.5 v4.jpg | crescent | stars | turtle | magpie | human | plant | pipes | Ghost Dance shirt | feather | pigment | tanned | magpie feathers | elkhide | Hinono'ei | Oklahoma | Arapaho

Hinono'ei | Wyoming | Arapah...
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NA.111.47 | ca. 1880 | L: 32 in, width: 13 in, H: 11 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Printed on faded label: R E HAYES & CO/ RIVERTON WYO | Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Cradle - flour or grain sack with faded label, lined with blue and white cloth; rawhide strips wrapped with red, white and black; dew claws on leather loops wrapped with red, white and black porcupine quills; quilled rosette on top of hood with geometric design in red and black on white ground; leather laces wrapped with red, white and black quills. | Map: Forts of the Permanent Indian Frontier, 1817-Circa 1848, Western National Parks Association, Mark L. Gardner, Tucson, 2005 | na.111.47.jpg | NA.111.47.JPG | na.111.47.jpg | NA.111.47.jpg | geometric | rosette | quilled | cradle | porcupine quills | sack | cloth | hide | dew claws | Hinono'ei | Wyoming | Arapaho

Arapaho | Southern Plains | ...
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NA.504.405 | 1870-1890 | wide at widest point: 5 in, bag length: 15.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Long, narrow tube of tanned hide, slightly wider at bottom, with added upper edge, rounded and covered with glass seed beads in stripes of white, dark blue, turquoise blue. Four (4) tabs 6 ½" L added to top edge, with V'd ends; beaded in three (3) narrow vertical stripes of white, dark blue, turquoise blue, bottom of tabs in horizontal stripes of green and yellow, all edges in white beads. Body of bag is covered with yellow pigment, and fully beaded in seed beads with narrow vertical stripes on upper body of white, blue, turquoise, side seams in wider vertical three (3) sectioned stripes of white and red white heart beads, then two (2) sections of yellow boxes with red squares intersected with blue line and top and bottom of dark blue with turquoise blue boxes. Bottom 1/3 is same designs as sides, but large and covering entire area. Fringe strip added to bottom of bag, with white seed beads intermixed at top, tin cones and horse hair over the hide fringe. Some pieces are twisted and have tin pieces wrapped round, and painted green. Some tine cones along side seams also - three (3) on one side, two (2) on the other. | l.312.2006.1806.jpg | l.312.2006.1806v2.jpg | l.312.2006.1806v3.jpg | NA.504.405.v1.jpg | NA.504.405.v2.jpg | NA.504.405.jpg | tobacco bag | glass beads | cotton thread | tin cones | tanned hide | pigments | Horse Hair | Arapaho | Southern Plains | Hinono'ei