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Ten Minutes to Su...
Lougheed, Robert E. | Painti...
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25.85 | 1976 | H: 8 in, width: 16 in, Frame height: 17.75 in, Frame width: 25.625 in | Ten Minutes to Sunset | Gift of Cordy Lougheed | Silhouetted by a sunburst pattern of warm orange and pink foliage, the Indian and pony gaze toward the horizon. The background composition was painted as if to entice the viewer into imagining what the figure sees as the sun sets. Lougheed's portrayal of an Indian in a close relationship with nature, attuned to the changes of the day, suggests a romantic attitude that is paralleled in the artist's vivid colors and dashing brushstrokes. Robert Lougheed spent most of his career as a highly successful commercial artist. Mobil Corporation's "flying red horse" is a Lougheed original. In the 1960s he turned to outdoor western subjects. | LR: ROBERT LOUGHEED/POJOAQUE NEW MEXICO, On backing: 796 TEN MINUTES TO SUNSET - /POJOAQUE, NEW MEXICO/BY R.E. LOUGHEED/796 | Painted from life on location according to donor. | Exhibit catalog: Art of the Rocky Mountain West; U.S. Ambassador's Residence, Dublin, Ireland; U.S. Department of State, Art in Embassies Program; Vienna, 2000 | 25.85.JPG | 25.85.jpg | Indian | Painting | oil on artist's board | Lougheed, Robert E.

They Moved by the...
Lougheed, Robert E. | Painti...
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27.85 | 1979 | H: 15 in, width: 29.875 in, Frame height: 24.625 in, Frame width: 39.5 in | They Moved by the Open Stream | Gift of Cordy Lougheed | Lougheed portrayed the landscape, not as the grand space of the nineteenth century, but as an intimate, quiet retreat. His work reveals a twentieth-century emphasis on communion with nature. | On reverse: The Moved by the Open Stream/R.E. Lougheed/(c) 1979 Ontario Canada #519 | Needs spacers and new back, Provenance: Grand Central Art Galleries, Inc. tag, Reproduction rights tag, Cowboy Artists of America Tag | 27.85.JPG | Animal | Painting | watercolor and egg tempera on artist board | Lougheed, Robert E.