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Northern Arapaho | Dewey, Ma...
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NA.202.1276 | 2003 | width across back: 25 in | Pictographic designs with men on horses, tipis. | na.202.1276 v2.jpg | na.202.1276.jpg | na.202.1276v1.jpg | NA.202.1276.jpg | na.202.1276v2.jpg | NA.202.1276V2.jpg | tipi | Men | horse | vest | man's | Buckskin | Cotton cloth | glass beads | Northern Arapaho | Dewey, Marcus | Northern Plains

Northern Arapaho | Northern ...
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NA.201.28 | ca. 1890 | Diameter: 7.875 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Beaded disk. Round section of tanned hide with beaded circle divided into segments of yellow, black, white, and red typical to Northern Arapaho design. Outer edge of yellow beads done in saw tooth pattern. Small hide tied attached to edge. Hide circle with beading machine stitched to another tanned hide circle. Disk may have been part of blanket strip. | NA.201.28.v1.jpg | NA.201.28.jpg | beaded disc | glass beads | cotton thread | tanned hide | Northern Arapaho | Northern Plains

Sitting Eagle's Father | Nor...
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NA.108.165 | ca. 1840 | handle length: 25 in, diameter of handle: 3.5 in, blade length: 4.75 in, blade width: 2.25 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Tomahawk with metal blade and carved wood handle. Lower half of handle carved in circular ribbing; upper 1/3 wrapped in copper wire. (5) small brass studs below wire; (4) small brass studs between wire and head; (3) larger brass studs at top of handle. Head and blade plain. | na.108.65.jpg | tomahawk | wood | metal | wire | Sitting Eagle's Father | Northern Arapaho | Wind River | Wyoming

Northern Arapaho | Northern ...
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NA.111.71 | 1880-1900 | L: 32 in, width: 12.5 in, Diameter: 6.625 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Composite piece with older and slightly more contemporary elements. Arapaho style cradle with bent wood frame, with rawhide piece attached as backboard. Covered with pieced tanned bison hide (fur on interior side) that encircles the backboard, wrapping around the top and is wrapped across itself in front. Very top has a quilled disk in alternating circles of purple/black dyed and natural colored porcupine quills, with hourglass to top and bottom that has red and yellow dyed quills. A lower tanned hide fringe is attached, made of nine (9) hide segments, bottom hide portion wrapped in white quills, and then quilled loops in orange, dark and natural, and strung through dew claws. On back of top is pointed like a hood, with another hide fringe tab made into nine (9) segments with quilled loops and dew claws. Rawhide strip segment (3”W) is attached around with face of the cradle with the rawhide strips wrapped in dyed quills: red, green, black and white striped. The 14 hide strips attached to back of cradle used to encircle and hold the cradle cloth together are ‘newer’ additions in red, blue, black, white striped segments. Hide strap attached on back for carrying. | NA.111.71.v1.jpg | NA.111.71.v2.jpg | cradle | porcupine quills | rawhide | dew claws | tanned bison hide | dyed porcupine quills | wood | tanned hide | Northern Arapaho | Northern Plains

Northern Arapaho | Spoonhunt...
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NA.106.715 | 1994 | H: 26.5 in, Diameter: 6 in | Gift of the Pilot Foundation | Small feather bonnet-style cylindrical case; rawhide, painted with a rose design on white background in center of star design. Rays of star are triangular with red, green and black geometric cesign. Stripe around bottom and top of case with same deisgn alternating with white triangles. Fringed at bottom. Top of case has similar rose design. Seam at back and bottom sewn with rawhide. Top attached with buckskin strips | Bottom: Bob Spoonhunter 1994 | NA.106.715.JPG | na.106.715.jpg | geometric | floral | feather bonnet case | Buckskin | rawhide | pigment | Northern Arapaho | Spoonhunter, Bob

Wyoming | Northern Arapaho |...
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NA.203.358 | ca. 1880 | L: 17 in, width: 11 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Women's buffalo society headdress - cap made of buffalo skin sewn together down the middle with a buffalo horn on each side at the front. Leather brow band at the front decorated with porcupine quills in yellow, orange, red and purple. Quilled wheel on one side of cap with down feathers hanging from it. | NA.203.358.JPG | NA.203.358.JPG | NA.203.358.JPG | NA.203.358.jpg | quilled | wheel | Buffalo Society | women | headdress | buffalo | horn | feathers | sinew | hide | porcupine quills | Wyoming | Northern Arapaho | Northern Plains

Thermopolis, Wyoming | North...
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NA.403.203.2 | 2017 | width without fringe: 35.375 in, width with fringe: 55.75 in, L: 30.75 in | Plains Indian Museum Acquisitions Fund Purchase | Beaded saddle blanket made of smoked deer hide, glass beads, and nylon thread. Backside lined with blue and white ticking fabric. Includes four blue and gold star designs, one at the top of object and three at the base. 14 white tipis adorn a solid blue boarder. A beaded line sections two halves of the beaded saddle blanket. (HCO 2/23/2017) | NA.403.203.2 1.JPG | NA.403.203.2 10.JPG | NA.403.203.2 4.JPG | NA.403.203.2 6.JPG | NA.403.203.2 7.JPG | NA.403.203.2 8.JPG | NA.403.203.2 9.JPG | NA.403.203.2 11.JPG | NA.403.203.2 2.JPG | NA.403.203.2 3.JPG | NA.403.203.2 5.JPG | saddle blanket | tanned hide | nylon | glass beads | fabric | Thermopolis, Wyoming | Northern Arapaho | Dewey, Marcus

Eastern Shoshone | Wyoming |...
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NA.502.42 | 1940s | L: 22 in, circumference of head: 7 in | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Horse hair and wood. Braided horse hair handle with peyote design in red, blue, green and yellow on white ground. Gourd head, white cotton painted fringe on handle bottom. Purple fringe at the top with orange, green, white and black beadwork below (3/4" strip). | NA.502.42.JPG | NA.502.42.JPG | gourd stick design | Native American Church rattle | pigment | gourd | glass beads | Horse Hair | string | wood | cotton | Eastern Shoshone | Wyoming | Northern Arapaho

Dewey, Marcus | Thermopolis,...
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NA.403.203.1 | 1997 | H: 31 in, width: 19.5 in, L: 13.5 in | Museum purchase with funds provided by the Pilot Foundation | Transportation, Land Transportation. Beaded saddle with leather stirrups. Entire seat of saddle is beaded with a mirror design of a buffalo and calf standing beside each other; white beaded background, blue trim around exterior; back and front of seat are trimmed in blue wool and red tradecloth with strips at the end, held down with round brass tacks. Design in white background of 2 red triangles trimmed in blue facing each other. Metal rings at front for leather stirrup straps. Stirrups have a beaded design only around the front, the rest is leather. Design of red, blue, yellow and white rings, at bottom is a white panel with a red and blue triangle buffalo is brown, yellow and blue, calf is yellow with blue trim. | NA.403.203.JPG | NA.403.203dtl.JPG | NA.403.203.JPG | NA.403.203.jpg | NA.403.203.jpg | na.403.203v2.jpg | triangles | buffalo | buffalo calf | McClellan saddle | saddle | brass tacks | deer hide | metal | wool cloth | glass beads | Dewey, Marcus | Thermopolis, Wyoming | Northern Arapaho