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Northern Plains | Oglala Sio...
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NA.202.433 | 1890 | Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Richard W. Edwards, Jr. | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Deerskin, fully beaded, including soles; geometric designs in green, blue and red/white hearts and yellow on white ground; leather strip around ankle for tie wrapped with red porcupine quills. | na.202.433v1.jpg | na.202.433v2.jpg | geometric | Moccasins | yellow | seed | porcupine | fully beaded including soles | deerskin | White | quills | red white hearts | blue | green | Beads | wrapped | Northern Plains | Oglala Sioux

Oglala Sioux | Her Many Hors...
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NA.502.215.1 | 1998 | H: 6 in, width: 10 in, depth: 12.375 in | Gift of the Pilot Foundation | interior top: F/ SELECT/ QUALITY/ SILK HAT/ RECOGNIZED STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE | Ritual and Recreation; Ritual Curing and Cult Objects. Black beaver felt top hat with gros grain ribbon at edge of brim. Flat metal in shape of peyote bird, with movable tail, pinned to front of hat. Leather interior brim with white fabric interior. Inscription on interior top. Beaded hatband with round rosette and feathers at front accompanies hat. Hat band has light blue background with a repeating design around the band. Design consists of a row of red and blue peyote birds on either side of two multi-colored zigzag designs. Between the zigzag designs is a row of four repeat designs of a white bead surrounded by black beads. Rosette has a scalloped edge. Multi-colored beaded circular design with white tipi at center bottom. Interior is lined with fabric. Feathers at top of rosette are teal and brown with red, blue and white feathers with black at top and base. | na.502.215.1.jpg | peyote bird | zigzag | hat | leather | Beads | feathers | fabric | felt | metal | silk | Oglala Sioux | Her Many Horses, Emil