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Paiute | basket | Woven
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NA.106.797 | ca. 1900 | Diameter: 11 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harris A. Thompson | na.106.797v2.jpg | na.106.797v4.jpg | na.106.797v1.jpg | na.106.797v3.jpg | na.106.797.jpg | basket | Woven | Paiute coiled basket. The newer basket is either a San Juan Paiute or a Ute piece woven with the traditional 20th century Navaho wedding basket design. Because of the many taboos placed on the weaving of their wedding baskets, many Navajo women ceased to weave such baskets in stead trading for baskets that the San Juan Paiute or Ute women wove specifically for the Navajos. Thus, large portions of the Twentieth century Navajo wedding baskets were not woven by Navajos at all. Coiling is to the left using three stacked willow rods (Salix) for foundation of the coil. Sewing materials are split peeled willow splints. The simple designs are done in wrapped work using dyed Yucca leaf. There are remnants of two handles, opposite one another, that appears to have been once attached to the body of the basket with cotton string. | Paiute

Paiute | cradle | orange | c...
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NA.111.39 | ca. 1930 | L: 36 in, width: 14 in, H: 10.5 in | Function: Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Object: Cradle - wicker frame covered with leather; strip of leather fringe across front with large beads in blue, purple, green, yellow and white; floral pattern above fringe in green, yellow, red, pink and white beads; beaded at top with `x' pattern in red, green, white, blue and pink; border around top edge in white, blue, green and orange beads; wicker hood with green cloth along front edge; gray and orange woven along top of hood. Remarks: Photographed. "Paiute cradle gift of Arline Keefe, July 18, 1975 - wicker hood, already broken before being received by BBHC." "Paiute Indian papoose carrier-used by baby boy, the design worked in the sun shade is the boy emblem. This is a fine piece, very old, purchased in 1930." "Pauite papoose carrier-this cradle was used by a boy baby as the design on the sunshade is the boy emblem. This a very fine specimen of Paiute work and although it is an old piece it is in perfect condition." | na.111.39.JPG | na.111.39.jpg | floral | cradle | orange | cloth | leather | wicker | Gray | yarn | fringe | green | Beads | Paiute

Paiute | Great Basin | seed ...
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1.67.184 | ca. 1880 | H: 14 in, Diameter: 13 in, wide at widest point: 14 in, diameter of opening: 1.75 in | Gift of The Coe Foundation | Paiute olla (water basket) with fiber loops attached, natural and brown colors, c. 1880. Gift of above source, 1967 catalog no. 497. | Diagonally twined Paiute basketry seed jar of peeled and unpeeled split willow over willow rods. Two handmade cordage (may be dogbane) handles. The rim is willow wrapped (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | 1.67.184.jpg | Woven | seed jar | basketry | olla | cordage | dogbane | Willow | split willow | Paiute | Great Basin

Paiute | Ute | basket | Suma...
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1.67.75 | c. 1890 | Diameter: 12.5 in, H: 2.5 in | Gift of the Coe Foundation | Ute circular woven basket of natural color with darker brown checks throughout, c. 1890. Gift of above source, 1967 Catalog No. 495. | Sumac coiled basket on a three rod foundation of either willow or sumac with a herringbone rim finish and a dyed design (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | 1.67.75.jpg | circular | Woven | checks throughout | basket | Sumac | dye | Willow | Paiute | Ute

Ute | Paiute | Navajo | Sout...
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19.00.124 | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Fenn | basket (bowl with brown stripe and black serrations above and below). | Coiled sumac basket on a three rod sumac or willow foundation. The wedding basket style design is dyed sumac, and the rim is a herringbone weave finish. Commonly referred to as a Navajo basket, they were also made by the Ute and Paiute (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | 19.00.124.jpg | basket | dye | Sumac | Ute | Paiute | Navajo | Southwest | Dine

Great Basin | Paiute | leggi...
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NA.202.218 | L: 12.5 in, width: 5 in | Gift of Dr. Robert L. Anderson. | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Woman's -- Red wool with single row of white seed beads on outside edge and bottom. Buckskin tassles with glass beads and brass bells along sides. | NA.202.218.JPG | na.202.218.jpg | leggings | seed | trade | hide | cloth | deer | wool | tassles | White | Beads | brass | bells | Red | glass | Great Basin | Paiute

Paiute | basket | Woven
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NA.106.788 | ca. 1900 | H: 8.25 in, Diameter: 4.5 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harris A. Thompson | na.106.788.jpg | basket | Woven | Paiute seed jar. The Paiute people are a fairly large American Indian group that is divided into many smaller tribal and sub-trial units. They speak the Numic branch of the Uto-Aztecan linguistic family and live in the Great Basin region of western Nevada, eastern California, Oregon and northern Arizona. The Paiute produced a number of utilitarian baskets usually in the technique know as twining. These included a number of forms such as the cone shaped burden baskets, fan shaped winnowing and sifting trays, as well as jar or battle forms that came in a wide variety of sizes. This amphora shaped jar was made to store seeds, a food staple of these people. It is distinguished from a water jar by having bands of pattern woven into the basket as well as a lack of pine pitch which was used to waterproof the baskets used as water bottles. This entire basket is woven in two stick twill twining. Materials used are peeled willow (Salix) rods for the warp, split willow that has been fully peeled for the cream colored design bands, willows with the inner bark left on for the reddish material and twisted yucca fiber for the handles. | Paiute

Paiute | basket | Woven
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NA.106.796 | 1950's | Diameter: 8 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harris A. Thompson | na.106.796.jpg | na.106.796v3.jpg | na.106.796v1.jpg | na.106.796v2.jpg | na.106.796v4.jpg | basket | Woven | Paiute

Paiute | cradle | wicker | B...
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NA.111.41 | ca. 1910 | L: 29.25 in, width: 13.75 in, H: 8.5 in | Function: Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Object: Cradle/Cradleboard - wicker frame covered with leather; two strips of leather fringe across front; beads along top of fringe in blue, yellow and red; diamonds above fringe in blue and red beads; beaded floral design at top in red, blue and yellow; wicker hood; strip of leather along front of hood with blue and red beads around edge; black and orange yarn woven in diamond pattern on top of hood. Remarks: RLA 479 Paiute cradle/cradleboard 1800's. Photographed. Purchased by the BBMA from the above source, Robert L. Anderson | na.111.41.JPG | na.111.41.jpg | floral | Diamond | diamonds | cradle | wicker | Beads | fringe | yarn | leather | Paiute

Paiute | basket | blue | Red...
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NA.506.3 | Diameter: 4 in, H: 2.25 in | The Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sandberg collection given in memory of Babe and Sandy Sandberg by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Phillips | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Woven grass; round; fully beaded outside with geometric design in red, yellow, blue, green and black on white ground. | NA.506.3.JPG | NA.506.3.JPG | geometric | basket | blue | Red | grass | black | Woven | yellow | green | round | White | seed | Beads | Paiute

Chemehuevi | Great Basin | P...
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19.00.123 | H: 2.75 in, diameter of opening: 11 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Fenn | basket (bowl, black weave design). | Coiled willow basket on a three rod willow foundation. The design is devil's claw (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | 19.00.123.jpg | basket | Willow | devil's claw | Chemehuevi | Great Basin | Paiute