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Dewey, Marcus | Thermopolis,...
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NA.403.203.1 | 1997 | H: 31 in, width: 19.5 in, L: 13.5 in | Museum purchase with funds provided by the Pilot Foundation | Transportation, Land Transportation. Beaded saddle with leather stirrups. Entire seat of saddle is beaded with a mirror design of a buffalo and calf standing beside each other; white beaded background, blue trim around exterior; back and front of seat are trimmed in blue wool and red tradecloth with strips at the end, held down with round brass tacks. Design in white background of 2 red triangles trimmed in blue facing each other. Metal rings at front for leather stirrup straps. Stirrups have a beaded design only around the front, the rest is leather. Design of red, blue, yellow and white rings, at bottom is a white panel with a red and blue triangle buffalo is brown, yellow and blue, calf is yellow with blue trim. | NA.403.203.JPG | NA.403.203dtl.JPG | NA.403.203.JPG | NA.403.203.jpg | NA.403.203.jpg | na.403.203v2.jpg | triangles | buffalo | buffalo calf | McClellan saddle | saddle | brass tacks | deer hide | metal | wool cloth | glass beads | Dewey, Marcus | Thermopolis, Wyoming | Northern Arapaho

Thermopolis, Wyoming | North...
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NA.403.203.2 | 2017 | width without fringe: 35.375 in, width with fringe: 55.75 in, L: 30.75 in | Plains Indian Museum Acquisitions Fund Purchase | Beaded saddle blanket made of smoked deer hide, glass beads, and nylon thread. Backside lined with blue and white ticking fabric. Includes four blue and gold star designs, one at the top of object and three at the base. 14 white tipis adorn a solid blue boarder. A beaded line sections two halves of the beaded saddle blanket. (HCO 2/23/2017) | NA.403.203.2 1.JPG | NA.403.203.2 10.JPG | NA.403.203.2 4.JPG | NA.403.203.2 6.JPG | NA.403.203.2 7.JPG | NA.403.203.2 8.JPG | NA.403.203.2 9.JPG | NA.403.203.2 11.JPG | NA.403.203.2 2.JPG | NA.403.203.2 3.JPG | NA.403.203.2 5.JPG | saddle blanket | tanned hide | nylon | glass beads | fabric | Thermopolis, Wyoming | Northern Arapaho | Dewey, Marcus