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Cossack | cinch | iron | cot...
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1.69.829 | ca. 1885 | L: 30 in | Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection | Cotton twist cinch with double iron buckles, companion cinch to 1.69.4978 | 1.69.829.jpg | cinch | iron | cotton | Cossack

Mexican | cinch | leather | ...
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1.67.317 | L: 47 x 55 in, width: 3.75 in | Credit Line: Gift of The Coe Foundation. Mexican tooled leather cinch with embroidered decoration in two pieces. Gift of the above source, 1967 catalog no. 371. LOCATION: the second length is the length of the second piece. | 1.67.317.jpg | 1.67.317.jpg | embroidered | cinch | leather | tooled | Mexican

cinch | metal | horse | hair...
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1.69.1741C | ca. 1890 | Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Howell H. Howard (Mimi) | stamped: JACOB STRAUSS/PAT/OCT 26 1880/ST. LOUIS | Double cinch rig; 4 dark brown leather back cinch rings; braided and woven blonde, brown and black horse hair straps connected by a strip of dark brown leather with a rosette at each end, rosettes are tied to cinch straps with leather thongs and have a black horse hair tassle in the center; leather backs on cinch rings have an incised four line border with stamped flowers at corners. | 1.69.1741C.JPG | floral | cinch | metal | horse | hair | leather

Plains | stirrups | pack sad...
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NA.403.292 | ca. 1870 | L: 18.5 in, width: 4.5 in, H: 12.25 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Two (2) shaped antlers, attached to front and rear of two wooden side slats. Rawhide, stretched while wet around the frame, sewn with sinew, holds pieces together. Piece of rawhide runs horizontally across saddle frame attached to pommel and to cantle over the extra horn and attached with wooden peg on other end. Two holes burned at each end of side slats for rawhide rigging (not attached). Stirrups (2) attached with tanned bison hide strips. Stirrups are wooden frame, wrapped in wet rawhide and stretched over the frame and sewn with, extra thick stitches on the bottom. Extra strapping (bundled) of same material as attached to stirrups. Cinch is broken in two pieces. | NA.403.292.v1.jpg | NA.403.292.jpg | stirrups | pack saddle | cinch | straps | sinew | wood | tanned bison hide | antler | rawhide | Plains

Bohlin, Edward | Hollywood, ...
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1.69.2712.3 | 1934 | L: 28.25 in, width: 5.5 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Misciagna | Extra cinch. Red and white cording with a brown leather cross bar with one ring, iron buckles, with leather half covers and leather pads with sheepskin attached. | 1.69.2712A.JPG | cinch | cording | iron | sheepskin | leather | Bohlin, Edward | Hollywood, CA

Prosser Martin, Del Rio, TX ...
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1.69.2452C | L: 36.625 in, width: 2.125 in | Gift of H. Peter Kriendler in memory of Jack, Mac and Bob | Rear cinch, Prosser and Martin tooled leather; aluminum buckles | 1.69.2452C.JPG | cinch | leather | aluminum | tooled | buckles | Prosser Martin, Del Rio, TX

cinch | iron | rings
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1.69.902 | ca. 1900 | L: 27 in | Saddle cinch with iron rings. | 1.69.902.jpg | cinch | iron | rings