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Crow | Montana | crupper | w...
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NA.403.9 | ca. 1900 | side panel length: 34.5 in, beaded panel length: 9 in, beaded panel width: 4 in, pendant length: 10 in, pendant width: 6.375 in, back panel width: 9 in | Catherine Bradford McClellan Collection, Gift of The Coe Foundation | Transportation: Land Transportation. Commercially tanned leather side panels with overlay beaded border with buckskin tab attached at back with red wool and bead decoration in geometric design. Rawhide pendants extending from each side covered with red wool tradecloth and blue wool decoration. 18 pewter spoons attached to pendants. Buckskin panel around back with tail loop piece. Beaded border along bottom with cross insignia in middle. Buckskin fringe attached to bottom edge. Black cloth along top edge with buckskin wrapping. | na.403.9.jpg | geometric | cross | crupper | wool | cloth | pewter | leather | glass beads | hide | trade | seed | rawhide | deer | spoons | commercially tanned | Crow | Montana

Crow | crupper | silver iron...
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NA.403.77 | 1895 | L: 33.25 in, fringe length: 9.5 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Transportation: Land Transportation. Front part commercial leather, and buckskin; blue, red, white and yellow beadwork on edges and panel; fringe on back; silver iron spoons for bells. | NA.403.77.JPG | na.403.77.jpg | crupper | silver iron | seed | Beads | blue | fringe | White | yellow | spoons | Buckskin | leather | Red | commercial tanned | Crow

Northern Plains | Crow | cru...
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NA.403.18 | ca. 1885 | overall length: 31 in, width: 20.5 in, pendant length: 9.375 in, pendant width: 5.125 in | Transportation: Land Transportation. Commercially tanned leather with overlay bead border (blue and white) towards front of side strips, rectangular shaped red wool pendant with black cloth hourglass design outlined with white beads. Lower portion is fully beaded in overlay with star at tip and red border lane. Buckskin fringe extending from lower portion. Red wool edging along top edge of beaded panel. | na.403.18.jpg | NA.403.18.jpg | hourglass design | border | star | crupper | cloth | wool | trade | commercial | leather | glass beads | deer hide | tanned | seed | Northern Plains | Crow

Northern Plains | Eastern Si...
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NA.403.287 | ca. 1870 | L: 28.5 in, width: 15 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Right half of a crupper. Left side missing. Tanned hide decorated with delicate porcupine quillwork, dyed red, purple and natural, floral or plant motif. Crupper edged in red silk cloth, and fringe wrapped in blue dyed and natural porcupine quills. Under-tail strap made from rolled section of tanned hide. Inside of crupper has traces of unidentified brown material. | NA.403.287.jpg | crupper | dyed porcupine quills | cotton thread | silk cloth | porcupine quills | tanned hide | Northern Plains | Eastern Sioux

Plateau | crupper | Beads | ...
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NA.403.174 | L: 23 in, width: 9.25 in, fringe length: 13.5 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | FUNCTION; Transportation-land. Crupper: Navy wool felt panels bound with red wool, machine sewn, trimmed with a central diamond and triangle design and zigzag borders in white, red and blue basket beads; buffalo fringes sewn along bottom. | na.403.174a-b.jpg | crupper | Beads | wool | Plateau

Northern Plains | Apsáalook...
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NA.403.217 | ca. 1890 | H: .5 in, L: 42 in, width: 9.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Crow style crupper with parfleche amulets ans spoons as danglers. Commercial hide and tanned hide components. | NA.403.217.v1.jpg | NA.403.217.v2.jpg | crupper | brass tacks | tanned hide | glass beads | wool cloth | metal | rawhide | pigment | cotton thread | sinew | leather | Northern Plains | Apsáalooke | Crow

Crow | crupper | Tradecloth ...
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NA.403.183 | 1895 | L: 49.5 in, width: 23 in | Given in memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Transportation, Land Transportation. Horse cruper, hide front with a rawhide backing and fringe remnants around top. Top beaded in pink, blue and white stripe with red and blue tradecloth edging. Flaps have strips of blue, yellow and pink beadwork on sides. Attached to each flap is a rawhide circle covered in red and blue tradecloth with metal spoons attached around edge. | na.403.183.jpg | crupper | Tradecloth | hide | Beads | rawhide | metal | Crow

Crow | Northern Plains | cru...
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NA.403.67 | ca. 1900 | overall length: 34.25 in, width: 8.5 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate. | Transportation: Land Transportation. Two commercially tanned leather panels with two buckskin half circular panels at bottom. Rectangular shaped panels at center with overlay beadwork and red wool border with single row of white beads along edge. Multi-color bead border along leather and half circle edges. Applique bead decoration in center of half circle. Red wool along straight edge of half circle. Rawhide spoon shaped attachment on each leather panel with tradecloth and bead decoration. Tin cone danglers attached along outside edge. Long buckskin fringe at bottom. | NA.403.67.JPG | na.403.67.jpg | rows | half circle edges | circular | rectangular | crupper | Beads | tanned | deer | Red | seed | overlay | brass | tacks | tin | trade | wool | applique | leather | commercially | Buckskin | White | multi-colored | fringe | cones | hide | cloth | Crow | Northern Plains