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locket | Diamond | pink | ye...
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1.69.2718 | 1876 | overall length: 2.5 in, width: 1.375 in | Front: WFC [engraved on back of locket:] Moses Kerngood/from Buffalo Bill/April 20th 1876 [on bar:] Moses Kerngood | Locket with bar pin. Heavy shield shaped locket of yellow gold with pink gold trim. On front is a 3 dimensional buffalo head of pink gold with white gold horns and diamond chip eyes. Above buffalo is a pink gold block with WFC monogram. Back of locket is pink gold engraved with scrolls and inscription. Back of locket opens with top hinge, contains two oval picture openings; the back one contains a photo of Kit Carson Cody with lightly pink tinted cheeks. Attached to top of locket with a heavy pink gold ring is a rectangular bar pin overlaid in pink gold and engraved. Gift from Buffalo Bill to Moses Kerngood shortly after Kit Cody's death | 1.69.2718.jpg | 1.69.2718.jpg | buffalo | scrolls | Cody, Kit Carson | locket | Diamond | pink | yellow | gold

locket | Red | garnet
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1.69.328 | ca. 1870 | oval length: 1.5 in, oval width: 1.125 in | Red garnet encrusted locket, inside contains sepia toned photograph of Buffalo Bill (at about thirty years of age). The locket belonged to Mrs. Lousia Cody. | 1.69.328v1.jpg | 1.69.328v2.jpg | 1.69.328v3.jpg | 1.69.328v5.jpg | 1.69.328.jpg | 1.69.328v2.jpg | 1.69.328v4.jpg | locket | Cody, Louisa | Photograph | Buffalo Bill | locket | Red | garnet

locket | gold
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1.69.337 | 1864-1865 | Diameter: 1.625 in | Gold engraved locket landscape scenes, inside contains two black and white photographs of Buffalo Bill, one ca. 1864, one ca. 1900, locket, ca. 1880. Worn by Mrs. W.F. Cody in photos, ca. 1880. | 1.69.337.jpg | Buffalo Bill | Photograph | Landscape | locket | gold

locket | gold colored | meta...
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1.69.1951A | H: 1.189 in, width: 1.125 in | script initials: EP | Gold colored metal heart-shaped locket with script initials EP. Inside contain locks of hair. Loops at top with jump rings for chains. | 1.69.1951A.JPG | heart | locket | gold colored | metal | hair