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table | black carved | hardw...
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3.78.62 | H: 30 in, table top length: 48 in, table top width: 28.5 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver | Black carved hardwood table with trestle (two horizontal boards) carved scroll border. Used for reference materials, pencils, etc. Origin: Where- Personal studio collection of artist, W.H.D. Koerner. When- May, 1977 (Materials received - 1978) | 3.78.62.jpg | table | black carved | hardwood

Antler Table
Nordberg Furniture | Nordber...
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1.69.6149 | 2007 | L: 60 in, H: 30 in, width: 19.5 in | Antler Table | Switchback Ranch Purchase Award | Doug Nordberg has lived in the Cody area since 1980. His love of the outdoors, including antler hunting, prompted his interest in western design that he says brings him closer to nature. His work is featured in galleries, publications, and shows—including this year’s third annual Cody High Style: Designing the West exhibition at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center September 21 – 26. This particular table is composed of deer and elk antlers as well as spaulted maple. Doug Norberg, antler table, 2007. Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Switchback Ranch Purchase Award, 2007. 1.69.6149 | 1.69.6149.jpg | table | Mule Deer | elk antler | spaulted maple | fallow deer | Whitetail Deer | Antler Table 2007 Doug Nordberg Nordberg Furniture Cody, Wyoming Sofa Table constructed of assembled antlers from elk, fallow deer, whitetail deer and mule deer, with spaulted maple top Switchback Ranch Purchase Award 1.69.6149 | Nordberg Furniture | Nordberg, Doug

Pedersen, Pete | table | scr...
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1.69.2309 | H: 21.625 in, Diameter: 21.625 in | Small occasional table; 12 sided wood (pine) top stained golden brown and edged with an aluminum strip, top is inlaid with cut and polished rock in a circle within a 12-pointed star within a 12-petal flower design, gray grout (cement), stones include rose quartz, jasper and others; top is attached to a piece of blue-gray painted plywood with 12 metal screws; attached to plywood base are 4 cedar branch legs with the bark shaved off but knots left showing, legs intersect at mid-point and are held together with long screws, legs have been varnished. | 1.69.2309.JPG | star | flower | table | screws | strip | polished | aluminum | plywood | rock | golden brown | pine | metal | blue-gray | Pedersen, Pete

Sky King
Koons, Mark | table | cherry...
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1.69.5841 | 1999 | H: 28.25 in, L: 37.5 in, width: 23.375 in | Sky King | Switchback Ranch Purchase Award | Mixed species end-grain laminated rectangular table. Scalloped apron around sides. Legs are square with beveled edges at top and bottom, extend slightly above table top. Bottom shelf is not solid, but made from 12 pieces of wood so that affect is slotted. Table top, aprons and bottom of legs made from multiple pieces of different colored woods. | 1.69.5841.jpg | table | cherry | wood | butternut | birdseye | walnut | boxelder | mulberry | maple | lilac | sassafras | Koons, Mark

Quandary Design Inc., Leadvi...
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1.69.5649 | 1997 | H: 30.25 in, width: 16.25 in, L: 49.325 in | Switchback Ranch Purchase Award | underneath back of left corner: G. Race 1997/ #MJ171-1 | Rectangular table with 4 legs and apron. Table top has 3 natural holes in top surface, back edge has long notch. Table top is 2 pieces of wood sandwiching another darker wood with rough hewn edges, front corners are curved, back corners are square. Tack trim on all four sides beneath table. Front edges of apron are curved at sides and squared at center. Back apron has straight edge. Legs are burled with metal disks at bottom of legs. | 1.69.5649.JPG | table | leather | tooled | redwood | Utah | burl | juniper | Quandary Design Inc., Leadville, Colorado | Race, Greg

Anti-Gravity Table
New West Furniture, Cody, Wy...
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1.69.5756 | 1998 | H: 33 in, width: 47 in, depth: 26 in | Anti-Gravity Table | Switchback Ranch Purchase Award | underside of table in 2 areas: NEW (indecipherible) NEW WEST | Wooden table made of free-form burled pine top, twisted red cedar base. Base is joined to bottom of table top and one end extends downward and curves toward the opposite table top end. Table top has uneven surface as it follows the contours of the wood. Two areas where there are holes through the surface, some holes in the wood. Inscription on underside. | 1.69.5756.jpg | table | Red | pine | cedar | New West Furniture, Cody, Wyoming | Patrick, J. Michael (deceased)

Proctor, Alexander Phimister...
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11.06.509 | H: 1.75 x 41.5 in, width: 26 in, depth: 13.625 in, Diameter: 24 in | Gift of A. Phimister Proctor Museum with special thanks to Sandy and Sally Church | 11.06.509.jpg | work | table | leg | table | table | Proctor, Alexander Phimister

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19.00.161 | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Fenn | Library table (overhanging table top, single drawer in the center plank between legs) | 19.00.161.jpg | table

table | cabriole | circular ...
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1.69.1786A | 1930 | Diameter: 20 in, H: 28.25 in | Walnut Italian renaissance end table, or occasional table. Circular top with curved edges with quarter sectioned walnut veneer and carved skirt. Cabriole legs carved at knee and four with crossing S-curved stretchers and upright finial at center. Gift of the above source. ORIGIN: Where This table was given to Dick Frost by Mrs. Hughes of Lovell, Wyoming, in 1975. It was originally a wedding gift to Mrs. Hughes. | 1.69.1786A.JPG | table | cabriole | circular | upright finial | walnut | veneer | edges | S-curved stretchers | tops | center | legs | curved