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Pioneer Mother, K...
Photograph | gelatin silver ...
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11.06.681 | H: 8.0625 in, width: 30.5625 in, depth: 0 in | Pioneer Mother, Kansas City, Missouri | Gift of A. Phimister Proctor Museum with special thanks to Sandy and Sally Church | reverse: Pioneer Mother Kansas City Missouri 1927 | a large crowd of people gathered to view the dedication of Pioneer Mother by a group of dignitaries on a raised, curtained platform adjacent to a bandstand with band | Tyner & Murphy | 11.06.681.jpg | band | bandstand | monuments | people | Photograph | gelatin silver print

Cheyenne | natal charm | amb...
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NA.502.176 | ca. 1890 | L: 4.5 in, width: 1.75 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Turtle shaped, fully beaded on both sides with a band around outside edge and down center of shell, each side of shell has a 4-legged animal shape with a split tail; one side is beaded light blue with faceted dark blue animals and a purple and yellow striped border and center band; other side is beaded with dark green faceted shell and red white hearts animals, amber heads with dark blue eyes and mouth, light blue and dark blue faceted center band, border of light blue with dark blue and red white hearts squares and stripes; three legs are wrapped with light greasy blue beads and have 3 leather toes; body and legs all beaded with small seed beads; top and bottom seam line is overcast with dark blue and white regular sized seed beads. | na.502.176v1.jpg | na.502.176v2.jpg | NA.502.176VIEW1.JPG | NA.502.176VIEW2.JPG | turtle shape | animals | 4-legged animal shape with split tail | band | squares | striped border | natal charm | amber | red white hearts | Beads | leather | White | light blue | dark green | yellow | seed | purple | light greasy blue | faceted | dark blue | Cheyenne

Nez Perce | Plateau | basket...
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NA.106.621 | Early 20th Century | H: 3.5 in, Base Width: 2.25 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Utility and implement, Household. Drinking cup shape; tightly twined (warp twining) with closed spacing; mixing wool yarn and traditional root fiber in natural (beige) color. Wool colors used; red, black, pale blue, cream. Patterned twined start with interwoven knotted base. Rim is compound self binding with plaited selvage at 180 degrees angle. Design: stepped line design with solid band of color inside. Step lines go from bottom of cup to top (encircling cup). || Miniature basket with a plain twined Indian hemp warp and a corn husk and wool yarn design of false embroidery (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | NA.106.621.JPG | band | stepped design | basket | hemp | wool yarn | corn husk | cotton twine | Nez Perce | Plateau

arrow | three | wood | brown...
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NA.102.164 | L: 24.5 in, Diameter: .283 in | Gift of Mr. J. R. Simplot | Red and white label around shaft, handwritten: Mrs./Farnsworth/Estate/April/1958 | Utensils and Implements: Hunting. Wood shaft with 3 shallow parallel grooves, tapered notched end with narrow 2-1/8" iron point sinew wrapped in; split feather fletching - 2 brown and white, 1 brown and rest-sinew wrapped at top and bottom, dark red band around shaft in lower half of fletching and at V nock. | na.102.164.jpg | band | arrow | three | wood | brown | sinew | dark red | shallow | iron | band | grooves | feather | White | point | fletching

Shoshone | shoes, baby | nau...
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NA.202.851 | ca. 1987 | H: 2.25 in, L: 4 in, width: 2.25 in | Dress and Adornment-Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Pink naugahyde high top "shoes" with pink laces, 4 pair of lace holes. Toe is beaded with a stepped W in orange, brown and yellow; sides of toes beaded with a band of red-orange and 2 browns across a semi-circle of yellow; designs are banded with red-orange and brown; a band of alternating yellow, orange and brown goes around bottom edge. Top edges are picot beaded with brown, orange and yellow. | NA.202.851A&B.JPG | na.202.851.jpg | semi-circle | band | shoes, baby | naugahyde | Beads | Shoshone