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Cree | Chippewa | Rocky Boy'...
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NA.507.89 | ca. 1986 | circumference: 8.5 in | Ritual and Recreational Toys. Tennis ball completely covered with beaded buckskin, design motifs include an orange turtle with irridescent brown center, an orange tipi with light blue door and two sizes if diamond designs in royal blue, maroon, clear green, light blue, orange and irridescent borwn all on a white ground. | The Anguish of Snails: Volume 2, Folklore in the West; by Barre Toelken; Utah State University Press, Logan Utah; 2003; page 60 | na.507.89.jpg | NA.507.89dtl.JPG | NA.507.89.JPG | turtle | tipi | Diamond | door | ball | glass beads | tennis ball | rubber | Cree | Chippewa | Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, Montana

South Dakota | Sioux | shirt...
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NA.202.598 | 1870s | L: 42.5 in, width: 58 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Man's (Red Cloud) -- Deerskin, fringe. Upper portion painted blue, lower portion yellow with yellow, orange and brown lines in between. Triangular tabs on front and back of neck decorated with red and blue wool and beading in white, red, blue, green, turquoise and yellow. Lazy stitch beaded strips over shoulders and on each sleeve. Panels with turquoise diamond designs on dark blue ground also with white, green, yellow, red and pink on strips. Upper portion and sleeves also have small beaded squares in red and pink or turquoise and yellow. Human hair bundles run over shoulders and on sleeves, most dark but some light horse hair bundles. Bundles wrapped with undyed porcupine quills and attached to blue beads. Tabs at bottom on each side decorated with triangular piece of red and blue wool with white, blue and green beaded border. | Book: juvenile, Discovering the Arts, Native American Culture, by Katherine Gleason, Rourke Publishing LLC, Vero Beach, 2006, (received Sept. 2005) | NA.202.598Dk.JPG | NA.202.598view1.JPG | NA.202.598view2.JPG | NA.202.598.jpg | strips | Diamond | triangular | squares | shirt | human hair | Horse Hair | deer hide | Glass seed beads | pigment | porcupine quills | wool | South Dakota | Sioux

Berman Buckskin, Co., Minnea...
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1.69.5316.1 | ca. 1935 | L: 41.5 in, width: 51 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lisius | label inside shirt neck: BUCKSKIN/ by BERMAN BUCKSKIN CO XL/ MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. | Ochre machine tanned buckskin shirt with fringe across chest, shoulder, back of sleeves, wrist, bottom and across back. Collar and v-neck opening with holes on either side. Hide lace through holes for cosure. Black and whie diamond shaped sdesign with beads hanging from bottom on either shoulder. Beaded design of bird in damond. Beaded strips diagonally down front on either side, down sleeves, around bottom, across back, down back at sides. Strips have repeating beaded designs of green tipi; stylized E's on either side of a yellow, blue, and red diamond; red bird outlined in black; E, diamond and tipi design. Two beaded medallions on back shoulders, green with orange star, blond brown haair wrapped with felt in center. Bells at each wrist. Unlined | 1.69.5316.1.jpg | bird | tipi | Diamond | shirt | bead | machine tanned | Buckskin | hair | Berman Buckskin, Co., Minneapolis, MN

Wind River Native Crafts, In...
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NA.203.1130 | L: 20.5 in, width: 3 in | Dress and Adornment, Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Fan made of five tan, brown and cream owl barred feathers adorned with lavender and yellow tufts. They are wrapped in ivory hide with burgundy, pink and pearl seed beads at their base. They extend from a wide, flat grip of ivory hide which is trimmed with pink and burgundy seed bead picot around the entire outer edge. A geometric diamond of red, pink and white seed beads adorns the face. Hide fringe (8 1/2") hangs at the bottom | na.203.1130.jpg | Diamond | fan | Beads | owl | seed | feathers | hide | Wind River Native Crafts, Inc.

Unknown | basket | twigs | r...
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NA.106.514 | H: 9.5 in, Diameter: 8.5 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Basket - coiled twigs woven with reeds; round body; flaring neck; faded diamond pattern in red and blue; thick red yarn around neck. | NA.106.514.JPG | na.106.514.jpg | Diamond | faded | basket | twigs | reeds | round | Red | yarn | Coiled | Unknown

Western Apache | Arizona | S...
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NA.106.442 | 1915 | H: 28.25 in, Diameter: 18.5 in | Gift of Dorothy N. Morris | Utensils and Implements, Household. Olla basket, narrow opening with stand-up rim, bulbous shoulder then tapers to bottom. Cross hatch design in dark brown with figures of deer,humans, dogs(possibly), diamonds and crosses. | NA.106.442.JPG | Diamond | human | deer | cross | basket | olla | pigment | reed | Cottonwood | Willow | martynia | Western Apache | Arizona | Southwest

Crow | cylinder case | rawhi...
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NA.106.305 | 1890 | L: 46.5 in, width: 22.5 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Utensils and Implements, Household. Rawhide cylinder case with led edged in red tradecloth. Front has red, green, yellow and blue paint triangular and diamond designs. Lid has yellow and green triangles edged in blue. Bottom edge and end of cylinder have 40 inch leather tassles. | na.106.305.jpg | na.106.305.jpg | Diamond | triangles | cylinder case | rawhide | Tradecloth | Crow

blanket | Red | black | gree...
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NA.302.40 | L: 55 in, width: 38 in | Structures and Furnishings: Dwellings and Furnishings. 2 pieces -- Woven wool with diamond and stripe design in black, red, green and white on olive ground. ---Wool Blanket Remnant. | na.302.40ab.jpg | Diamond | stripes | blanket | Red | black | green | olive | White | wool

tomahawk | Buckskin | floss ...
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NA.108.106 | overall length: 61.5 in, tab length: 34 in, tab width: 10.875 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot. | Utensils and Implements/Fighting. Pewter pipe tomahawk head with triangular blade with triangular cut-out, tall bowl with raised ridges top and bottom, piece of red yarn tied around upper bowl, piece of red silk ribbon and an ermine tail on thread tied around lower bowl. Round handle covered with buckskin and wrap beaded over upper 3/4 mostly with pink and two bands of royal blue/red-white hearts/royal/yellow/royal/red-white hearts/royal with short fringe at bottom of beading. Lower quarter of handle is wrapped with red wool and has over wrappings of buckskin thong and black, tan and orange embroidery floss. Attached to base of handle is a long triangular tab of red wool; upper half is applique beaded over a smoked buckskin base with a connected triangle, diamond, triangle, square design in green and outlined in red-white hearts on a pale blue ground, edge bands are pink and royal right triangles with an inside border of red-white hearts, edges are bound in brown muslin with a picot beaded edging of clear amber; lower half of tab has green silk ribbon binding on sides with 4" long narrow buckskin fringing sewn along bottom, tied to 3 fringes are red-dyed feathers. | NA.108.106.JPG | na.108.106.jpg | Diamond | Square | triangle | tomahawk | Buckskin | floss | muslin | pewter | silk | Beads | feathers | yarn | ermine | wool

saddle | metal | rings | str...
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1.69.809 | ca. 1895 | overall height: 42 in, overall length: 26.5 in, overall width: 22.5 in, seat length: 14 in, cantle height: 5.5 in, cantle width: 13.375 in | Stamped on back of cantle: TRADE/MARK/G L/Co (o double underlined)/PORTLAND/OREGON | `Saddle, California-Oregon style, light brown leather. Hand tooled and stamped with bands of (design) bordered with rows of sawtooth edged circles on pommel, cantle, side jockeys, front jockeys, back jockeys, skirt and back edge of fenders. Stirrup leathers and front edge of fenders have tooled bands of (design) bordered with rows of sawtooth edged circles. Horn head has a stamped floral design and horn is overwrapped with 1" wide leather strap also wrapped around a leather strap connecting horn to left front of pommel. Stamped leather oval on each side of pommel - left has long leather strings, right has a 3/4" wide leather strap with brass buckle. Double rosettes on front and back jockeys have long leather strings; double rosettes on front and rear of side jockeys have short leather string. Stamped on back of cantle is a quartered circle in a diamond. Wood ox bow stirrups with brass binding riveted around outside, leather tread laced at bottom with leather thong and silver metal roller. Single five-eighths rigged with latigo straps tied around 4" iron rings. Yellow dyed sheepskin lining. | 1.69.809.JPG | 1.69.809B.JPG | Diamond | rosettes | floral | saddle | metal | rings | straps | brass | sheepskin | iron | leather | hand tooled | lining | rivets | silver | buckle | yellow | roller | ox bow | light brown | stirrups | wood

Spoonhunter, Bob | Arapaho |...
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NA.507.85 | ca. 1985 | H: 14.125 in | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Woman and Baby -- Leather body, dark brown hair tied at each side of face, leather dress with beaded triangle and rose designs in red, maroon, dark green, light green, yellow and orange and fringed at sleeve ends and bottom, belt and buckle beaded in diamond design in same colors as dress, plaid fabric under dress shows on lower arms and at dress bottom, wrapped leather leggings and leather moccasins, leather baby carrier with rabbit fur lining on her back, holding a leather bag with fringed bottom and beaded rose and edging in same colors as dress in her right hand. Base is a cross section of log with a metal rod supporting the doll from the back. | NA.507.85A&B.JPG | Diamond | rose designs | triangles | dolls | dark green | metal | log | light green | Beads | rod | cloth | yellow | seed | leather | orange | plaid | maroon | dark brown | Red | fur | hair | rabbit | cross-section support | fringe | Spoonhunter, Bob | Arapaho

Prairie | arm bands | loom b...
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NA.203.579 | ca. 1900 | L: 11 in, width: 3.875 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Armbands - commercial leather; loom beaded front with diamond design in red and green on yellow ground; beaver fur around edge. | NA.203.579A&B.JPG | na.203.579.jpg | Diamond | arm bands | loom beaded | fur | beaver | commercial | leather | Prairie

Navajo | Germantown | wearin...
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NA.302.157 | L: 78 in, width: 55 in | Gift of Harris A. and Lee Thompson | Germantown, (serape G-T), Man's wearing blanket, unknown weaver. Very firmly and smoothly executed weave characteristic of a "Germantown" and having 7 warp and 50-52 weft threads to the linear inch. Lazy lines are tight and inconspicuous. Workmanship is excellent. Very good condition. Selvage cords broken in places, a very few small holes, corner tassels largely missing. Germantown red with most of piece covered with interlocking large serrated diamonds in black, Saltillo style, edged in white, Centers of the diamond part contain crosses in green, purple and black. All commercial. See JBW evaluation. Possible Hubble 1890-1900, Navajo, circa late 19th century. JBW analysis. | na.302.157.jpg | Diamond | serrated | crosses | tassel | wearing | blanket | wool | Navajo | Germantown

South Dakota | Sioux | case ...
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NA.106.242 | ca. 1890 | L: 23 in, width: 11.375 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Utensils and implements - Household. War bonnet case - rectangular rawhide bag with fringe, canvas drawstring top with leather thong. Front has a central diamond design surrounded by triangles in blue, red, yellow and green with black outlines. On back the field has blue border and four triangles in blue, green, yellow and red, with black outlines. | NA.106.242.JPG | na.106.242v1.jpg | na.106.242v2.jpg | Diamond | triangles | case | rectangular | leather | rawhide | South Dakota | Sioux

Nez Perce | saddle blanket |...
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NA.403.91 | 1870 | wide at widest point: 33.25 in, L: 56 in | Transportation: Land Transportation. Beaded buffalo hide. Hair not removed but forms pad. Beaded edge at each end. Red squares with white border on blue ground, yellow and blue diamond at two corners, red wool trim on other edges. | NA.403.91.JPG | na.403.91.jpg | NA.403.91.jpg | Diamond | squares | saddle blanket | blue | with hair | Beads | seed | yellow | Red | White | hide | buffalo | wool | Nez Perce

Gros Ventre | Fort Belknap I...
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NA.106.209 | 1890 | L: 15.625 in, width: 10.625 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pohrt. | Utensils and implements - Household. Rawhide case - painted rawhide case with leather, lace and red wool cloth on each side; leather handle, diamond & triangle designs in red, blue, yellow & green. | NA.106.209.JPG | na.106.209.jpg | Diamond | triangle | case | rawhide | cloth | leather | Red | wool | painted | Gros Ventre | Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, MT

Unknown | file | metal
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NA.107.21 | L: 15.25 in, width: 1.25 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Stamped on one side: Diamond cast steel, On other side: Spencer Rotherham, 2 | Utensils and implements - Manufacturing. File - metal, half round. | na.107.21.JPG | na.107.21.jpg | Diamond | file | metal | Unknown

England | ball | blue | glas...
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1.69.2083 | ca. 1880 | diameter to top of neck: 2.75 in | Gift of Alex Kerr | Equatorial band embossed: Perth N.B. Glass Works (N.B. stands for North Britain) | Glass ball, blue with diamond pattern. | 1.69.2083.jpg | 1.69.2083.jpg | Diamond | ball | blue | glass | England

Remington Arms Co., Ilion, N...
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1.69.2412 | 1873 | Barrel length: 35 in, overall length: 50 in, closed length: 4.375 in, closed width: 1.25 in, closed height: .875 in, pull: 12.75 in, receiver height: 4.166 in, receiver width: 4.166 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schloss in memory of Moses Kerngood | Stamped in top of breech behind trigger: REMINGTON ILION N.Y. U.S.A/MAY 3D NOV. 15th 1864 APRIL 17th 1866 [stamped on inside of lower tang, front of receiver under forestock, on forestock and buttstock, inside butt plate and on other removable features:] 3 | (a) Remington rifle (rolling block #1). Full wood stock with triangles of diamond checkering on stock, engraved fern design on hammer and block which are also gold plated, engraved fern design also on breech. (b) Venier tang peep sight. Belonged to Buffalo Bill, identified in photo #P.69.131. Given by Buffalo Bill ca. 1875 to his friend Moses Kerngood, grandfather of source (Mr. & Mrs. Harry Schloss) | .45-70; .43 caliber Spanish centerfire. | 3 | 1.69.2412.jpg | 1.69.2412v2.jpg | 1.69.2412.jpg | 1.69.2412.JPG | Diamond | triangles | fern | firearm | stock | wood | Remington Arms Co., Ilion, New York

Northern Plains | Sioux | cr...
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NA.111.11 | ca. 1890 | frame length: 33.5 in, bottom width: 3.25 in, cradle length: 20 in, cradle width: 7 in | Handwritten on back of cradle: Papoose/carrier/From/Wap-os-Tan/Indian and Baby carrier/Papoose/Chaw Koo/Sioux Indian/Word for/Papoose Carrier | Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Cradle - tanned with sparse bead decoration in diamond design, buckskin flap attached on front. Inverted `U' shape wooden frame with buckskin covering. Lace up front. Beige cloth lining on flap. | NA.111.11.JPG | na.111.11.jpg | Diamond | bead decoration | cradle | seed | Beads | tanned | deer hide | Tradecloth | Northern Plains | Sioux

Illinois | Waltham | pocket ...
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1.69.5677 | ca. 1919 | H: 2.125 in, width: 1.75 in, depth: .375 in | Gift of Charles E. and Margaret C. Humberger | face: WALTHAM | 5 jewel squared round white gold pocket watch with open face. Metal face with black numbers and minute marks. Inset face for seconds. Floral bands around face and edge, checkered back with blank initial diamond. Stem is ribbed dome, ring is squared and engraved, close to stem top. | 3753626 | 1.69.5677.JPG | Diamond | floral | pocket watch | White | 14kt | metal | glass | gold | Illinois | Waltham

Crow | Crow Indian Reservati...
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NA.106.256 | 1890 | L: 28.125 in, width: 11.375 in, H: 3 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Utensils and implements - Household. Parfleche - rawhide case, painted diamond and triangle designs, two on each side in yellow, red and green with slightly curved blue outlines. | NA.106.256.JPG | Diamond | triangle | painted | parfleche | rawhide | pigment | Crow | Crow Indian Reservation, Montana

Sioux | cuffs | hide | Beads...
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NA.202.977 | ca. 1920 | H: 7 in, width: 14 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Dress and Adornment, Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Cuffs. Geometric shape, large at the top, smaller at the bottom. One side is a red calico fabric. The opposite side is beaded in rows of lazy-stitch seed beads. The central ground is white with a border of red in which dark blue diamond shapes outlined in white are spaced. Diamond shapes of red and dark blue outlined in green are up the center, with two large triangles of red and green and small goemetric shapes of red, green and dark blue on either side. Five hide lacings used for fastening are present on each piece. | na.202.977.jpg | Diamond | geometric | triangles | cuffs | hide | Beads | fabric | Sioux

Nez Perce | Plateau | bag | ...
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NA.106.65 | ca. 1905 | L: 19.25 in, width: 13.875 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Bag - twined corn husks with color dye decoration. Dark brown band at bottom, light brown band along top. Star and diamond design on one side; parallelogram and rectangles on other side, black painted borders on rectangles. Twisted string and buckskin thong drawstring closure. | NA.106.65.JPG | na.106.65v1.jpg | na.106.65v2.jpg | Diamond | rectangles | parallelogram | star | bag | corn | deer | string | husks | yarn | paint | dye | hide | Nez Perce | Plateau