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Plateau | Moccasins | Beads ...
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NA.202.920 | ca. 1940 | H: 7 in, L: 9.5 in, width: 3.875 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot. | Dress and Adornment, Daily Attire And/Or Festive Attire. Braintanned and darkly smoked buckskin soles, uppers and rectangular tongues, braintanned and lightly smoked lightweight skin ankle extensions and pinked edge cuffs, long buckskin thong ties pass through holes on either side of tongue and wrap around ankles, welted seams, thread sewn. Vamps are applique stitch beaded with foliate motifs in dark blue and pink outlined and with stems of white, dark blue "thorns". | na.202.920v1.jpg | na.202.920v2.jpg | NA.202.920.JPG | foliate | Moccasins | Beads | braintanned | Buckskin | smoked | Plateau

dresser | wood | nails | wal...
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1.69.1292 | ca. 1870 | Black walnut marble topped dresser with mirror, stained dark brown; mirror frame is trimmed with raised designs and grooves, top is inset with a long rectangle of decoration dark grained wood inlaid with a flower and leaf design in blonde wood, s small shelf is mounted on each side of mirror; dresser has a pair of small drawers on each side of center, tops of small drawers frameworks and center section are covered with gray-grained white marble; fronts of small drawers have a raised oblong of decorative dark-grained wood, two drawers have crosswise wood dividers and brass pulls with rings and two have brass pulls with black knobs; large drawer fronts have two raised oblongs of decorative dark-grained wood, a raised diamond and circle keyhole trim and two brass pulls with black knobs, all brass pulls have a raised crown and leaf design; drawers are dovetail construction on front side and pegs on rear sides; dresser is mounted on 4 metal casters with metal wheels; square nails used in construction can be seen on back of dresser and mirror; c. 1840. DIMENSIONS: Mirror A: 53-1/8 (134.9 cm) X 41-1/2 (105.4 cm) X 7-1/2 (19.0 cm); Dresser base B: 25 (63.5 cm) X 43-3/8 (110.2 cm) X 18-7/8 (48.0 cm); 2 drawer boxes C&D: 8-3/8 (21.3 cm) X 10-3/8 (26.3 cm) X 18-1/8 (46.0 cm); C&D Marble Tops E&F: 3/4 (1.9 cm) X 11-1/4 (28.5 cm) X 17.5/8 (44.8 cm); C&D Small Drawers G&H: 2-15/16 (7.5 cm) X 8-3/4 (22.2 cm) X 15-3/8 (39.0 cm) without pulls; C&D Small divided drawers I&J: 2-15/16 (7.5 cm) X 8-3/4 (22.2 cm) X 15-3/8 (39.0 cm) without pulls; Large drawers in base K&L: 7-7/8 (20.0 cm) X 37-1/2 (95.3 cm) X 16-5/8 (42.3 cm) without pulls. CONDITION: Overall excellent condition. Missing top right front corner piece and missing right side baseboard. Right edge of front baseboard is badly chipped. Finish is peeling or has peeled from about 90% of surface area. Right 2 drawer framework has completely separated into its component pieces. ORIGIN: Part of a set given to May Cody by Buffalo Bill in the early 1870's. (See Document File) 1960 BBM Catalog #207 (this was written in pencil). Purchased by the BBMA from the above sources, niece and great-niece of Buffalo Bill. Reaccessioned 5-88 by EAB. | 1.69.1292A-L.jpg | 1.69.1292B.jpg | foliate | Diamond | crown | floral | dresser | wood | nails | walnut | metal | mirror | brass | inlaid | dovetail | marble

bible | paper | leather
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1.69.1285.6 | ca. 1960 | H: 5.625 in, width: 4 in, depth: 1.125 in | Stamped in front, in gold: PRESENTED BY/RUSSELL, MAJORS & WADDELL/ 1860 [stamped in gold on spine:] HOLY/BIBLE/NATIONAL. [inside front cover:] PE 424-E | Replica Bible. Light brown leather cover stamped with foliate design and inscription. Gold stamped inscription on spine. Inside front cover is a brief history of this commemorative, a transcription of the oath Russell, Majors and Waddell employees took and the King James Version of the Bible. | 1.69.1285.6.JPG | 1.69.1285.6.jpg | foliate | Pony Express | bible | paper | leather

napkin ring | silver
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1.69.200 | ca. 1880 | H: 1.375 in, Diameter: 1.75 in | Engraved with design and lettering: Ed | Napkin ring, silver, slightly oval. Long sides have an impressed diagonal design with a row of daisies, a zig-zag line, several triangles and 2 7-lobed leaves. Open area of design on one side with engraved inscription. | 1.69.200.jpg | foliate | floral | napkin ring | silver

pipe | catlinite | wood
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NA.504.315 | ca. 1880 | depth: .75 in, bowl height: 4.5 in, bowl length: 7.875 in, bowl width: 1.25 in, L: 2 in, Diameter: .625 in | Gift of Mrs. William Collins | Ritual and Recreation, Smoking and Narcotics. A. Catlinite stem, elongated diamond cross section, one side incised with bi-lobed leaf motifs, the other with 8 spoked wheels and crosshatched edges. B. Catlinite bowl, t-shaped with angled tip, round bowl and base iwth flattened bottom, wood connecting tube. Bottom of tip is orange with a white streak. C. Wood mouthpiece, round tapered at mouth end, stem end has been cut down to a small connecting tube. | na.504.315.jpg | foliate | pipe | catlinite | wood

Waltham Company, Waltham, Ma...
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1.69.1909 | Diameter: 2 in, depth: .5 in | Printed top center of face: WALTHAM [Stamped inside front and back covers:] 2417286 [Stamped inside case back;] GUARANTEED/10/YEARS/Supreme/2417286 [inscribed on inner watch works;]A.W.W. Co./WALTHAM, MASS./17783922 | Pocket watch, yellow gold case with overall cross hatch pattern, blank shield motif surrounded by flowers and leaves on center front, black circle on center back. White enamel face with black numbers and minute marks, red numbers of minutes over hour numbers, inset second timer at 6 o'clock. Printing at top center, stamped inscription inside front and back covers, stamped inside case back, inscription on watch works. | 1.69.1909.jpg | crosshatch | foliate | shield | floral | pocket watch | stamped | gold | inscribed | enamel | Waltham Company, Waltham, Massachusetts

moccasins, woman's | wool | ...
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NA.202.893 | H: 5.875 in, L: 9.5 in, width: 3.75 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Dress and Adornment: Dress and/or Festive Adornment. Brain tanned and smoked buckskin uppers and soles, thread sewn with welted seams, rectangular tongues and ankle wraps have zigzag notched edges. Applique beaded vamps have a foliate design with 3 leaf-like designs near tongue in medium blue with cut metallic centers, royal blue outlines and connecting lines also connect to 3 bud designs near toe in clear lime green with yellow centers and royal outlines banded on either side with yellow on the connecting lines; other branching lines are beaded with clear red and cut metallic silver, medium blue and milky white and cut metallic silver. Inserted in ankle seam is a navy blue wool cuff with red muslin edge binding. Leather thong tie and wrap goes through sides just below the anakle seams and through the tongue. | na.202.893v1.jpg | na.202.893v2.jpg | NA.202.893.JPG | foliate | moccasins, woman's | wool | muslin | braintanned | Buckskin | smoked | Beads

American Waltham Watch Co. |...
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1.69.1987 | Diameter: 1.875 in, chain length: 13.5 in, H: 2.875 in | Gift of Mrs. Zack T. Sutley | Printed at top center: American/Waltham/W. Co. [Stamped inside back cover:] WALTHAM/292563. [Stamped inside case back:] 292563 [Works stamped and engraved:] 4223812/SAFETY PINION/American Waltham Watch Co. | Pocket watch, open face. Pink gold case with overall star and feather pattern, center back design is a black scroll hanging from a branch with flowers and leaves bordering it. White enamel face with black Roman numerals and minute marks, inset second timer at 6 o'clock. Printing at top center, stamped inscription inside back cover, stamped inside case back, stamped and engraved inscription on works. Attached to watch is a man's chain with oblong links. | 1.69.1987.JPG | 1.69.1987.JPG | scroll | foliate | feather | floral | star | pocket watch | pink gold | stamped | enamel | engraved | American Waltham Watch Co.

Grand Rapids | bed | mahogan...
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1.69.2226 | ca. 1890 | footboard height: 36.5 in, footboard width: 57 in, sideboard height: 8 in, sideboard width: 75 in | Stenciled: 1143 | American hardwood bed, stained mahogany, lightly decorated with machine carved foliate design. Manufactured in Grand Rapids. Owned and used by W.F. Cody; shown in photo of Cody's Irma Hotel Apt (I.R. Bacon album, Garlow loan). Condition: Scratched and marred from use and storage, otherwise very good. | 1.69.2226A-D.jpg | foliate | bed | mahogany | hardwood | Grand Rapids

bench | carved | wood
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6.92.3 | L: 61.5 in, width: 23.5 in, depth: 43.5 in | Dark varnished wood bench with hinged lid on seat, opens to storage area. Finials on back of bench are bearded men with hats. Back of bench of bench has 3 panelled, 3-D vignettes of medieval scenes. Left scene is three people gathered around a barrel playing musical intruments; center scene is three people gathered around a table, their actions are indecipherible; left scene is three people gathered around a table playing cards. Floral carvings around panels. Arms, on either side, are carved with a bearded face at the top, sloping to a lion at the bottom. Front of bench below seat are two, 3-D panels each with image of a distroted face with scrolled carvings emanating from it. | 6.92.3.jpg | floral | medieval scenes | lion feet | lion | foliate | human head | scroll | bench | carved | wood

chair | cloth | beige | oak ...
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1.69.1365 | ca. 1880 | H: 45.5 in, width: 25 in, depth: 19.375 in, seat length: 17.5 in, seat width: 20.5 in | Written in pencil on underside of right seat rail: MAY Cody BRADFORD [written in pencil on underside of back seat rail:] PROPERTY OF/WILLIAM Cody BRAdFORd | Arm chair, oak with light olive and brown upholstered seat. Wide curved crest rail with single row of beading and 2 small arches at bottom, tapred round back uprights extend approximately 4 1/2" above crest rail, 8 turned tapered spindles between arches, fit into a lower curved cross piece below which is a second curved cross piece; arms are slightly curved with carved scrolls at ends, turned arm supports with ball end below seat side rails and a strether bar beetween ball ends; straight front and side seat rails, slightly curved back seat rail; short tapered legs with double stretchers on sides and front. Woven foliate pattern seat upholstery in light olive, brown and beige with a woven braid trim tacked around edges. Inscription written in pencil on underside of right seat rail. Inscription written in pencil on underside of back seat rail. This was orignally a rocking chair - removal of rockers would have been a fairly early (pre-buffalo Bill Museum) alteration. | 1.69.1365.jpg | 1.69.1365.JPG | scroll | foliate | chair | cloth | beige | oak | Beads

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1.69.25 | 1905 | Barrel length: 22 in, pull: 13.375 in, overall length: 39.625 in, H: 2.25 in | Gift of Dorothy Stone Collins | Stamped on bottom of receiver: 301670, Top of barrel stamped: MANUFACTURED BY THE WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO./NEW HAVEN. CONN. U.S.A. PATENTED OCTOBER 14. 1884, Left rear of barrel stamped: 44 W.C.F., Tang stamped: MODEL 1892/--WINCHESTER--/TRADE MARK, Rubber butt plate embossed: WINCHESTER/REPEATING/ARMS CO. | 1892 Winchester rifle, caliber .44WCF, shotgun butt, half octagon barrel, checkered stock and forearm, engraved with foliate design and big horn ram on left side, elk on right side of receiver. Made for and used by Annie Oakley. | Winchester Model 1892 | .44 WCF | 301670 | 1.69.25v1.jpg | 1.69.25v2.jpg | 1.69.25VIEW1.JPG | 1.69.25VIEW2.JPG | 1.69.25VIEW3.JPG | 1.69.25VIEW4.JPG | 1.69.25.jpg | big horn ram | foliate | elk | firearm | rifle