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A Surround of Buf...
Miller, Alfred Jacob | Paint...
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2.76 | 1848-1858 | H: 30.375 in, width: 44.125 in, Frame height: 38.5 in, Frame width: 52.625 in, frame depth: 3.5 in | A Surround of Buffalo by Indians | Gift of William E. Weiss | Miller once described the buffalo hunt: "[The Indians] all start at once with frightful yells and commence racing around the herd, drawing their circle closer and closer, until the whole body is huddled together in confusion. Now they begin firing, and as this throws them [the buffalo] into a headlong panic and furious rage, each man selects his animal." | LL: A Miller | Film: Documentary; Washakie: Last Chief of the Eastern Shoshone, Kyle Nicholoff, Director, KCWC-TV Wyoming Public Television, Riverton, 2003 | 2.76.JPG | 2.76.jpg | 2.76.web.jpg | 2.76.jpg | 2.76.jpg | hunt | Animal | Other | Painting | oil on canvas | Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874) A Surround of Buffalo by Indians 1848-1858, oil on canvas Gift of William E. Weiss, 2.76 | Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874) A Surround of Buffalo by Indians 1848-1858, oil on canvas Gift of William E. Weiss, 2.76 | Miller, Alfred Jacob

Buffalo Hunt
Paxson, Edgar Samuel | Paint...
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86.60 | 1905 | H: 26 in, width: 38 in, Frame height: 31.25 in, Frame width: 43.25 in | Buffalo Hunt | Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Goppert, Sr., in memory of Mary Jester Allen | The current title for this painting is not the artist's original title. In a June 23, 1905 diary entry, Paxson wrote, "I began working on a new oil, Turning the Worm, a buffalo hunt where the buffalo has turned on the hunter." A November 24, 1905 diary entry indicates Paxson had finished the painting, calling it When He is Bad. An inscription on the reverse reads When He's Mad. Further research may reveal which title is correct. | LRC: E S Paxson - / 1905 | Magazine: American Cowboy, Jesse Mullins, Jr., Editor, Unbroken Ground, by Cathy Orr, Sheridan, July/August 2004, page 32. | 86.60.JPG | 86.60.jpg | hunt | Group | buffalo | Figure | Landscape | Painting | oil on canvas | Paxson, Edgar Samuel

The Buffalo Hunt
Remington, Frederic | Painti...
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23.62 | 1890 | H: 34 in, width: 49 in, Frame height: 38.375 in, Frame width: 53.25 in | The Buffalo Hunt | Gift of William E. Weiss | In the fall of 1890, Remington made his yearly sojourn West, this time to Montana and the Big Horn Mountains, to gather material and inspiration for his art. The Buffalo Hunt exemplifies his early style in its graphic realism and action. Painting a typical event in the life of the Indian, Remington turns it into one of tragedy and drama, reminding the viewer of the constant dangers of life in the West. | LLC: Frederic Remington -/'90 | Book: Art of the Lewis & Clark Trail, by Jeff Evenson; Whisper'n Waters, Inc., Bismark, North Dakota, 2003, page 85 | 23.62.JPG | 23.62.jpg | 23.62.web.jpg | 23.62.jpg | 23.62.jpg | spears | Indians | hunt | buffalo | Painting | oil on canvas | In 1889 Frederic Remington won a medal at the prestigious Paris Exposition—the same exhibition that had very publicly rejected Bierstadt’s The Last of the Buffalo, on view in the previous gallery. The following year, Remington painted this version of a buffalo hunt. The contrast between these two treatments of a similar theme is telling. Remington’s realism had gained in favor over the romantic allegories of older generations. While Bierstadt’s hunt appears a relic of the past, Remington’s is bursting with life. Though his subject is just as anachronistic as Bierstadt’s, Remington’s vibrant, visceral rendering appears modern by comparison. | Remington, Frederic