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Pattern for saddle embossing...
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1.69.4570C | L: 4.5 in, width: 11.25 in | Gift of Mr. Victor Alexander, Jr. | To be kept together as a collection and not to be disposed of. Pattern for saddle embossing. Flower with double-link center and leaf. Traced in pencil and scored. Thin paper. Back jockey. See 1.69.4570A-B and 1.69.4570D-I. Condition - paper is brittle and discolored. Creased at both corners and torn in 3 places along scored tracing. | 1.69.4570C.JPG | Leaf | flower with double-link center | Pattern for saddle embossing. | paper

chaps | brown | buckle | lea...
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1.69.2031 | overall length: 38 in, waistband per leg: 14.5 in | Gift of Mrs. J.A. Vanderwiele. | Stamped on buckle strap: 30 | Pair of chaps, straight leg, white angora hair fronts, white grained leather backs. Light brown leather waistbands with hand tooled flower and leaf design; 4 pairs of holes center front laced together with white leather thong; double row of machine stitching around outer edges sews front leather to white leather backing. Chromed buckle with roller; stamped on buckle strap: 30. Belt strap is 1-1/4" wide and 26" long sewn to right waistband and reinforced with a single copper rivet. Inside chap fronts are lined with brown canvas. Belonged to U.S. Senator E.V. Robertson, Cody pioneer and Friend of Buffalo Bill. | 1.69.2031.JPG | Leaf | flower | chaps | brown | buckle | leather | angora | canvas | white grained | light brown | chromed | White

American Watch Co, Waltham |...
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1.69.343 | ca. 1890 | Diameter: 1.625 in, H: 2.375 in, depth: .5 in | upper face: AMERICAN WATCH Co., [lower face:] WALTHAM [inside back of case:] PAT'D APR 22/1878./A.W.Co/B/6241/14K [watch works:] Am WATCH Co//PATENT pinion//Royal/WALTHAM, MASS.//1,23456 | Pocket watch, gold case, ladies. Front cover has a small circular crystal set into gold frame with engraved leaf motifs at top and bottom of a crosshatched band; white face has black numbers and minute marks, blued metal hands. Inscription on face. Back of case is crosshatched overall with a fleur-de-lis and leaf motif at top, a black shield at center and scrolled leaf motifs at bottom. Inscription on inside back of case. Inscription on watch works. | 1.69.343v1.jpg | 1.69.343v2.jpg | Leaf | numerals | fleur-de-lis | watch | crystal | gold | American Watch Co, Waltham

Bradford, May Cody | plaque ...
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1.69.2013 | L: 12.75 in, width: 9.625 in | Labeled verso: Painted by/May Cody Bradford/Youngest sister/of/Col. Wm. F. Cody | Oval black painted or enameled composition plaque with pink and white hand painted floral and green leaf design. Plaque is concave like a serving platter. | 1.69.2013.JPG | Leaf | floral | plaque | enamel | black painted | concave | Bradford, May Cody

Northern Plains | belt | com...
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NA.203.98 | ca. 1900 | L: 31 in, width: 1.5 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. Larom. | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment. Belt - commercially tanned leather, fully beaded in overlay leaf design, square metal buckle. Beaded extension tab on one end. | NA.203.98.JPG | na.203.98.jpg | Leaf | overlay | belt | commercially tanned | metal | Beads | leather | seed | buckle | Northern Plains

Pattern for saddle embossing...
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1.69.4570E | L: 13 in, width: 16 in | Gift of Mr. Victor Alexander, Jr. | To be kept together as a collection and not to be disposed of. Pattern for saddle embossing. Flower with double-link center and leaf. Traced in pencil and scored on thin paper. Most of paper is not covered by pattern. Seat. See 1.69.4570A-D and 1.69.4570F-I. Condition - Paper is fragile and discolored especially on left side. Center and lower left crease. Tear at right top corner. | 1.69.4570E.JPG | Leaf | flower with double-link center | Pattern for saddle embossing. | paper

saddle | sheepskin | dark br...
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1.69.24 | ca. 1880 | H: 16.5 in, L: 24.25 in | Gift of Dorothy Stone Collins in memory of her father, Fred Stone, actor and friend of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler. | On cantle: OAKLEY | Saddle, dark brown leather worn to medium brown on seat, basket weave tooling on swell, seat and as an ornamental border on jockeys, skirts and fenders, tooled floral and leaf design on cantle with lettering: OAKLEY; loops for trick riding hand holds on either side of swell, plain round nickle-silver conchos on either side of swell and rear of cantle; double rig set-up; wood stirrups with brass strip on outside and leather foot; sheepskin underpad. The saddle was used by Annie Oakley in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and was given by her to Dorothy Stone when she was about 12 years old (1922) | 1.69.24.JPG | 1.69.24.jpg | Leaf | floral | basket weave | saddle | sheepskin | dark brown | wood | brass | leather

Austria | vase | painted | C...
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1.69.209 | ca. 19th century | H: 5 in, base diameter: 4 in | Printed bottom: (leaf) Austria | Painted china vase, floral, blue lower portion. | 1.69.209.jpg | Leaf | floral | vase | painted | China | Austria

pin | silver | sterling
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1.69.344 | ca. 1895 | L: 1.875 in, width: 1.375 in | engraved on front: Irma [stamped at upper right edge of center:] STERLING | Pin. Ornate cast sterling silver with 2 cherubs at top, cut-out floral and leaf motifs. Circular center area has engraved inscription. Inscription stamped at upper right edge of center. | 1.69.344.jpg | Leaf | cupid | floral | pin | silver | sterling

pillow | machine stitched | ...
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1.69.2622 | L: 22 in, width: 22 in, depth: 7 in | Decorative pillow, square, burgundy velvet top and back. Top is embroidered with a tulip, flower and leaf design in pink, rose, burgundy, yellow, gold, light green, dark green and sage green chenille yarns with green and brown pearl cotton accents. Inch-wide machine stitched self border all around. | 1.69.2622.jpg | 1.69.2622.jpg | 1.69.2622v2.jpg | Leaf | flower | tulip | pillow | machine stitched | burgundy | yarn | velvet | embroidered | Square

spurs | tooled | leather | b...
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1.69.2491 | ca. 1930 | spur head to button: 6.25 in, button to button: 4.5 in, spur diameter: 2.125 in | Stamped at ends of straps: 45 | (A/B) Spurs; leaf and stem design incised on outside facing side. Center of design area silver colored tack. Double chain, 10 spiked spur, spur shank has a guard. (C/D) Spur straps; tooled leather with silver colored tacks; buckle; tooled design; circle motif around spur button, arrow point motif with rounded geometric shapes center in the design area. | 1.69.2491.JPG | Leaf | circle | stem | geometric | arrow point | spurs | tooled | leather | buckle

medallion | copper
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1.69.2037 | 1892 | Diameter: 1.457 in, width: .189 in | Debossed recto: Bust of Buffalo Bill, Lettering around inside edge: BB's WW Co, And: Baddely & Reynolds, Lettering at top: London, 1892 | Medallion of copper or copper alloy. Leaf wreath surrounding a five pointed star. Hole drilled into top on reverse side. Origin: Purchased from Mr. William Powers, October 1983 | 1.69.2037.jpg | Leaf | star | medallion | copper

Santa Domingo Pueblo | New M...
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NA.106.520 | H: 9.75 in, Diameter: 9 in | Gift of Mrs. Henry H.R. Coe | Utensils and implements - Household. Water olla - pottery; vase shaped; painted with bird and leaf design in black and orange on white ground. Bottom third painted orange. | NA.106.520.JPG | Leaf | painted | bird | olla | paint | slip | clay | Santa Domingo Pueblo | New Mexico | Santo Domingo

England | powder flask | bra...
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1.69.400.15 | ca. 1850 | L: 8 in, bottom width: 3.75 in | Inscribed on charger: Drams/Made in England Probably made by Geo and J.W. Hawksley of Sheffield, England | Brass powder flask, brass charger, leaf design. | 1.69.400.15.JPG | Leaf | powder flask | brass | England

Isleta | Zia | pot | terraco...
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NA.106.669 | H: 6.25 in, Diameter: 8.5 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Utensils and Implements, Household. Terracotta pot with a light tan ground painted on the outside only with "rainbow" arches painted rust, and leaf and line designs in brown. The rim is brown with a fine band beneath the top. the bottom has a concave dome in the clay. | na.106.669.jpg | arch | Leaf | pot | terracotta | pigment | Isleta | Zia

cowboy boots | leather | bla...
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1.69.971 | ca. 1935 | H: 14 in, L: 10.875 in, width: 4 in | Gift of Betty Waldron | Outer tab embroidered in orange: JUSTIN/BOOTS/SINCE 1879/FT. WORTH/TEXAS. | Cowboy boots, men'. Plain black leagher foot with rounded toe, black leather shaft with inset crossed sabre motif in white at center front and inset white diamonds with inset red dots around upper edge, stitched leaf designs on shafts in variegated red, yellow, and green thread; hand lasted leather sole with stacked leather riding heel, black cloth pull tabs sewn inside shafts, outer tab embroidered in orange. Circa 1935. Belonged to Billy Howell, pioneer dude rancher and hunter who built up Crossed Sabres Ranch on the North Fork. | 1.69.971.jpg | crossed sabre motif | diamonds | Leaf | inset | dots | cowboy boots | leather | black | pull tabs | heel

Iroquois | shoe pouch | gree...
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NA.302.19 | ca. 1950 | L: 4.75 in, width: 2.25 in | Structures and Furnishings: Dwellings and Furnishings. Leather or cardboard covered in cloth; beaded front with bird and leaf design in clear, red, brown, blue, pink, yellow and white beads on green cloth ground; whtie cloth and clear beads around edge, unintelligible writing on back. | NA.302.19.JPG | na.302.19.jpg | Leaf | bird | shoe pouch | green | blue | seed | brown | leather | cardboard | cloth | pink | yellow | White | Red | Clear | Beads | Iroquois

necklace | round | abalone |...
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NA.203.658 | L: 7.5 in, diameter of shells: 1.25 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Small necklace - round abalone shell with notches around edge; string of beads attached to abalone shell in brass, white, red, green, blue with red dots, black with red dots and white with leaf design. | NA.203.658.JPG | na.203.658.jpg | Leaf | necklace | round | abalone | shell | Beads

cup | metal
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1.69.190 | H: 1.875 in, diameter of top: 2.375 in | Child's cup, metal with scroll handle, front has stamped leaf design. | 1.69.190.jpg | Leaf | cup | metal

Bohlin, Edward H. | Hollywoo...
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1.69.2428 | L: 44 in, width: 1.5 in, conchos diameter: .875 in | Gift of Verna Stough Belden, wife of Charles J. Belden | Embossed in gold on buckle: C/J/B, Belt stamped at buckle end: BOHLIN MADE/CALIF./HOLLYWOOD | Western belt, brown leather, tooled in floral and leaf pattern with silver buckle, keeper and tip; six silver lonzenges and six silver conchos. | 1.69.2428.JPG | floral | Leaf | buckle | belt | brown | leather | tooled | lozenges | conchos | buckle | silver | Bohlin, Edward H. | Hollywood, California

bowl and pitcher set | stone...
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1.69.298 | ca. 1900 | H: 4.5 in, Diameter: 6.125 in | on bottom: CALIFORNIA/K.T. & K. | A: bowl B: pitcher Bowl is large, shallow white stoneware; slightly scalloped edge, relief trifoliate design around bottom. Pitcher is large, ornate, white stoneware; raised scroll and leaf design around top, S-curved handle, scroll and leaf design around base; Not a set. Supposedly used in room at Irma Hotel. | 1.69.298.jpg | 1.69.298ab.jpg | Leaf | bowl and pitcher set | stoneware

Lawrence, Cohen & Co. | card
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1.69.2562.1 | May 29, 1862 | L: 3.5 in, width: 2.5 in | Printed on card: L.I. COHEN'S/PATENT/NATIONAL PLAYING CARDS/MANUFACTURED BY/LAWRENCE, COHEN & CO./No. 184 William Street,/NEW YORK./PATENTED MAY 29th. 1862 | Title card for Civil war playing cards; white back printed with 4 Union shields with 6 red stripes, 7 white stripes and 13 white stars on a blue top, crossed olive branches below shield, leaf and flower vine down center, star with red dot in center, blue line with red diamond at each end across center, red inner and blue outer line borders. | 1.69.2562.1.JPG | 1.69.2562.1-4.JPG | shields | branches | flower | Diamond | Leaf | White | olive | stripes | stars | Red | Union | card | Lawrence, Cohen & Co.

Colorado State Penitentiary,...
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1.69.752 | ca. 1915 | spur length: 6.625 in, spur width: 4 in | Bottom is stamped: 4307 (#4307 is the inmate's prison number) | Pair of spurs, steel with 2 connected diamond shapes on each side of heel band, diamonds are inlaid with nickle-silver stamped and incised with `x' and 4 star designs with pairs of round head nickle-silver rivets at points of diamonds. Nickle-silver spur buttons (3/4") have an incised 4 petal, 4 leaf flower design. Spur shank is inlaid with bands of nickle-silver on sides and top - top has incised bar and star design, sides have incised connecting x's and stars. Rowel has 20 flat tipped spokes and is held in place with a two headed nickle-silver rivet with incised radiating lines design. Dark brown leather spur straps (round on outside end, pointed on inside end) with scalloped edges have 2" bronze conchas on outside, leather loop and steel ring (1-1/8") on inside and leather strap with chromed rectangular buckle across the front. Leather heel strap 3/8" wide with slits in each end that fit over spur buttons. | 1.69.752A&B.JPG | 1.69.752a&b.view2.JPG | 1.69.752.JPG | Diamond | Leaf | star | spurs | scalloped | rivets | dark brown | steel | leather | buckle | chromed | nickle-silver | Colorado State Penitentiary, Canon City, CO | Cox, John

San Ildefonso | pot | lid | ...
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NA.106.383 | ca. 1910 | H: 10 in, Diameter: 9 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Pottery pot and lid - pottery; vase shaped; pot and lid painted with geometric and leaf designs in black and tan on white ground. | NA.106.383A&B.JPG | na.106.383v1.jpg | na.106.383v2.jpg | Leaf | geometric | pot | lid | pigment | pottery | San Ildefonso