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Pairpoint Mfg. Co. | humidor...
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1.69.163 | ca. 1885 | H: 3.5 in, width: 8.25 in, L: 11 in | Engraved on top between compartments: W.F. Cody, Bottom stamped: PAIRPOINT MFG.CO/QUADRUPLE/(design)/PLATE/NEW BEADFORD MASS/2750 | Humidor, silver plated pewter, two compartment; handles cast as boys riding turtles; sides embossed with grapes, leaves and vines. Virginia Hayden, William Cody Boal's granddaughter, remembers this piece from her family home. | 1.69.163.jpg | 1.69.163.jpg | 1.69.163v2.jpg | leaves | boys | grapes | turtles | vines | humidor | silver plated | pewter | Pairpoint Mfg. Co.

Northern Plains | vest | ove...
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NA.202.245 | ca. 1915 | L: 19.75 in, width: 20.75 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Man's -- Tanned, fully beaded in overlay maple leaf/floral design on white background. Lined and edges bound with black cloth. Hook and closure on front. | NA.202.245.JPG | na.202.245v2.jpg | na.202.245v1.jpg | leaves | floral | vest | overlay | Beads | tanned | hook closure | White | deer | hide | trade | cloth | seed | black | Northern Plains

purse | rectangular | Beads ...
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1.69.2554 | L: 6.875 in, width: 6.375 in | Ladies purse; rectangular; fully seed beaded front and back with central clear yellow bead and clear orange with center bead floral design with lime green and clear rose bead leaves, all outlined in gray on clear dark turquoise bead background; remainder of design is areas of colored beads outlined with black beads, colored beads are clear kelly green, clear aqua, clear amber, opalescent pink, royal blue, clear rose and clear with blue centers; bottom of bag has 1-3/4" long fringe made of loops of clear dark turquoise and clear amber beads; opening of purse is a square gold metal frame overlaid with silver metal, frame edge has a raised floral design and half a clasp on each side, top of clasp resembles an acorn; each side also has a metal ring through which is attched a chain for the handle, handle chain is linked rings of silver metal with an incised gold-colored edge design; purse is lined with lavender satin with a border of pastel pink and green looped silk held with braided gold thread. Dimensions: Length is without fringe or chain. Condition: Satin lining is very fragile and deteriorating, ink used by donor to number purse has eaten through satin; silver metal worn off frame edges and clasp; missing one beaded fringe in one corner. Origin: Gift of Nick Eggenhofer. This was originally accessioned into the PIM as NA.203.480 but is not Indian so it was deaccessioned and reaccessioned into the BBM. This appears on Eggenhofer's inventory as E-52 but is actually numbered E-69 | 1.69.2554.JPG | 1.69.2554.JPG | leaves | floral | purse | rectangular | Beads | silver | metal | lavender | thread | chain | braided | fringed | gold | Satin

scarf | scalloped | silk | p...
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1.69.2499 | L: 32 in, width: 29.5 in | Gift of Ellen Dixon Claffy | Scarf; printed silk, purple, green, blue, peach, reddish-pink and light brown on off-white ground; purple and white striped border next to scalloped light brown with red flowers and blue stems; body is birds, flowers, leaves and stems. | 1.69.2499.jpg | leaves | stems | White | striped | Red | birds | flowers | scarf | scalloped | silk | printed

bowl | cast | metal | glass ...
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1.69.234 | ca. 1910 | H: 4.125 in, width: 11.75 x 7.125 in, Base Length: 11.75 in, Base Width: 7 in | bottom of stand: QUADRUPLEPLATE/Wm A. RODGERS/TRADE (horseshoe)/MARK/NEW/YORK//227 | A: berry dish B: stand Oval pressed glass bowl with spouts on long ends, raised flower and serrate leaf designs and ragged top and bottom borders are painted gold. Inside is spray painted a transparent medium rose, bottom has an oval daisy pattern. Cast metal stand, gilded, cut-out oval base with leaf and scroll motifs around outside edge, 4 scalloped feet. Attached at long sides are 2 elaborate upside-down U shapes with overall floral, leaf and scroll motifs; attached to balls at tops of side pieces is a twisted wire handle with scroll motifs at sides and a beaded trim at top. Inscription stamped on bottom of stand. One scroll motif in handle is broken, gold plate is worn away in spots. | 1.69.234.jpg | leaves | rose | scroll | daisy | flowers | bowl | cast | metal | glass | pressed

Iroquois | picture frame | c...
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NA.301.3 | ca. 1900 | L: 11.5 in, depth: 1.125 in, H: 10.5 in | Structures and Furnishings: Unclassified. Ornately shaped cardboard frame covered with faded violet velvet beaded in flowers and leaves with clear, clear blue, clear red, clear green, and clear amber pony beads, frame has 2 vertical oval cut-outs for pictures surrounded with gold sequins centered with yellow seed beads and backed with unfaded violet velvet; outer border is beaded with clear pony beads all the way around; handle at top consists of 2 strands of clear pony beads strung on heavy cream thread; 5 groups of looped dangles at bottom of frame in clear pony beads and pink, brown, blue, gray and white basket beads; backing is cardboard covered on the outside with blue twill and covers the lower 3/4 of frame, upper 1/4 of the front is covered on back with red polished cotton. ---One strand of handle is broken and missing beads. Bottom border is missing a couple rows of beads. Indian photos that came in the frame were removed to Archives. | NA.301.3.JPG | na.301.3.jpg | leaves | flowers | picture frame | cardboard | backing | cotton | pony | velvet | polished | Clear | basket | clear blue | sequins | oval | clear red | cream colored | gold | ornately shaped | clear green | brown | heavy | clear amber | Beads | Gray | made for white man | twill | faded violet | thread | seed | Red | pink | cloth | cut-outs | yellow | White | blue | Iroquois

1930 Shotgun Cham...
Sculpture | gold
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11.06.491 | H: 1.75 in, width: 1.125 in, depth: 0 in | 1930 Shotgun Championshi | Gift of A. Phimister Proctor Museum with special thanks to Sandy and Sally Church | reverse: "1930 Shotgun Championship/Presented by Warren Pond/14k/ N (inside shield form" | 11.06.491.jpg | ram | fire | sticks | leaves | cone | pot | Sculpture | gold

Belgian | J.H. Jamar-Smits, ...
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1988.8.1050 | L: 50.25 in, Barrel length: 33.75 in, H: 9.5 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | Right side of barrel: J.H.JAMAR-SMITS FABI D'ARMES A LIEGE | no dates listed | not listed | 1988.8.1050v1.jpg | 1988.8.1050v2.jpg | leaves | scrolls | rifle | percussion | firearm | stock | military style | blued | target | walnut | breech-loading | finish | Belgian | J.H. Jamar-Smits, Fabrique D'Armes a Liege, Belgium

peace medal | ribbon | bronz...
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NA.205.30 | ca. 1871 | Diameter: 2.5 in | Gift of Mr. Goelet Gallatin | On front: United States of America Liberty, Justice, and Equality Let us have peace, On back: On Earth Peace Good Will Toward Men | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Presidential medal - bronze, profile of man's face on front, pipe and branch under face, row of leaves around edge; relief of globe, farm tools and bible on back, row of stars around edge; purple ribbon attached at top. | NA.205.30view1.JPG | NA.205.30view2.JPG | farm | stars | pipe | leaves | man's | tools | branch | bible | face | globe | peace medal | ribbon | bronze

Zia Pueblo | New Mexico | po...
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NA.106.526 | H: 21 in, Diameter: 16 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Large pot - pottery; large pot painted with deer, birds and leaves, in orange, tan and brown, on white ground; bottom of pot painted orange. | NA.106.526.view2.jpg | leaves | deer | birds | pottery | water jar | paint | clay | slip | Zia Pueblo | New Mexico

pocket watch | gold
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1.69.2658 | 1884 | Diameter: 2 in, L: 3 in | Museum Purchase, Garlow Memorial Fund | center: Buffalo Bill/(HON. Wm F. CODY.)/TO/White Beaver/(D. FRANK POWELL. M.D.)/LIFE LONG "PARDS."/1884 [in place of hour numerals, beginning at 1:00:] W, H, I, T, E, B, E, A, V, E, R [inside back cover:] T./Roy Myers./THE SON OF MY HEART/From/UNCLE FRANK./1906 [stamped in small characters at top and bottom respectively:] 14K, 44542 [inside front cover:] FROM/MRS. ROY MYERS/TO/DR. E.S. POWELL/1935 [watch back:] GILES/ANTI MAGNETIC/G/SHIELD/PAT. DEC. 4, 83 [inside watch back:] 10051 [inner watch works braces:] ADJUSTED/267868 VACHERON & / (stylized cross) / CONSTANTIN [scratched inside back cover in mostly magnifying glass-sized characters:] (watchmaker's marks at approx. 11:00) OHO (at approximately 2:00) 61141/3731 (at 4:30) 34728 2099A (at 5:30) 13095 (at 6:30) 95110 | Pocket watch. Rose gold case with engraved fern motifs around edges. Front cover has engraved ridges around outside edge then an inlaid border of white and yellow gold and inscription at center. Back cover has engraved ridges around outside edge then an inlaid border of white and yellow gold; center has an embossed design wtih rose gold rocks and trees, green gold leaves and grass and a white gold beaver. White porcelain (possibly) watch face has black minute marks, red numbers at 5 minute invervals, delicate ornate hands, an inset second timer with gold filigree hand and instead of having hour numbers, has letters starting at 1 o'clock that spell out: White Beaver. Beveled edge crystal has a rose gold rim with beaded inner edge. Inscriptions inside back cover, inside front cover, watch back, inside watch back, inner watch works braces, inside back cover. | 1.69.2658open.jpg | 1.69.2658v2.jpg | 1.69.2658B.JPG | 1.69.2658front.jpg | 1.69.2658.jpg | 1.69.2658v3.jpg | 1.69.2658v4.jpg | 1.69.2658A.JPG | fern | beaver | rocks | trees | leaves | pocket watch | gold

umbrella | handle | black | ...
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1.69.267 | ca. 1900 | overall length: 38 in, handle length: 7.5 in | Umbrella, black silk with grosgrain woven edge, flat gold knob butt with flowers around edge, 6-sided mother-of-pearl handle with engraved leaf motifs, gold stem with flowers, wood-grain painted metal center rod. | 1.69.267.jpg | leaves | flowers | umbrella | handle | black | stem | mother of pearl | butt | gold | silk | steel

cuffs | snap | brass | brown...
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1.69.721 | ca. 1920 | H: 6 in, wrist circumference: 9.375 in | Gift of Mrs. Irma D. Larom | Stamped: HEISER/DENVER, Central logo: HHH, Backsides of snap rivets are stamped: U.S.F. | Pair of leather cuffs, brown. Dark brown parallel lacing at top of side and brass snap at wrist tab; snap top has black finish on high areas and is stamped. Leather has a stamped and tooled rectangular border design of leaves bordered with parallel lines bordered with half-daisy designs. | 1.69.721A&B.JPG | 1.69.721.JPG | leaves | daisy | cuffs | snap | brass | brown | leather

mirror | plaster | paper | p...
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1.69.1586 | ca. 1920 | Diameter: 16.75 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | paper label on back: HALL/HOUSE/NEW YORK (double lion coat of arms) BORGHESE | Circular gold frame mirror with colorful ornate design along edge, c. 1920. Mirror, round with ornamental plaster frame of fruits and leaves in a wreath painted red, yellow, black and green on patterned gilt background; octagonal blue and white paper label on back is printed: HALL/HOUSE/NEW YORK; square red and white paper label on back and patterned border, a central double lion coat of arms and is printed: BORGHESE | 1.69.1586.jpg | fruit | leaves | mirror | plaster | paper | paint | mirror

hat band | leather | tooled
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1.69.5120 | L: 24.875 in, width: 1 in | A brown leather hat band with chain pattern and a leaf in each chain link. There's a small metal buckle on one end and a strap with three holes on the other. | 1.69.5120.jpg | chain | leaves | hat band | leather | tooled

purse | fringe | oval | leat...
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1.69.2555 | width without fringe: 6.25 in | Gift of Nick Eggenhofer | Ladies purse; oval, semi-circle top frame of brass (possibly) overlaid with silver, front has a highly raised design of 5 grape leaves with 2 small flowers and vines connecting all, single push-to-release catch, 2 studs with rings through them on back frame hold chain handle consisting of alternating long and short gold metal loops with a large gold metal ring at center, frame is attached to purse with small rivets along lower edges; purse front is a heavy, woven design fabric in browns and burgundy beaded over the pattern with round and marquise-shaped faceted gelatin `gems' in garnet red surrounded by gold and green metallic faceted seed beads, fringe down sides and bottom is single strands of 1-1/4" long loops of gold metallic faceted seed beads; back and lining are medium brown leather (possibly lambskin) with a small pocket sewn into back lining. | 1.69.2555.JPG | 1.69.2555.JPG | grape | leaves | flowers | vines | purse | fringe | oval | leather | Woven | brass | brown | fabric | Beads | silver

1930 Shotgun Cham...
Sculpture | sterling silver
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11.06.490 | H: 1.875 in, width: 1.25 in, depth: 0 in | 1930 Shotgun Championship | Gift of A. Phimister Proctor Museum with special thanks to Sandy and Sally Church | reverse: "1930 Shotgun Championship/Sterling/N (inside bell-shaped form)" | 11.06.490.jpg | pot | sticks | cones | ram | fire | leaves | Sculpture | sterling silver

Japan | Unknown | firearm | ...
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1988.8.1077 | 1750-1850 | L: 22.875 in, Barrel length: 13.25 in, H: 4.5 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | [on left side of stock] (Japanese characters) | ramrod stuck; written record includes in description "brass leaf and flower insets in stock" | Japanese Matchlock Pistol | .50 caliber | 1988.8.1077.v1.jpg | 1988.8.1077.v2.jpg | floral | leaves | Japanese | firearm | brass | trigger | metal | wood | plain | pistol | Japanese Matchlock Pistol Maker: Unknown; Unknown, Japan Serial Number: Not Serially Numbered Caliber: .50 Date: 1750-1850 Catalog Number: 1988.8.1077 Gift of Olin Corporation Winchester Arms Collection | Japan | Unknown

Winchester Repeating Arms, C...
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1988.8.5 | overall length: 44.5 in, Barrel length: 26 in, H: 7 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | (bottom of receiver, front:) 199078 | No written record. No dates indicated. | Winchester Model 1894 | 199078 | 1988.8.5.JPG | oak | bear | leaves | deer | acorns | firearm | engraving | wood | sporting | steel | rifle | Winchester Repeating Arms, Co., New Haven, CT | engraver and gold inlay:John Ulrich

shirt | silk | floss | mothe...
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1.69.2684 | chest circumference: 61 in, sleeve length: 25.5 in, back length: 42 in | Museum purchase. Mary Jester Allen Collection | Man's shirt. Beige silk with collar, cuffs and fronts embroidered in silk floss with light to dark rose flowers, light to dark green leaves and stems, small light blue faded to white flowers and yellow flower centers; folded over front placket with dark rose embroidered border, 5 mother-of-pearl buttons; cuffs have been folded in half and hand stitched, 1 mother-of-pearl button on cuff and 1 smaller one on sleeve placket. Shirt construction is a mix of handsewn French seams (sides and sleeves), machine sewn and top stitched seams (collar, yoke, armholes, cuffs and plackets, buttonholes and hand-stitched repairs. | 1.69.2684v1.jpg | 1.69.2684v2.jpg | flowers | leaves | shirt | silk | floss | mother-of-pearl

Chippewa | neckpiece | Beads...
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NA.203.791 | ca. 1950s | width without fringe: 2.75 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Beaded neckpiece - long strip of muslin fully beaded, except for center 10-3/4" that goes around back of neck, with mulit-colored flowers connected vertically by a clear kelly green `vine' with 2 clear kelly and clear lime green leaves at bottom ends on white ground. Strip is lined and edge bound with pink, white and black plaid cotton. Strip has red wool yarn tassels along sides (except for center 10-3/4"). Flower bead colors include clear red, pink, green, royal blue, periwinkle blue, orange, clear pink, greasy blue, yellow, light blue, clear medium blue, clear yellow, clear dark red, red/white hearts and orange/white hearts, all seed beads. | na.203.791.jpg | flowers | vine | leaves | neckpiece | Beads | wool | muslin | yarn | cotton | Chippewa