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Navajo by Moonlig...
Johnson, Frank Tenney | Pain...
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19.99 | H: 11 in, width: 8 in, Frame height: 22 in, Frame width: 19 in | Navajo by Moonlight or Night in the Canyon | Gift of Richard and Helen Cashman | Johnson was fascinated with the effects of moonlight and became known for his nocturnes, paintings of night scenes. He experimented with the way that moonlight softened details and affected colors, but he remained a realist in the depiction of figures and landscape. | verso, written at top: "Night in the Canyon" FTJ [partial label, torn off:] Gallery W (torn)/ 18 (superscript and underlined) th AND 19 (superscript and underlined) th CENTURY PAINTINGS AND B (torn)/ AVENUE & STETSON DRIVE, SCOTTSDALE, A (torn)/ JAMES S. FOWLER, Sr., FOUNDER/ PHONE (602) 944-5453 /ARTIST Frank Tenny John (torn)/ TITLE Navajo by Moonli (torn)/ SIGNED /SIZE AND (torn) [label taped at center:] RICHARD J. CASHMAN/ 57 GROVELAND TERRACE/ MINNEAPOLS, MINNESOTA 55403/ (line)/ PHONE: (612) 374-3378 [label, LLC:] C.M. Russell/ Museum (logo) 1201 4TH AVENUE NORTH/ GREAT FALLS, MONT./ PHONE (406) 452-7369/ Loan No 362/ Loan by Jack F. Warden/ Address/ Date Dec 29, 1977/ Exhibition/ Navajo by Moonlight F.T. Johnson | LLC: Frank Tenney Johnson | 19.99.jpg | 19.99.jpg | moon | night | Navajo | Painting | oil on canvas | Johnson, Frank Tenney

Sioux | MFG. by Blackfoot Ca...
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NA.302.88 | Structures and Furnishings: Dwellings and Furnishings. Canvas; painted with pipes, stars, sun and moon in blue, yellow, red, and brown; blue dots at top; red and blue stripes around middle and base; | NA.302.88.JPG | pipes | moon | stars | sun | stripes | dots | tipi | Red | yellow | canvas | painted | blue | brown | Sioux | MFG. by Blackfoot Canvas Co., Blackfoot, Ida. | painted by Gerald Red Elk, Poplar, MT.

Sioux | Northern Plains | sh...
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NA.108.12 | ca. 1880 | Diameter: 15.75 in | Utensils and implements - Fighting. Model shield and cover - rawhide, painted with deer on green background, blue bead half moon at bottom. Red wool along top edge with side tabs having black human hair tassles wrapped with sinew at top. Feather tassles attached. | na.108.12.JPG | na.108.12.jpg | moon | half | deer | shield cover | Tradecloth | hair | sinew | bald eagle | human | Beads | hide | paint | Animal | feathers | seed | Sioux | Northern Plains

Riverside/American Waltham W...
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1.69.2734 | ca. 1895 | Diameter: 1.375 in, H: 2.625 in | [none] | Engraved on front: CC (Printed near top:) Am(n above two dots) Waltham (Stamped inside front:) 2 4 4 (Stamped inside back:) W.W.C.MFG.Co/14 K/U.S. ASSAY/60244 (Stamped inside inner back cover:) 14K/60244 (Works stamped and gold accented:) ADJUSTED/SAFETY/BARREL/7164646/Riverside/American Waltham/Watch Co. (Stamped on loop:) SIMMONS. | Pocket watch, woman's. Ornate gold case with scrolls and curliques containing minute feather motifs. Front has pink and green gold flower and leaf motifs around a raised shield with engraving. Band has a pink gold crescent moon and star motif inset with a diamond and green gold bird, flower and leaf motifs. Watch face is white enamel with black hour numbers, red minute numbers in 5 minute increments, inset second timer with black numbers in 10 second increments, printed inscription near top. Rounded crystal. Inscription stamped inside front, inside inner back and on works. Attached to stem loop is a gold pin with open knot. Fleur-de-lis and oval motif, stamped inscription on loop. | 1.69.2734view1.JPG | 1.69.2734view2.JPG | scroll | bird | floral | shield | moon | feather | star | pocket watch, woman's | Diamond | gold | crystal | enamel | Riverside/American Waltham Watch Co.

H.W. Deeds | firearm | rifle...
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1988.8.947 | ca. 1820 | L: 58 in, Barrel length: 41.5 in, H: 8.25 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | This piece is believed to have originated in North Carolina. However, H.W. Deeds is listed as working in Reading, Pennsylvania, c. 1775. The North Carolina attribution springs from the lack of a patchbox on this piece, which is characteristic of Kentucky pattern rifles made in Virginia and further south. | BARREL: JNH AND H.W. DEEDS AND F. SEIFRIT. LOCKPLATE: WARRANTED. | (a) rifle (b) ramrod | .44 | Not Serially Numbered | 1988.8.947v1.jpg | 1988.8.947v3.jpg | 1988.8.947v2.jpg | moon | bird | firearm | rifle | wood | metal | silver | brass | rifle | H.W. Deeds

Rocketbuster Boots U.S.A. | ...
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1.69.4880.1 | 1991 | H: 13.25 in, L: 12 in, width: 3.25 in | Switchback Ranch Purchase Award | Multi-colored boots. Base color is black with green, red, yellow, brown, silvery and golden details. Motifs of cactuses, stars and moon. Abstract motifs around upper part, and around wrists. | 1.69.4880.1.jpg | 1.69.4880dtl.jpg | 1.69.4880.jpg | stars | moon | cactus | boots | leather | Rocketbuster Boots U.S.A.

Northern Plains | shield | p...
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NA.108.24 | Diameter: 12.5 in | Utensils and implements - Fighting. Shield (replica) - wooden circular frame with rawhide ties. White muslin cloth stretcher over frame with painted half moon and star design on front (blue, green, yellow and red). Breath feathers attched along edge. | NA.108.24.JPG | na.108.24.jpg | half | moon | star | painted | shield | paint | wood | Animal | hide | Tradecloth | feathers | Northern Plains

vest | cotton | brown | thre...
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1.69.2533 | back width: 12.25 in | Man's leather vest; smooth tan leather vest with one pocket and 2 buttonholes on each side of front; edges, seams and pockets are machine sewn with dark brown thread; front is beaded with 3 blue stars (2 have black middle, 1 has white middle), a blue crescent moon, a white star with red middle on each pocket and a blue and white banded border on each side in large seed beads; back is beaded with 2 blue and white stars, a red heart outline, 2 appliqued orange, deep purple and clear leaf-shapes, 2 crossed tomahawks with white tops and red handles and 3 appliqued raised beaded flowers, mostly large seed beads but some small ones; blue and white beaded band border continues around armholes and along bottom edge; back shoulder seams are covered with a blue and red beaded band; inside edges are hand-faced with brown cotton; possibly of Sioux make for a white man. Possibly once belonged to Buffalo Bill. See document file. | 1.69.2533.JPG | White | heart | Red | stars | Leaf | moon | crescent | flowers | blue | crossed | tomahawks | vest | cotton | brown | thread | Beads | leather | tan | dark brown | machine sewn

Rocketbuster Boots U.S.A. | ...
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1.69.4880.2 | 1991 | H: 4.25 in, L: 18.125 in, width: 14.75 in | Switchback Ranch Purchase Award | On top: ROCKETBUSTER BOOTS. On left short side (handwritten)#60 Two Gun Trail 8 1/2 M/ #5 La Noche Nuevo 8 M. Printed: LADIES/SIZE/STYLE/COLOR/THE ORIGINAL/ROCKETBUSTER BOOTS. On right shortside:HAND-BUILT/CUSTOM CRAFTED/IN EL PASO, TEXAS/THE ORIGINAL/ROCKETBUSTER BOOTS. On long sides: THE ORIGINAL/ROCKETBUSTER BOOTS | Green and beige cardboard box. Front has stylized image of man sitting on a rocket. Stylized images of rockets, stars moons and steer-heads on long sides. | 1.69.4880.2back.JPG | 1.69.4880.2front.JPG | Man | bull | rocket | stars | moon | box | cardboard | Rocketbuster Boots U.S.A.