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Western Art
Giarrizzo, John | Drawing | ...
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41.09 | 2009 | H: 9 in, width: 12 in | Western Art | Gift of the artist | In this work, John comments about the definition of "Western art" -- a reference to art historical terms of Western art as Europeon and American art. Yet, we often call art of the American West -- "western" art. In art history courses about, and in displays about, western American art, we so often leave out the greater context of art history as a whole -- John brings us back to this point, celebrating the long history of art -- Fraser related to Caravaggio. | LRC: GIARRIZZO 09 | LRC: James Earle Fraser | 1876-1953 | End of the Trail | 1894 Re-worked (illegible, page cut off); LLC: 95 BBHC (illegible, page cut off); verso: LL Giarrizzo 2009 for Whitney Gallery BBHC | One (1) multimedia (college on paper), 9 x 12 inches, title: Western Art, artist John Giarrizzo | verso: Giarrizzo 2009 for Whitney Gallery BBHC | 41.09.jpg | James Earl Frazier | religious | End of the Trail | Drawing | Collage | acrylic | paper | ink | Collage | pen | Giarrizzo, John