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Other | powder horn and flas...
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1988.8.1258 | 1780-1810 | L: 10.125 in, width: 8.375 in, H: 3 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | a. horn; b. flash measure | 1988.8.1258.JPG | heart | Square | ship | compass | mermaid | building | serpent | Other | powder horn and flash measure | carved | horn

candlestick holder | brass
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1.67.383 | H: 9 in | Gift of The Coe Foundation | Square and circular brass candlestick holder. | 1.67.383.jpg | 1.67.383.jpg | Square | circular | candlestick holder | brass

Comanche | Moccasins, men's ...
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NA.202.905 | H: 2.375 in, L: 10.625 in, width: 3.625 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Guido R. Rahr, Jr. | Dress and Adornment, Daily and or Festive Adornment. Braintanned buckskin uppers with faint yellow ochre coloring sinew sewn to rawhide soles cut from an old parfleche-remnants of blue designs visible inside, vertical row of short double fringes sewn about 1/3 the distance from outer edge of vamp. Tongue has v cut out in end and is sinew sewn in place. Row of 5 1/2" long double fringes sinew sewn into heel seam, short cuff with faint red coloring covers buckskin thong tie woven through holes around ankle. Sinew sewn lazy stitch beaded band around bottom, across upper vamp and bordering a center vamp band of red/white hearts has clear dark green Vs bisected by a line of red/white hearts with white background, unbeaded areas on either side of vamp. Beadwork has 3 green and 2 white squares, cuffs have a narrow band of white beads. | NA.202.905.jpg | NA.202.905.jpg | Square | Moccasins, men's | rawhide | Beads | ochre | Buckskin | sinew | braintanned | Comanche

Navajo | rug | wool
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NA.302.172 | L: 74 in, width: 50 in | Gift of Harris A. and Lee Thompson | Double-Face Twill, weaver unknown. This style is disappearing (not being woven and more). Double-face twill in Ganado red, white and black. Stepped triangle/pyramid design in white, red, with black and white twilling. Reverse side is predominantly black with red and white squares. | na.302.172.jpg | Pyramid | Square | stepped | triangles | rug | wool | Navajo

Sioux | Moccasins | rawhide ...
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1.69.2746 | ca. 1880 | H: 3.375 in, L: 10.75 in, width: 3.875 in | Museum purchase - Gift of Buffalo Bill Cody to Fanny K. Schloss; acquired from Frederick K. Schloss | Braintanned buckskin uppers. Lazy stitch beaded vamp has a central red/white hearts and yellow banded square with dark blue at top and bottom and stepped diagonals off each corner in dark blue and red/white hearts, above and below square are H shapes in red/white hearts and dark blue, periwinkle blue background. Around bottom of upper are 4 lazy stitch beaded rows-1 dark blue, 1 yellow, 1 red/white hearts, 1 light turquoise. Heel seam and upper ankle edge have a row of dark blue triangles on light turquoise background. Buckskin thong ties through front corners, trapezoidal buckskin tongues. Rawhide soles cut from an old parfleche - blue, yellow and red painted designs visible inside. All sinew sewn. | 1.69.2746front.JPG | 1.69.2746back.JPG | Square | diagonals | Moccasins | rawhide | pigment | Beads | braintanned | Buckskin | sinew | Sioux

Fort Belknap Indian Reservat...
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NA.203.350 | 1890 | H: 8.125 in, width: 3.5 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pohrt | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Belt pouch - triangular shape, leather, bead decoration in triangle and box designs in green, pink, yellow, red, blue and gold metallic on turquoise ground. Leather ties. | na.203.350.jpg | Square | triangle | belt pouch | Beads | leather | Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, MT

Northern Plains | Sioux | st...
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NA.106.22A | ca. 1885 | width: 13 in, L: 19.5 in | Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Irving H. Larom | Utensils and implements - Household. One of a pair of storage bags - tanned with lazy stitch bead decoration in hour glass and square design on front. Beaded border on flap and sides with tin cone and horse hair danglers. Tan cloth strip on inside of flap. Tie closure. | NA.106.22A.JPG | na.106.22a.jpg | bead decoration | Square | hour glass design | lazy stitch | storage bag | Tradecloth | hair | tanned | Beads | tan | tin | deer | horse | seed | hide | Northern Plains | Sioux

Arapaho | saddle bag | tanne...
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NA.403.181 | 1885-1890 | L: 68 in, width: 13 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Transportation, Land Transportation. Saddle bag made of tanned white buckskin with long (14") fringe on the ends and short fringe (2 1/4") along one side. Heavily beaded at ends in blue square background. Around edge are yellow triangles with red and blue centers. Center has geometric rectangles and diamonds in red, blue, green and yellow. Strip of beads along edge with crosses rising out. Slit in hide along opposite edge is 13". | na.403.181.jpg | cross | Square | diamonds | triangles | rectangles | saddle bag | tanned | Beads | Buckskin | Arapaho

Craftool Co. | stamp tool | ...
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1.69.4199 | L: 4.25 in, Diameter: .25 in | Gift of Mr. Victor Alexander, Jr. | Around end: CRAFTOOL CO./196 | Stamp tool. Used to decorate wet leather. Round metal tool with 2-1/2" checkered surface covering the middle section of tool. One end of tool is round and flat - used for hammering and the other end a small slanted square with checke pattern. Inscription around end. | 1.69.4199.JPG | Square | slanted | checkered | stamp tool | metal | Craftool Co.

Montana | Crow | horse neck ...
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NA.403.5 | ca. 1900 | L: 36 in, bottom width: 9.25 in | FUNCTION: Transportation: Land Transportation. Tanned, two side panels with red tradecloth and three overlay beaded panels with two beaded triangles. White bead strip along outside edge, fringer tip edge at bottom. Square beaded panel in center with red cloth strips at top and bottom with white bead border. Front and side tied with buckskin thongs. ---Adolf Spohr collection which was purchased by the BBMA with monies donated by Larry Sheerin. Mr. Spohr (deceased) was a western artist who lived in Cody. | na.403.5.jpg | Square | triangles | horse neck decoration | tanned | seed | glass beads | hide | cloth | trade | deer | Buckskin | Montana | Crow

Stamp. | metal
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1.69.3702 | L: 4.5 in, Diameter: .625 in | Gift of Mr. Victor Alexander, Jr. | Stamp. Round metal length with checkered surface design for a better hand-hold covering 2" in center of round. One end is flat across, for hammering the stamp and the other end has a square shaped head with a square in the center turned on points with 4 lines radiating off corners. The square has tiny squares inside of it. | 1.69.3702.JPG | Square | checkered | Stamp. | metal

Sioux | Northern Plains | st...
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NA.106.22B | ca. 1885 | width: 13 in, L: 19.5 in | Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Irving H. Larom | Utensils and implements - Household. Storage bags - tanned with lazy stitch bead decoration in hour glass and square design on front. Beaded border on flap and sides with tin cone and horse hair danglers. Tan cloth strip on inside of flap. Tie closure. | NA.106.22B.JPG | na.106.22b.jpg | bead decoration | hour glass design | Square | lazy stitch | storage bag | tin | Beads | tan | tanned | seed | deer | hair | horse | Tradecloth | hide | Sioux | Northern Plains

hat band | loom beaded
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1.69.2494 | H: .75 in, L: 25 in | Loom beaded hat band; background pearl beads, black and dark brown beads make up designs; brown brand, swastica. Black border with dark brown X and double butterfly motif; center motif is a square with a connecting diamond on each side bordered in black beads. Hook-natural and dyed horse hair in pink, green, black, orange, and off white; rope and tassels. | 1.69.2494.jpg | butterfly | Diamond | Square | hat band | loom beaded

tomahawk | Buckskin | floss ...
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NA.108.106 | overall length: 61.5 in, tab length: 34 in, tab width: 10.875 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot. | Utensils and Implements/Fighting. Pewter pipe tomahawk head with triangular blade with triangular cut-out, tall bowl with raised ridges top and bottom, piece of red yarn tied around upper bowl, piece of red silk ribbon and an ermine tail on thread tied around lower bowl. Round handle covered with buckskin and wrap beaded over upper 3/4 mostly with pink and two bands of royal blue/red-white hearts/royal/yellow/royal/red-white hearts/royal with short fringe at bottom of beading. Lower quarter of handle is wrapped with red wool and has over wrappings of buckskin thong and black, tan and orange embroidery floss. Attached to base of handle is a long triangular tab of red wool; upper half is applique beaded over a smoked buckskin base with a connected triangle, diamond, triangle, square design in green and outlined in red-white hearts on a pale blue ground, edge bands are pink and royal right triangles with an inside border of red-white hearts, edges are bound in brown muslin with a picot beaded edging of clear amber; lower half of tab has green silk ribbon binding on sides with 4" long narrow buckskin fringing sewn along bottom, tied to 3 fringes are red-dyed feathers. | NA.108.106.JPG | na.108.106.jpg | Diamond | Square | triangle | tomahawk | Buckskin | floss | muslin | pewter | silk | Beads | feathers | yarn | ermine | wool

Sioux | Northern Plains | ne...
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NA.203.8 | ca. 1920 | L: 45.5 in, width: 9.75 in | Catherine Bradford McClellan Collection, Gift of The Coe Foundation | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornments & Ritual Regalia. Woman's necklace - 11 sections of bone hair pipes with leather dividing strips, red opaque globular bead neck attachment and square design between pipes (red and orange). Red bead strands with silver beer tokens attached at bottom. | NA.203.8.jpg | NA.203.8.JPG | NA.203.8blackbackground.jpg | Square | necklace | commercial | tokens | Beads | silver | opaque | globular | leather | beer | bone hair pipes | Sioux | Northern Plains

Blood | Northern Plains | sa...
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NA.403.62 | ca. 1925 | L: 55.5 in, width: 55.25 in | Transportation: Land Transportation. Buckskin with overlay bead circles, square, strips, butterfly and strip/circle attached to hide. Geometric design (orange, red, green and white shapes on blue background). Split hoof tassles at two corners. | NA.403.62.JPG | na.403.62.jpg | butterfly | circles | strips | Square | geometric | saddle blanket | Red | White | hide | elk | green | blue | Beads | hooves | seed | deer | tassles | Buckskin | orange | Blood | Northern Plains